Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 491

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Chapter 491: Shiting, I’m Your Wife

“Who do you think I am?” Her lips trembled. “Are you going to deny me forever, Shiting?”

However, Xie Siqi soon realized that something was wrong. She grabbed Xu Shaoqing’s wrist, and her body trembled.

If she wasn’t mistaken, Ji Shiting had… lost his memory?

Was God finally going to pity her? Was this a chance for her?

“Shiting?” The man frowned. “Is that my name?”

Xie Siqi was thrilled.

She tried to suppress her smile and said, “That’s right, Ji Shiting. That’s your name.”

Xu Shaoqing looked at Ji Shiting, then at Xie Siqi, looking terrified.

Xie Siqi smiled and said, “Shiting, this is your birth mother, Xu Shaoqing.”

The man looked enlightened, so he called her, “Mom, you look very young.”

Xu Shaoqing finally realized something. “Shiting, do you… not remember anything?”

The man said calmly, “That’s right.”

Five minutes later, Ji Shiting’s ward was filled with people.

Other than Xu Shaoqing and Xie Siqi, as well as Grandpa and Uncle Jin, everyone else was a doctor.

The doctors were all famous doctors in the industry, and they were all confused by this situation.

“How could he have lost his memory?” An old doctor scratched his beard and couldn’t figure it out. “Mr. Ji hurt his chest, and his head didn’t hit anywhere. There’s no blood clot. How could he have lost his memory?”

Ji Shiting might have lost his memory, but his personality hadn’t changed.

He looked upset and said, “I want to know why I lost my memory when I was clearly hurt at my chest. Can you give me an explanation, doctor?”

The doctors were rendered speechless.

“Do you know who I am, Shiting?” Grandpa Ji looked at him.

“They all call you Grandpa Ji, and my surname is Ji. You don’t look like my father, so I guess you’re my grandpa,” Ji Shiting said.

Grandpa Ji stared at him.

Ji Shiting raised an eyebrow and said, “Did I guess wrongly?”

“No, you’re right. I’m indeed your grandpa. Your father is dead, and we’re the only ones left in the Ji family,” Grandpa Ji said, still looking skeptical.

However, Ji Shiting didn’t seem to mind whether he was suspicious or not. He just let him examine him without trying to prove anything, but he didn’t look guilty at all.

Grandpa Ji’s suspicions were dispelled.

Had he really lost her memory?

It couldn’t be an act, right? If he was pretending, Grandpa Ji couldn’t think of a reason for him to pretend to have lost his memory.

The famous doctors who couldn’t figure out the reason decided to go back and flip through the information. They would give Ji Shiting a full body checkup after he got better.

After the doctor left, Ji Shiting looked at the remaining people and raised an eyebrow. “Are you all my family?”

Uncle Jin said, “Young Master, I’m the butler.”

Ji Shiting nodded and looked at Xie Siqi.

Xie Siqi suppressed her excitement and said, “Shiting, I’m your wife.”

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