Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 185

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Chapter 185: I Won’t Date You

Mu Xiaoya was sitting on a chair, holding a lipstick in one hand. She turned to look at the fallen door, and her eyes nearly popped out of their sockets.

The makeup room was temporarily built, so the door wasn’t of a high quality. It wasn’t a surprise that it had been broken, but the problem was … How dare he?

Wasn’t that man here to woo her? Why is he so uncultured?

She then heard the man say, “Come out, Ms. Summer Wood.”

Summer Wood … Mu Xiaoya couldn’t help frowning, and she lost her temper. She shot her assistant Xiao Qi a glance and said, “Go tell him I’m tired. If he wants to ask me out, he can try another time.”

Xiao Qi’s face paled. “Is that okay? Sister Xiaoya, that’s the young master of the Xiao family …”

“Go!” Mu Xiaoya yelled.

Xiao Qi walked to the doorway, trembling. She didn’t even dare look up as she stammered out what Mu Xiaoya had said.

Xiao Ruilang listened quietly, and the smile on his handsome face widened.

He inclined his head slightly to the side and a bodyguard immediately left, returning with an exquisite box moments later..

Xiao Ruilang smiled and entered the makeup room with his bodyguards in tow.

Mu Xiaoya heard noises coming from beside her, but she was still putting on her lipstick with a smug look on her face.

“Interesting.” Xiao Ruilang chuckled and sat on the dresser. He grabbed Mu Xiaoya’s wrist and said, “Ms. Mu, I’ve brought you a present. Would you like to try it on?”

Mu Xiaoya sneered and shrugged her hand hard, but the man’s grip was too strong for her to shake off.

She was about to scold him, but she was stunned at the next moment.

She saw the man’s gorgeous face. Mu Xiaoya was used to seeing handsome men and beautiful women but she was left dazed at the sight of his face.

“I won this twenty-carat pink diamond at an auction last month, and I just cut it two days ago.” Xiao Ruilang smiled and said. “Perhaps you’ll like it.”

While the man was speaking, his bodyguard had already placed the box on the dresser. When he opened it, the bright pink diamond nearly blinded the eyes of everyone. A nearby makeup artist couldn’t help gasping in astonishment.

Mu Xiaoya’s breathing became rapid.

Such a pink diamond was worth hundreds of millions!

“Do you like it?” Xiao Ruilang asked again.

Mu Xiaoya looked away and said, “It’s not too bad, but I won’t date you.”

“Tsk …” Xiao Ruilang sighed. “Seems like it isn’t enough.”

The moment he said that, the bodyguards turned to leave. Before long, five bodyguards returned, each holding a box.

“Pink diamonds, blue diamonds, jadeite, tourmaline, and jade … There should be something you like, right?” Xiao Ruilang was still smiling. “Are you willing to go on a date with me now?”

The bodyguards opened the box, revealing all kinds of expensive jewelry.

The makeup artist knew what was going on, and she held her chest as if she was about to faint.

Mu Xiaoya’s vanity was satisfied. She took a look outside the makeup room and saw how many people were jealous of her, especially Ye Shengge. She couldn’t help smiling.

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