Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? (LN) - Volume 13 - Chapter Aft

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Is everyone doing well?! I certainly am!

Yes, hello, I’m Okina Baba, doing well as usual.

This is Volume 13.

The number thirteen is considered unlucky, and this year certainly has been that kind of year…

In my case, since I’m an author, I can still work from home, so that wasn’t particularly a problem.

Fortunately, no one in my family has gotten the illness. I can’t say it’s been peaceful, but we’ve been getting by.

But while I’ve still been able to write, it’s not as if it hasn’t affected me at all. There have been a handful of unexpected obstacles.

The local bookstore was voluntarily closed for a while, for instance…

And because this is all so unprecedented, the industry itself has been fumbling, too.

All I can really do to help is keep on writing as best I can, though.

I hope I can bring people even a little bit of energy with my books.

Now, a few thank-yous.

To Tsukasa Kiryu for such wonderful illustrations as always.

Even in this situation—no, especially because of this situation—looking at Kiryu’s artwork soothes my soul more than ever!

When I see those illustrations, I feel like I can keep on going.

To Asahiro Kakashi, who draws the manga adaptation.

Again, when I see the manga version of the protagonist doing her best, whether the situation is comical or serious, I’m inspired to do my best, too.

And Gratinbird, who’s handling the spin-off comic.

Reading the absurd hijinks of the four sisters makes me smile, warms my heart, and puts me in a happy mood.

I hope this volume will make all of you readers feel the same… Erm…will it, though?

…Look, I can’t imitate Gratinbird’s sense of humor!

And to everyone involved in the anime adaptation.

Because anime production involves so many people, I think it’s hurt all the more by the effects of the recent coronavirus outbreak.

Since the staff all keeps working hard, I feel like I’ve got to work hard, too.

And speaking of the anime, we’ve got a huge announcement!

It’s going to air in January 2021 as a back-to-back two-hour broadcast!

It was originally supposed to air in 2020, but it got delayed to 2021 because of that damned corona…

It’s certainly been an eventful year, but please wait a little longer for the broadcast!

I also want to thank my editor, Ms. W, and everyone else who helped bring this book into the world.

And all of you who were kind enough to pick up this book.

Thank you very much.

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