Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 976

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Chapter 976: Untitled

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Ye Shengge blinked and realized that he had ignored her hypothetical question again.

He felt that… all the hypothetical questions were meaningless.

Ye Shengge thought about his changes, and she gradually had some ideas, but she wasn’t sure yet.

Ji Shiting stroked her face and asked as patiently as he could for the umpteenth time, “You don’t have any more questions, do you?”

Ye Shengge’s heart skipped a beat seeing how eager the man was. She couldn’t help asking, “Ji Shiting, are you having an affair?”

“No.” He looked at her seriously. “I’ll fulfill my duty as a husband. Besides, I just said I like making love to you…”

“I get it now!” Ye Shengge interrupted him.

He hadn’t lost his memory, and he hadn’t been replaced by another personality. He was still interested in her, and he didn’t plan to cheat… Then, the problem she was most worried about wouldn’t happen. She could resolve everything else…

Ye Shengge comforted herself.

She looked up at the man and sighed. She then said with a nod, “I’m done.”

He finally smiled and said, “Then, you should fulfill your promise.”

Ye Shengge glared at him and said, “I know!”

The man nodded, wrapped her in a towel and carried her back to the bedroom.

Ye Shengge knew that she couldn’t escape from his burning gaze, so she had to fulfill her promise…

Actually, Ye Shengge didn’t mind doing this for him. After she got pregnant, she had helped him do so because she couldn’t have intercourse with him, but Ji Shiting felt sorry for her and refused to let her do it anymore.

However, this was the only way she could make him speak now so she couldn’t help feeling worried.

The man was obviously very satisfied with the fellatio so he carried her to the bathroom for a shower, squeezed some toothpaste onto a toothbrush, and placed the toothbrush in her hand.

Ye Shengge grabbed her toothbrush, stunned and at a loss for words.

Ji Shiting hugged her waist from behind and asked hoarsely, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing…” Ye Shengge brushed her teeth and tried to ignore the weird feeling. That was what she should think. After all, that man was considerate.

Ye Shengge was exhausted after returning to the bed in the bedroom. She snuggled under the blanket and didn’t dare hug the man to sleep anymore, afraid that she would arouse his desires again.

Ye Shengge was in a daze when she suddenly felt her legs being separated. She suddenly woke up and saw Ji Shiting kneeling between her legs, trying to help her do the same.


Ye Shengge pressed her legs together and was about to cry. “Don’t!”

The man was upset seeing how resistant she was. He said in a hoarse voice, “I’ll make you feel good.”

“I don’t want…” Ye Shengge cried. “Shiting, you’re amazing. You’ve satisfied me well today. I really don’t need…”

She couldn’t take it anymore. Actually, she was tired and sleepy, and she just wanted to get some shuteye.

Ji Shiting looked at her and eventually nodded. “Okay, let’s talk next time.”

Next time it shall be.. It would be great if she could escape this time.

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