Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 341

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Chapter 341: Shiting Won’t Accept You

Ling Yutong couldn’t believe her ears.

Ye Shengge sighed.

Ji Shiting had never been a gentle man. Even to her, he wouldn’t say anything sweet unless he wanted to, let alone his ex.

The word ‘protective’ was never in his dictionary.

However, Ye Shengge couldn’t be bothered to sympathize with Ling Yutong.

“You heard it yourself, Ms. Ling.” Ye Shengge smiled. “Little Zheng can only choose either his father or mother. Even if I’m willing to help you, Shiting won’t accept you.”

“But I promised Little Zheng,” Ling Yutong mumbled. “I promised to bring him to his father. I promised to give him a complete family…”

“I don’t want it anymore!” Little Zheng clenched his fists and blushed. “I don’t want Dad anymore. I don’t want Dad anymore, mom. Let’s go…”

He sounded like he was about to cry, and tears welled up in his eyes.

“Little Zheng!” Ling Yutong felt sorry for him. He hugged his little body and choked. “It’s all my fault. I’m sorry… Your dad actually likes you. Don’t say things like that. Be good…”

“Do you really think Shiting refuses to acknowledge him because Little Zheng is upset?” Ye Shengge was furious. “It looks like you didn’t hear anything I said. Shiting is just a stranger to Little Zheng. He doesn’t care what Shiting does to him. You’re the one who made him sad. Do you really think kids have no self-esteem?”

Ling Yutong blushed, but she couldn’t say anything.

Ji Shiting was expressionless, and he looked angrier.

He looked at Ye Shengge and grabbed her hand, trying to suppress his anger. “Let’s go.”

“Shiting!” Yu Shuhang clenched his fist. He couldn’t take it anymore. He picked up the paternity test report from the ground and handed it to Ji Shiting. “I took your hair off your clothes that day and sent it to be tested. I know you don’t want to accept this, but Little Zheng is really your son.”

Ji Shiting had said clearly that he was willing to treat Little Zheng as his son, but he still refused to admit that the child was related to him by blood.

It was unfair to the child!

Ji Shiting didn’t say anything but observed him with an unreadable expression.

After a while, he curled his lips and said, “Really?”

Yu Shuhang looked straight into the man’s eyes and nodded, “You know what kind of person I am. I wouldn’t lie to you about something so important.”

Jiang Lan couldn’t help trembling as she said, “Mr. Ji, I know Yutong shouldn’t have said anything in this situation, but you don’t know how much he’s suffered because of this child. If you really leave today, how are Yutong and Little Zheng going to deal with themselves in the future?”

They hadn’t planned to be so high-profile, but Ji Shiting had been too cold to Ling Yutong, so she had revealed Little Zheng in front of everyone.

If Ji Shiting didn’t give Ling Yutong and his mother an explanation today, they would become a laughing stock, and Ji Shiting’s reputation would be affected.

Therefore, Jiang Lan couldn’t let Ji Shiting leave just like that.

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