Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 724

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Chapter 724: You’re Only blinded by Love

“Boss, I’ve arranged for people to try to change the public opinion, but as long as they speak up for Madam, it’ll cause a greater backlash, so I stopped,” Sun Ye said. “After all, to the people, this matter concerns their safety, so I suggest we wait and see. Actually, the public opinion has started to cool these days…”

Ji Shiting nodded and said, “What’s the Xie family doing?”

“They’re preparing for Ms. Xie’s funeral,” said Sun Ye. “Madam wants you to attend. She said that Ms. Xie will be very happy if you can attend…”

“Refuse,” Ji Shiting interrupted Sun Ye with a scoff.

“Yes sir,” Sun Ye said. “Also, I heard that Xiao Ruilang has been staying in the nightclub these days. There’s no one suspicious around him.”

“He won’t reveal anything so easily.” Ji Shiting closed his eyes and clenched his fist. “There’s no progress in the case, right?”

“That’s right. I heard that Police Chief Jiang is already in Yang City…”

“The Jiang family.” Ji Shiting smiled and stood up. “Let’s go. I should meet my client.”

Ji Shiting submitted the application a few days ago, but this time, it was denied.

In the office, the man crossed his legs and looked at Officer Liu’s face. He smiled and said, “Reason?”

“Mr. Ji, you don’t have the right to be the lawyer of the suspect. You have a direct relationship with this case, and both the suspect and the deceased are related to you,” said a deep and cold male voice.

Before he could finish, he walked out.

Ji Shiting’s pupils contracted. “Jiang Yu?”

“It’s me,” Jiang Yu said. “You should find a more professional lawyer for Ms. Ye.”

Ji Shiting stared at her and said, “Why are you here?”

“I’m here for the truth.” Jiang Yu looked at him. “I heard that the progress of this case is very difficult. It turns out that you obstructed it, Mr. Ji. If it weren’t for Officer Liu being honest and withstanding the pressure, the suspect would’ve already been taken away by you, right?”

“For the truth?” Ji Shiting sneered. “If you really came for the truth, you should know that Shengge is innocent.”

“Mr. Ji, you know Ms. Ye’s situation better than anyone. You’ve been hurt before,” Jiang Yu said calmly. “You can ignore it, but you shouldn’t take the risk with others, so please stop. Besides, given Ms. Ye’s condition, she might not be sentenced but isolated. You can still see her often.”

Ji Shiting looked at him coldly and stood up.

“I’ve heard some things about you, so I didn’t stop you when I knew it was you. I thought you could really investigate the truth.” He suddenly smiled. “But I was very disappointed. I didn’t expect you to be so conceited and stupid.”

“Mr. Ji, you’re just blinded by emotion.”

“She ties up her hands and feet every night.” Ji Shiting smiled. “So, if she says she’s innocent, she’ll definitely be innocent.”

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