Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 720

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Chapter 720: Are You Not Planning to remarry Me?

Her composure was beyond Ji Shiting’s expectations.

However, it was this composure that relieved the man.

He put a hand on her belly and said, “Is the baby alright?”

“The baby has always been fine. Otherwise, why would it be so troublesome?” Ye Shengge couldn’t help smiling. “Don’t worry. I’ll protect our baby.”

“I believe you,” Ji Shiting said and hugged her tighter. “You’re stronger and calmer than I imagined.”

She would definitely be able to protect the baby with her composure.

“Because I know I’m innocent.” She put her chin on his shoulder and complained mercilessly. “However, they recognized that I had a split personality for some reason and said that the murderer was my second personality. Before you came, they had been hypnotizing me, trying to find this imaginary second personality.”

Ye Shengge knew that Officer Liu wouldn’t let go of the chance to eavesdrop, so she couldn’t let them catch her.

Ji Shiting’s eyes dimmed. “Hypnosis? So you weren’t feeling sick not because of the pregnancy reaction but from the after-effects of hypnosis?”

Ye Shengge was dazed for a bit, then she said, “That’s right! I was wondering why my head hurt and I felt sick today. I don’t feel that terrible usually.”

“This is abuse!” His voice was hoarse from anger. “If they dare treat you like this again, you can sue them.”

Ye Shengge’s eyes lit up. “Can I?”

“Of course.” Ji Shiting nodded. “It’s a crime to abuse someone being detained. If the circumstances are serious they can be be sentenced to between three years to ten years.”

Ye Shengge couldn’t help chuckling. “Did you really memorize all the legal rules?”

“Did you think my bar certification was bought?” He raised an eyebrow.

Ye Shengge shook her head and said, “You’re amazing, Shiting.”

Although she had gotten away with it, she was also worried that frequent personality swapping would cause serious consequences. Now that this being called out as ‘abuse’, Officer Liu and the others had to take it easy.

Ji Shiting couldn’t help chuckling as well. He kissed her forehead and said, “It’s rare that you can still smile.”

He had been suffering ever since she was taken away yesterday.

“Because… I slept well.” Ye Shengge looked at him, but she didn’t dare say it out loud. “Shiting, I’ll go home with you after I get out of here, okay?”

After yesterday, she finally believed that she wasn’t dangerous to that man anymore. At least, she wouldn’t endanger his life anymore.

Thus, even if she was locked in the detention center and couldn’t be free, even if she was recognized as a suspect, she couldn’t worry. She even wanted to thank Xie Siqi. At that time, facing Xie Siqi’s gun, her strong desire to live broke through the barrier for a long time. Her second personality came out to protect her, and at the same time, obtained all her memories.

It was a mysterious feeling, as if she was her, and she wasn’t her. It was like when she was in character, she had become another person, but at the same time, her consciousness was suspended in the air, looking at everything, and even controlling everything.

Ji Shiting was dazed. “Go home with me?”

“That’s right.” Her eyes widened. “I’m already pregnant with your child. Aren’t you going to remarry me?”

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