Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 272

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Chapter 272: You Called My Name in Your Sleep

She had slept with Ji Shiting many times, but she had never felt so attached to him after waking up all these times.

Thus, her heart couldn’t take it seeing how relaxed he was.

Moreover, his embrace was burning.

“I’ve slept enough.” Ye Shengge coughed and tried to calm herself down. “It’s time to get up.”

She then glanced at the man’s arm around her waist.

“There’s no rush.” Ji Shiting didn’t want to let her go. He smiled more relaxed and stroked her cheek. “Did you have a dream?”

“No… I don’t think so?” Ye Shengge’s eyes widened.

“But you called my name in your sleep,” said the man calmly.

“Impossible!” Ye Shengge felt her face heating up. “I wasn’t dreaming.”

“Everyone dreams, just that they might not remember it after waking up,” Ji Shiting said. “I heard it myself. What’s wrong with that?”

Ye Shengge couldn’t find a reason to argue back.

She was probably dreaming about what she thought about in the day… Had she really missed him this much?

She couldn’t believe it, so she looked up at the ceiling and said, “I think… you heard me wrong.”

“Probably.” Ji Shiting chuckled.

Ye Shengge’s face heated up. She gritted her teeth and suddenly recalled something. “By the way, I said I’d be returning to the set tomorrow afternoon… You haven’t agreed yet.”

Ji Shiting was teasing her, and he frowned upon hearing that.

“There’s no rush.” His voice turned cold. “The crew can afford to lose you for a few days.”

“But I want to act.” Ye Shengge looked at him pitifully. “Shiting…”

Ji Shiting stared at her eyes and gritted his teeth.

That woman hadn’t been back for days after filming, and she had finally started to care about him. After a few days of filming, that heartless woman might forget about him again.

Unless she was forced by him or had something to ask of him, she wouldn’t contact him.

Ji Shiting couldn’t help pinching her face.

“You have to contact me immediately no matter what happens,” he said coldly.

Ye Shengge gasped.

However, her eyes immediately lit up upon hearing that. “So you agree?” He scoffed.

“I promise I’ll be fine. Don’t worry,” Ye Shengge said happily.

Ji Shiting was irritated seeing how happy she was. Wasn’t she reluctant to part with him at all?

Ye Shengge realized she was looking too happy and immediately tried to make up for it. “I’ll come back immediately when I don’t have anything to shoot.”

Ji Shiting was finally satisfied.

The next day, Ye Shengge rushed to the Film City early in the morning, and she saw many Mu Xiaoya fans holding banners outside the cast of ‘Xue Ning’. As soon as her car arrived, the fans immediately surrounded her to protest that the crew had no reason to fire Mu Xiaoya.

Ye Shengge was shocked. Fortunately, the Ji family’s driver was skillful enough to avoid them and drive in.

She got out of the car and reported to Xu Xiangjie, but Xu Xiangje eyed her bitterly.

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