Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 228

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Chapter 228: He Wanted Me to Accompany Him Tonight

Ye Shengge was momentarily stunned. She then looked up and saw Ji Shiting’s handsome face.

“…Shiting?” She asked.

Why was he here?

Ji Shiting pursed his lips and picked her up.

“Are you out of your mind?” He chided, trying to suppress his anger.

Ye Shengge only realized that she was in pain when she fell into the man’s embrace. She couldn’t help frowning. “It hurts!”

“Do you feel pain now?” Ji Shiting said coldly. He looked up and said to the bodyguards, “Send them to the police station.”

A few girls who were close to her turned pale upon hearing that. They were about to beg for mercy when the bodyguard who had restrained them covered their mouths.

Ye Shengge felt that the punishment was appropriate, so she didn’t object. She saw Ji Shiting’s solemn face and was about to say something, but the man said, “Keep quiet.” Then, he carried her and left.

The bodyguards didn’t just subdued the fans. They also formed a human barrier that blocked all prying gazes.

Mu Xiaoya, who was on the second floor, smashed the window as she saw Ye Shengge being taken away. However, she could only tell that it was a young man from such a distance, but she couldn’t see his face, let alone ascertain his identity.

It seemed that Ye Shengge had found a powerful backer, but so what?

Ye Shengge was no match for her!

Mu Xiaoya grinned at that thought.

At this moment, her phone rang and she picked it up.

“I saw many bodyguards outside the square. What happened?” It was Mu Yanhuai’s voice. “Was Ye Shengge taken away?”

“Yes,” Mu Xiaoya said. “I saw her being carried away by a man.”

“Who was it?” Mu Yanhuai sounded anxious.

Mu Xiaoya was jealous. “I didn’t see it clearly. Why do I feel like you care about that woman, brother?”

“Care? If I cared about her, would I have watched her get beaten up?” Mu Yanhuai softened his tone. “But she has a backer now, so I have to be cautious. By the way, did Young Master Xiao contact you?”

Mu Xiaoya couldn’t have felt worse. “He asked me to accompany him tonight.”

Mu Yanhuai’s breathing became heavier after hearing that.

“…What was your reply?” Mu Yanhuai asked.

“What do you want my reply to be” Mu Xiaoya smiled. “Brother?”

“Xiaoya, you can’t just reject him.” Mu Yanhuai struggled. “We can’t offend him.”

“So you just watched me being touched by another man?” Mu Xiaoya’s voice became shrill. “Mu Yanhuai! It’s been seven years! I’ve been your woman since I was sixteen. Are you going to send me to another man’s bed?”

“Then reject him!” Mu Yanhuai yelled. “Reject him, and then we can all die together!”

After a long while, Mu Xiaoya muttered, “I understand.”

Although she knew what Mu Yanhuai said made sense, she was still disappointed by his firm attitude.

She needed to capture Xiao Ruilang, otherwise, who would help her deal with Ye Shengge?

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