Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 259

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Chapter 259: The Audition for the New Film

“No.” She lowered her head, blushing. After two seconds, she looked up and said, “But if you want to…”

She wouldn’t reject him on account of his mood today.

Ji Shiting pinched her face.

That woman had always cared about how he felt, but in the past, she had only wanted to please him in order to achieve her goal. It was only today where she was purely trying to make him happy.

It was a rare occasion.

However, he enjoyed it.

“I’m not that weak.” He smiled and pinched her face. “Continue going through your script.”

Ye Shengge nodded, sat back down and continued with her reading.

Ji Shiting returned to work as well.

Ten minutes, he suddenly felt a weight on his shoulder.

He glanced to the side and realized that the woman beside him had fallen asleep on his shoulder while reading the script.

Ji Shiting snorted, pinched her face again and carried her back to the bedroom.


The next day, Ye Shengge woke up to find her bed empty.

Ji Shiting’s sleep schedule was a mystery to her.

She washed up and headed downstairs. Sister Xiu smiled and said, “Young Madam, Young Master has something to attend to. He’ll be back for lunch.”

Ye Shengge nodded. She knew it. With that man’s status, it was impossible for him to have a full vacation. Without him, the Earth would still continue to revolve but the company couldn’t do without him.

She continued to read the script after breakfast.

Shang Tianyi had sent her two scripts for major productions. However, these two were more for male artists, and the female role was just a mere pretty face. Ye Shengge wasn’t interested.

She put down the script and sighed, but then, her phone rang.

“Shengge! Shengge!” Shang Tianyi yelled excitedly. “I just heard that Director Chen Anzhi is back in China! He’s auditioning for the lead actress for his new movie, and it’s held at the headquarters of Huaxing Media!”

“What?” Ye Shengge stood up. “Why did you only get the news now?”

“I’m pissed just talking about that! Director Chen is an important director in Hollywood. How big of a news is it that he’s back in China? I heard that Director Chen Anzhi is going to choose a lead actress for the new show, and Hua Xing only notified their artists. Only A-list celebrities can be invited to other shows. You know how rare this opportunity is. Almost everyone who got the news kept it a secret. It’s just a coincidence…”

“Okay, okay. I’ll head over now!” Ye Shengge rushed upstairs to change her clothes.

“Okay, let’s meet at the headquarters of Huaxing later! Baby, if you can get the approval of Director Chen Anzhi, you won’t have to worry anymore!” Shang Tianyi hung up the phone excitedly.

Ye Shengge changed and put on her makeup in half an hour. By then, Sister Xiu had prepared a driver and bodyguards for her.

“Young Madam, Young Master instructions are that you need to bring at least eight people with you these days.”

“Let them follow behind me,” Ye Shengge said as she rushed into the car.

Forty minutes later, Ye Shengge met with Shang Tianyi at the headquarters of Huaxing.

“Come! The audition area is here.” Shang Tianyi grabbed her and ran inside.

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