Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 306

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Chapter 306: You Finally Got Out of Danger, Yet You Still Have the Mind For Such Activities

Ye Shengge was shocked to hear this voice.

Why was there someone else on such a small island?

Her face burned with shame at the thought that her voice could have been heard by everyone outside.

“Didn’t… didn’t you say there was no one on the island?” She lowered her voice and glared at the man leaning against him.

Ji Shiting looked surprised.

He was shocked and upset at first, but he suddenly sneered as he thought of something.

“I’ll go out and take a look. Lie down under the covers,” the man calmed himself down and said.

Ye Shengge nodded.

Ji Shiting got out of bed, picked up his half-dried clothes from beside the stove, put them on, walked over, lifted the curtain and stared at the two people standing outside. He said coldly, “Why are you here?”

Qiao Yanze was shocked. “Why is it you?”

“Mr. Ji?” The woman beside Qiao Yanze said in shock.

“Mrs. Xiao.” Ji Shiting curled his lips. “Why are you with him?”

Li Yinian’s eyelashes fluttered, and she looked away but didn’t say anything.

“You’re good, Old Ji!” Qiao Yanze sneered. “You finally got out of danger, yet you still have the mind for such activities!”

Ji Shiting sneered, “Are you jealous?”

He wouldn’t be able to get anything out of it even if he had managed to kidnap Li Yinian.

“Get lost!” Qiao Yanze was hurt. “Stop talking and let us in.”

“Did you guys… come in a lifeboat?” Ji Shiting looked at them. “Why didn’t you return to shore after getting on the lifeboat?”

“We were too close to the cruise ship, and the lifeboat’s engine broke.” Qiao Yanze appeared upset. “I rowed here!”

“No wonder it took more than an hour.” Ji Shiting put down the curtain. “Shengge and I haven’t finished drying our clothes yet. Wait outside.”

“Hey!” Qiao Yanze immediately blocked the curtain. “Why are your clothes wet? Don’t tell me you swam here!”

“That’s right.” Ji Shiting frowned. “Put down the curtain.”

“You still have the strength to do such things after swimming here?” Qiao Yanze said sarcastically. “Old Ji, you’re good!”

“Better than you indeed.” Ji Shiting sneered. “Go find another place!”

He was still fuming after being interrupted.

Qiao Yanze gritted his teeth. “Do you really think I haven’t looked it? There’s only one place on the island that can shelter me from the wind and rain!”

Li Yinian said, “Let Mr. Ji and his wife sleep here.”

“No!” Qiao Yanze’s face turned pale. “This guy is infuriating!”

Ye Shengge had already put on her clothes.

She blushed, walked to Ji Shiting and tugged at his clothes. “Let them in.”

Although she was also very embarrassed, she couldn’t really let the two of them stay outside for a night. If it were only Qiao Yanze, she might have steeled her heart, but there was still another woman around.

Ji Shiting frowned in dissatisfaction.

“Sister-in-law is so understanding.” Qiao Yanze’s eyes lit up.

A minute later, the four of them sat around the stove.

Ye Shengge was still embarrassed, and Ji Shiting didn’t say anything.

Qiao Yanze coughed and broke the silence. “Actually, we didn’t hear much…”

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