Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 830

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Ye Shengge was rendered speechless.

She suddenly realized that the man wasn’t lying to her.

He might… really not remember anything. It was completely different from when he had pretended to lose his memory.

He wouldn’t trust others easily, so he was more cautious when he developed amnesia.

This could also explain why he had only appeared in front of her after three years. This wasn’t a coincidence. He had guessed his identity and her relationship, so he had come to the meeting center today for the truth.

Ye Shengge said, “What about now? How much do you know?”

Ji Shiting grabbed her hand and put it down, turning to face her.

The woman seemed to have regained her composure, but her eyes were still stubborn and determined.

“I’m Ji Shiting, who went missing three years ago.” He looked at her and said. “You’re my wife, so you can inherit my shares.”

“That’s right.” Ye Shengge nodded. “Before you left, you left a will. You left all your shares to me, not grandpa… This means that you loved me very much and trusted me very much. I still have that will. I’ll show it to you when you return to Yang City with me.”

Ye Shengge knew that the most important thing now was to gain his trust. Everything would be fine as long as he trusted her.

Even if she was just a stranger to him now, she could still find a way to make him fall in love with her again.

Ji Shiting stared at her for a while, trying to determine whether she was telling the truth.

Ye Shengge was furious. “Ji Shiting, do you also think I killed you to seize your inheritance?”

Ye Shengge had seen many similar rumors in the past few years. She knew that many people thought she was scheming like Young Master Qi.

However, she wouldn’t allow Ji Shiting to suspect even if he lost his memory.

Fortunately, Ji Shiting shook his head and said, “No.”

Perhaps he had had similar suspicions before, but after seeing that woman, he knew that those rumors were nonsense.

Especially when she ran out of the venue and looked for him everywhere. Such a reaction was completely instinctive, and no matter how good her acting skills were, she couldn’t act it out.

Ye Shengge was still fierce. “If it weren’t for the sake of protecting your efforts, do you think I would care about this useless CEO? I’m exhausted… So you have to return to Yang City with me and take over.”

The man frowned.

Actually, he hadn’t thought about it before today. If his guess was correct, should he return to Ji Shiting?

After all, being Ji Shiting again meant too much to him. He couldn’t accept all the identities related to that name.

One of them was the woman’s husband.

Ye Shengge felt sour seeing how silent he was.

“It’s alright. Let’s take it slow.” She looked up at him and tried to smile. “But you have to trust me.”

Looking at the way she was forcing herself to smile, Ji Shiting couldn’t help saying, “Sorry.”

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