Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 614

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Chapter 614: Still in the mood to take photos with handsome fans

In the office, Ji Shiting enlarged the photo and remained silent for a long time.

On the screen, the woman smiled kindly and sweetly, as if to show how approachable she was. She even tilted her head to the side to show herself in the middle of the camera, and at the same time, she got closer to the man beside her.

They didn’t hold hands or hug each other’s waists, but their arms were obviously leaning against each other.

Ji Shiting wouldn’t have thought much if Ye Shengge had taken a photo with an ordinary male fan, but it had to be a young and handsome man. Although Ji Shiting was confident that the man couldn’t compare to a single finger of his, almost half of the comments praised the male fan’s looks. There was even a comment that almost thought the blogger was Ye Shengge’s boyfriend.

Boyfriend? Was that person blind?

Ji Shiting couldn’t take it anymore. He slammed the tablet on the desk, and veins popped on the back of his hand.

That woman was living a good life, and she even had the mood to take photos with handsome male fans.

She hadn’t contacted him, and she hadn’t released his number from the blacklist. It seemed that she really didn’t remember what had happened that night.

However, even if she didn’t remember it, she knew that he was determined to let go. Didn’t she feel any pain or sadness?

Ji Shiting didn’t want her to be in pain, but she wouldn’t be happy if he left.

The man clenched his jaw and his eyes dimmed.

Ye Shengge also saw the photo.

As an expert in gossip, Lin Qi immediately saw the popular Weibo post and showed it to Ye Shengge. She even called the editor of Shisheng Studio’s official Weibo account and asked the editor to repost that post. She also emphasized that Ye Shengge was filming Chen Anzhi’s movie, which made the netizens look forward to it.

“Sister Shengge, I filmed well for you, didn’t I?” Lin Qi said smugly.

“Mm, not bad.” Ye Shengge smiled and put it down. She didn’t think much of it. What she was worried about was how to send the email.

The shoot for ‘Cross’ was coming to an end, and it would be finished in a few days, so she couldn’t avoid the studio’s responsibility anymore. For example, the studio lacked resources.

Shang Tianyi called her almost every day to emphasize this issue, and she had no choice but to remember the solution she had told Shang Tianyi before—email Ji Shiting.

As a subsidiary company, it was normal for them to ask T.S. Corporation for help now that they were in trouble. After all, half of the studio’s income was given to T.S. Corporation every year.

Ji Shiting’s work email was publicized on the official website, but Ye Shengge knew that the email was actually managed by his assistant, who would screen it first before transferring any valuable email to him. The man had another email, and only high-ranking officials or partners would know.

Ye Shengge didn’t know that because it was unnecessary for her.

However, she was very upset now. If she sent the email to this public email, it would definitely sink into the ocean.

Should she call Ji Shiting?

However, contacting him directly would seem too intimate, and it wasn’t suitable for their current relationship. Besides, that man had given up. Would he misunderstand if she called him directly?

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