Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 285

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Chapter 285: In Public

Ye Shengge was stunned when she saw the red wine stains on the woman.

“Sorry, I didn’t do it on purpose!” She apologized. “Um, can I accompany you to the bathroom to clean up?”

“How? You’ll destroy this gown no matter what!” The beauty was furious. “Are you expecting me to wear a tainted gown to the banquet? Are you kidding me?”

“Then… I’ll help you borrow a spare gown?” Ye Shengge knew she was in the wrong, so she was very sincere.

“I don’t want a backup!” The girl glared at her.

“How about… I get someone to give you one?” Ye Shengge suggested.

“The cruise ship has left the dock!” The beauty sneered. “Besides, the wedding is about to begin in half an hour! It’ll be too late even if you ask someone to deliver it!”

“Then… What do you want me to do?” Ye Shengge frowned. “If you don’t mind, I can give you my gown and wear the stained gown.”

“Who wants the clothes you’re wearing?” She looked disdainful. “What’s going on with the Xiao family and the Li family? Why are they inviting random people? I’m so pissed!”

Ye Shengge gritted her teeth, but she realized she was in the wrong, so she resisted the urge to argue back. “Miss, it’s my fault for running into you. The most important thing now is to think of a solution. There are plenty of chances for you to scold me later.”

“A solution?” She sneered and looked Ye Shengge up and down. She was sure she had never seen someone like that in the upper-class society, so she said arrogantly, “Take off your clothes and I won’t bicker with you.”

“Sure, let’s head to the bathroom…”

“No, I mean here. Take it off in public,” she said.

Ye Shengge’s face sank. “What do you mean?”

“Don’t you understand?” She sneered. “Your clothes are already ruined. Judging from your character, you probably can’t afford it. I don’t care about your compensation. As long as you take off your clothes here, I won’t argue with you!”

“Impossible.” Ye Shengge’s tone turned cold. “Don’t push it too far.”

“So what if I do” The woman grabbed Ye Shengge’s wrist, and hissed, “Don’t even think about leaving today if you aren’t going to do it!”

A distance away, Ji Shiting was talking to a few celebrities. He was noble but not arrogant, so even though he looked aloof, other socialites didn’t feel like they were being treated lightly.

Suddenly, he heard a sharp female voice.

“Don’t even think about leaving today if you aren’t going to do it!”

Ji Shiting frowned and looked to the side, only to see a familiar slender figure.

The man’s pupils contracted, and his expression changed.

A few socialites followed his gaze and someone tried to mediate, “How dare you have an argument in the Xiao family’s domain? Get security to deal with it.”

Instructions were barked out to subordinates at his side.

“Wait.” Ji Shiting turned around and walked in that direction. “Excuse me.”

Xie Siqi stopped smiling and glanced in that direction, receiving a shock in the process.

She followed after him without hesitation.

Ye Shengge was anxious and upset.

At this moment, she heard a lazy chuckle, “Ms. Xu, how did my guest offend you?”

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