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Chapter 96: Don’t Turn On The Lights

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Ji Shiting’s hoarse and lazy voice rang in her ears. Perhaps he sensed she was about to leave his embrace and thus hugged her tighter.

Ye Shengge’s body was stiff, and her taut skin closest to him felt numb.

“You seem well, huh?” The man chuckled and bit her earlobe. “How about another round?”

“No…” Ye Shengge said. “I… I need to get up…”

“It’s still dark. Close your eyes and sleep.” He pinched her waist and said in a hoarse voice, “Or let’s do it again.”

Ye Shengge immediately shut her eyes.

She swallowed hard and urged herself to sleep, but she couldn’t do so at all.

She had been sleeping alone ever since her parents died, and she had never been so intimate with anyone, let alone men.

For a moment, she thought she was dreaming, or maybe she had hysteria?

However… everything was so clear that she couldn’t lie to herself regardless whether it was the burning sensation of his touch, or his breathing.

Ye Shengge suddenly recalled everything that had happened last night. He had been forcing her to look into his eyes the entire time, forcing her to see what she looked like in his eyes. It was like a huge net had wrapped around her, forcing her to have nowhere to run.

And even if he was controlled by desire, that man was still sober and rational. That was why he had the intention to torture her… Was he really drugged?

Ye Shengge’s mind was in a mess, and she wanted to run away, but she didn’t dare.

She felt like crying.

“You’re such a bad girl,” Ji Shiting suddenly said. “You’re so stiff… Are you scared?”

“I… I’m not.” Ye Shengge retorted weekly.

Ji Shiting scoffed and turned around, putting her underneath his body. “Let’s have another round if you can’t sleep.” He then hooked her knees.

Ye Shengge opened her eyes and saw the man’s face.

Another round… That’s good too. I need to get rid of the birthmark as soon as possible so that I won’t have to get close to that man again.

Thus, she wrapped her arms around his neck and consented to his actions.

However, Ji Shiting turned on the bedside lamp.

Ye Shengge couldn’t help shutting her eyes. “Don’t… don’t turn on the lights.”

Ji Shiting held her face and said, “I like to turn on the lights.”

“I don’t like it,” Ye Shengge said miserably.

Ji Shiting was a bit annoyed seeing how terrified she was.

He knew what she was afraid of, and the more so, the angrier he got.

He pinched her body slowly and said, “Open your eyes.”


Ye Shengge said, “No.”

“Don’t think that everything is fine just because you signed the contract, Ye Shengge,” the man threatened. “Open your eyes.”

“Then… Let’s not do it anymore!” She said. “You should’ve gotten rid of the drug in your system already, right?”

“No.” The man said, grabbing her chin. “Don’t let me repeat myself for the third time. Open your eyes.”

Ye Shengge wanted to curse and swear.

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