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Chapter 53: Date

Ye Shengge skimmed through the comments online. Even though she knew it was likely that most of the people were paid to write them, it still put her in a good mood.

It was probably the team’s strategy. She didn’t think too much about it.

However, she received Mu Yanhuai’s call very soon.

Ye Shengge lifted her eyebrow and picked up her phone.

She thought Mu Yanhuai was calling to blame her, however, Mu Yanhuai’s voice couldn’t have sounded gentler.

“Are you home, Shengge?”

“I am. What’s the matter?” Ye Shengge was a bit suspicious.

“We won’t be able to see each other often anymore after the shooting starts,” Mu Yanhuai smiled. “Let’s have a date, just you and I.”

A date…

Ye Shengge was dazed upon hearing that word.

When she had first got together with Mu Yanhuai, she had always been looking forward to a date between the two of them, but Mu Yanhuai had always found an excuse to get out of that.

Now that she thought about it, she had been so naïve and pathetic.

“Are you listening, Shengge?” Mu Yanhuai smiled. “I know we didn’t spend much time together in the past two years, so I’m trying to make it up to you.”

Ye Shengge smiled contemptuously.

However, she also wanted to know what kind of game that man was playing.

Eventually, she said yes, “Okay, send me the address.”

After half an hour, Ye Shengge arrived at Fenghua Restaurant.

The restaurant didn’t have a special name, however, it was one of the best fine dining restaurants in Yang City. Why had Mu Yanhuai chosen to have their date here?

Ye Shengge became more curious.

She came to the room and opened the door, and in the room she found not only Mu Yanhuai, but also Mu Xiaoya and a middle-aged woman.

Ye Shengge immediately recognized her, it was Cheng Fang, Mu Yanhuai and Mu Xiaoya’s mother. When she had been engaged with Mu Yanhuai, they had met each other once, but Cheng Fang had been very cold to her.

“There you are, Shengge.” Mu Yanhuai immediately stood up and smiled. “Come sit next to me.”

Cheng Fang and Mu Xiao shot her a cold glance.

Ye Shengge couldn’t help laughing internally upon seeing them with the same expressions.

It seemed that Cheng Fang was Mu Xiaoya’s birth mother and Mu Yanhuai’s stepmother. No wonder Cheng Fang had been so aloof when she had been engaged to Mu Yanhuai.

“Aunt, Xiaoya.” Ye Shengge sat down and smiled as if she didn’t know anything. “I thought there’d only be me and Yanhuai.”

“Stop playing dumb,” Cheng Fang interjected, sounding overbearing. “Do you still want to marry my son?”

Ye Shengge lifted her eyebrows and looked at Mu Yanhuai.

“My mom has something to talk to you about regarding our upcoming marriage.” Mu Yanhuai was also smiling gently, as if he didn’t realize how rude Cheng Fang was being.

“Really?” Ye Shengge looked to the woman in front of her and asked. “What do you want to talk about, auntie?”

“Did you seize our Xiaoya’s role and ask people to frame her online?” Cheng Fang scolded her. “How dare you bully our Xiaoya before even marrying my son? Our family doesn’t want a daughter-in-law like that!”

“When did I bully Xiaoya? Where did this come from?” Ye Shengge looked surprised and confused.

“Are you still playing dumb?” Mu Xiaoya couldn’t help sneering. “Weren’t you the person who paid them to trash me?”

“That’s right. How dare you put Xiaoya down to make yourself look better? I bet you don’t want to marry our Yanhuai at all,” Cheng Fang looked at her contemptuously.

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