Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 413

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Chapter 413: Uncontrollable

Ye Shengge was dazed. She hadn’t expected to escape so easily.

She nodded.

Perhaps it was because Ye Shengge had finally confessed to that man, but she soon fell asleep.

However, Ji Shiting didn’t feel sleepy for a long time.

The woman beside him breathed evenly. She put one hand on his body and was surprisingly quiet and obedient.

After a while, Ji Shiting moved her arm away and went to the study.

He thought for a bit and called Gu Yimo.

When Gu Yimo received the phone call, she said excitedly, “Hey, Old Ji, are you looking for me to get some drugs to liven things up? Don’t find it difficult to talk about it. Actually, I often deliver drugs to people in the middle of the night.”

“You should keep it for yourself,” Ji Shiting said coldly, not in the mood to joke with him. “Listen, how much do you know about the Ye family?”

“Ye family?” Gu Yimo was dazed. “Which Ye family?”

“Ye Haocheng,” Ji Shiting said. “He was a diplomat before he died in S Country.”

Ye Haocheng was Ye Shengge’s father. His name, identity, and the date and place of death were the few pieces of information he had left in this world.

“It doesn’t sound like a very prominent” Gu Yimo hesitated.” I might need time. ”

“Okay,” Ji Shiting answered. “I’ll give you three times the amount next year. Put aside your work these days and investigate Ye Hao’s family, especially what happened thirteen years ago.”

Gu Yimo was thrilled upon hearing that.

“No problem. Leave this to me!”

Ji Shiting thought for a bit and put down the phone.

It wasn’t a good time to let too many people know about this. If he expanded the scope of the investigation, he might be able to get the results sooner, but if someone with ulterior motives found out, it might cause unnecessary trouble.

Ji Shiting finished smoking a cigarette in the study room and returned to the bedroom.

When he lay down beside Ye Shengge, the woman seemed to sense something and snuggled into his embrace.

Ji Shiting hugged her, but he regretted it soon.

The woman’s fragrance permeated his senses, arousing his already sensitive nerves.

He hadn’t touched her in almost ten days.

The more he thought about it, the more he couldn’t help wanting her.

Ji Shiting swallowed hard, turned around and kissed her lips.

Ye Shengge couldn’t breathe well from his kiss, but her eyes were still closed. She snorted and pushed him away.

Ji Shiting let her go, but Ye Shengge fell asleep again as if she had been relieved of a burden.

The man gritted his teeth, but he could only suppress it.

He bit her lips hard.

Ye Shengge would be filming on set for the next few days. The progress was amazing, and it would probably finish in half a month.

Everyone in the cast and crew was very happy that a major production could be completed in three months.

Ye Shengge received a call from Director Chen.

“I found a new photographer. He said he wants to meet you.”

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