Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? (LN) - Volume 12 - Chapter Ep

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Observations by Future Historians: Epilogue


The Great Human-Demon War is said to have ended in victory for the demons. 

Many forts fell into the demons’ clutches, and the hero, the humans’ last hope at the time, was defeated. 

The hero of that time, Julius Zagan Analeit, is widely considered to be the most noble hero in history, thanks in no small part to the many records left by his younger brother Schlain, which extoled his countless achievements and virtues; there are many other extant documents that describe his accomplishments as well. 

The previously quoted excerpt from a soldier’s diary is said to have been written after the soldier witnessed Julius the hero’s death firsthand. 

In this Great War, humanity lost their greatest hope. 

But those who are familiar with the events that followed are likely well aware: 

Even this momentous battle was nothing more than a preliminary skirmish. 

Truly turbulent times. 

No, such hackneyed words cannot fully describe what would become a critical turning point in history. 

And that time was fast approaching. 

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