Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 269

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Chapter 269: You Must Like Me So Much

Ye Shengge shuddered, and she couldn’t help whimpering.

“Shi…” She forced out the word, and her mouth was covered by the man again. He was kissing her, claiming her, and invading her. He was as overbearing as ever. Ye Shengge had nowhere to run, and before she knew it, her eyes had turned misty.

Ji Shiting didn’t let her go until a long while later. He pressed his forehead against hers, breathing heavily and swallowing his saliva, trying to suppress his desire.

Ye Shengge couldn’t stop staring at his blushing face. She grabbed his shoulders and breathed heavily.

Ji Shiting looked at the woman’s blushing face and gulped again.

Did he like her a lot?

Even he didn’t have an answer to that question.

He had never carefully sorted out his feelings for that woman, but he knew that no woman had ever touched his emotions like she did, and no woman had ever been able to arouse him like she did.

Ji Shiting pressed himself against her again and said, “Do you want to know how much I like you?”

“No… I don’t…” She sounded aggrieved.

“Since you asked, I should give you an answer.” He breathed on her face. “Otherwise, wouldn’t you be disappointed?”

“No… I’m won’t be disappointed…” Ye Shengge’s eyelashes trembled as she answered.” I know how much you like me. ”

Ji Shiting’s eyes dimmed. He lowered his head and pecked her lips, “Really?”

Ye Shengge summoned her courage and looked at him. She then looked up and said, “You must really like me a lot!”

No matter what, he did like her body, which wasn’t wrong.

However, he still misinterpreted her question even though he knew what she was asking.

However, his misinterpretation was equivalent to answering her question… Although she felt bitter, this sort of liking was different from the one she was asking about.

He was aloof on the outside, but he was passionate in front of her… which meant she was indeed different.

That was probably enough for her.

Ye Shengge thought to herself.

Ji Shiting frowned again upon seeing her ‘I knew it’ look.

What the hell does she know?

The man gritted his teeth, stroked her swollen lips and kissed her once again.

Ye Shengge was almost out of breath from his kiss, and her lips were burning from being tortured by him for too long. However, that wasn’t all. She suddenly felt the man lift her up before walking somewhere and before long, she was thrown onto the bed.

“Ah!” She cried out as the man pressed her hands against her sides and pinned her down.

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