Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 806

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However, her expression didn’t change. “Really? Why don’t you show me your project plan for this year? I’ll consider giving you a chance.”

“I don’t dare anymore. How many times have you lied to me?” Xiao Ruilang sounded doting and helpless.

Ye Shengge couldn’t take it anymore.

She opened the car door and was about to get in.

“I’m serious, Sister-in-law.” However, Xiao Ruilang refused to give up. He smiled and said, “Brother Shiting has been missing for so long. Either he’s dead or he doesn’t want you anymore. I don’t understand why you’re still persisting. Just give me a chance.”

Ye Shengge clenched her fist, and her face immediately turned pale.

“He’ll come back,” she said. “Xiao Ruilang, if you dare bother me again, I’ll make your Xiao Corporation lose another five percent.”

“Sister-in-law, paranoia is a kind of illness. You have to get over it.” Xiao Ruilang sounded sympathetic. “You’re so young. I really don’t want you to be alone…”

However, he heard the door close.

Xiao Ruilang paused and looked at the black car with a smirk.

Back then, he had been targeted by Jing Zhiyuan, and he had suffered heavy losses in order to get away. It had taken him a long time to recover. Although he had gotten new technology from Ji Shiting, it hadn’t been of use, and he was still a step behind T.S. Corporation in terms of research and development. Now, the Xiao Corporation’s market share was slowly being devoured by T.S. Corporation.

He had thought T.S. Corporation would collapse after Ji Shiting disappeared, but he hadn’t expected Ye Shengge to be so capable.

She wasn’t very skilled, but she was very resilient. With this resilience, she could always defeat her competitors and become the one who had the last laugh. Even so, T.S. Corporation remained the first conglomerate in Yang City after Ji Shiting disappeared.

Xiao Ruilang sighed again. He thought he might really be in love with this woman.

The car left the airport and drove to the manor.

Ye Shengge had taken off her sunglasses and was leaning against the back seat, looking a bit dazed. Although she was already the mother of two three-year-olds, her face was more exquisite and beautiful than before, but time didn’t leave any traces on her face. Instead, it made her look more mature and calm, which contrasted with her outstanding appearance, making her look sultry. On the negotiation table, such a charm sometimes became a sharp weapon that made the opponent unable to concentrate.

Lin Ran sighed but didn’t disturb her. Ye Shengge would always have this expression whenever someone mentioned Mr. Ji.

Actually, from Lin Ran’s point of view, there was no hope of Ji Shiting surviving since he had been missing for so long, but Ye Shengge still insisted that she would immediately fall out with anyone who urged her to let him go. Especially after the political situation had stabilized in the past half year, Ji Shiting’s name had become a taboo.

Perhaps Ye Shengge had also thought of the worst possibility, which was why she was getting more and more uneasy…

Lin Ran suddenly realized that Sun Ye was winking at her, asking her to try to comfort Ye Shengge.

Lin Ran thought for a bit and said with a smile, “Sister Shengge, the two kids must miss you to death after you’ve been away for three days.”

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