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Chapter 81: Stay Tonight

Ji Shiting said, “Are you saying I swapped the number tag with someone else?”

“No, of course not.” Ye Shengge denied it immediately. “That’s not what I mean…”

Although she said that, she couldn’t help looking at the man’s wrist. There was no number tag on it.

Ji Shiting noticed her staring at him and said, “Do you want me to give you my number?”

Ye Shengge shook her head.

That’s right. This man had been upstairs the entire time, so there was no need for him to swap his number. Most importantly, Vice President Zhou had no reaction to No. 15, which meant she had made a mistake.

Ye Shengge was a bit upset.

“You seem to be a bit disappointed,” the man suddenly said. He breathed into her ears, making her feel numb.

Ye Shengge shrunk back and smiled. “Of course not! It’s my honor, but… I saw that Mu Yanhuai was invited. Is T.S Corporation really going to invest in Star Brilliance?”

Since the boss was right in front of her, she didn’t need to think about Vice-President Zhou anymore. It would be better to ask that man.

“He’s here too?” Ji Shiting raised his eyebrows, looking surprised.

He suddenly recalled that Xie Siqi was in charge of tonight’s dinner, and she had sent out most of the invitations.

This meant that Xie Siqi already knew Ye Shengge, which was why she had sent Mu Yanhuai an invitation.

“Um… So you didn’t invite him? T.S. Corporation won’t invest in Star Brilliance, right?” Ye Shengge asked.

Ji Shiting stared straight into the woman’s eyes.

“I’ve already agreed to cooperate with you.” He said indifferently. “Who do you think I am, Miss Ye?”

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have questioned your character!” Ye Shengge immediately admitted her mistake. “You’re a man of your word.”

“Are you relieved now?”

Ye Shengge nodded.

“Then stay here tonight.” Ji Shiting chuckled.

And then, the man saw her ears turn red.

He suddenly felt an impulse to bite her earlobe along with the pearl earring.

“Mr… Mr. Ji, what do you mean…” Ye Shengge’s heart was beating fast, and she felt conflicted.

She was, of course, very happy to be able to sleep with that man, but… was it really okay for him to ask her out like that?

She would definitely regret it if she didn’t agree, but if she did… she couldn’t bring herself to say “okay” because of her shame.

Ji Shiting chuckled again and said, “What I mean is, let’s talk about the details of the studio after the party. It’s best if we can sign the contract as soon as possible, in case you suspect my sincerity… What are you thinking, huh?”

Ye Shengge was furious.

She said, “That’s what I mean. I’m so excited that I can’t speak properly”

“Of course.” The man brushed his lips against her cheek. “Get me a key to the guest room later.”

Ji Shiting smiled and let her go.

It turned out that the song had ended.

Ye Shengge was in a daze as she watched him leave. She hadn’t realized it yet, especially when the warmth of that man’s lips still lingered on her cheek.

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