Mad God - Volume 4 - Chapter 6

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The day passed very quickly, and once again, it was late at night. All of the escorts had gathered in my room.

I lowered my voice and said, “The task we must accomplish tonight is very dangerous, so all of you must follow my orders. If we make a mistake, we could be completely wiped out.”

The escorts nodded resolutely and Wolf said, “Young master, please give your orders.”

I swept my eyes across them as I said, “Tonight our target is in Woer mountain, 30 miles to the west. There is a werewolf organization there, remember our goal is not to exterminate them but to tame them. There shall be no killing without my orders. Let’s go, there isn’t much time.”

All of them speedily changed into black nocturnal clothes, and grabbed their weapons. Although there were 20 people, no sound was made. Within moments the village was left behind.

A fit of mist drifted over, and my clothes started to become a little moist, but it did not affect our speed in the slightest. Taking advantage of the dim light of night, we rapidly headed to the west.

After using chi to dash for four hours, an uninterrupted mountain range appeared before us. Halthing, Wolf asked, “Young master, there are so many mountains here, which is the right one?”

I raised my head and looked at the mountains: I could only see hills connecting one another, extending forever into the distance. For a short while I could not see clearly how high the mountain was.

After muttering to myself, I said, “Let’s enter the mountain. Since the god of werewolves lives here, there should be guards. As long as we subdue one of them, they will show us the way.

Thus we entered the mountain at high-speed, trying our best to find a guard. We climbed a small hill, at this point it was already deep into the night; the moon had grown pale and the light had dwindled. We could no longer distinguish which direction we came from.

“Everyone, you may rest.” But as soon as I gave the order, I heard an unusual rustling in the leaves. This sound was produced by the friction of things advancing through thick foliage. Although my opponents were careful, they didn’t escape my sharp hearing.

I roared to let them know that I had discovered them, “Who goes there?”

The tranquil of the night was broken by my bellow as it echoed through the mountains, “Who goes there! Who goes there. who goes there, who goes there, who goes there…”

Suddenly the dark forest surrounding us lit up as if it was day time. We could only squint around us due to the abrupt change of light.

We gradually recovered our eyesight and found ourselves in the midst of 40 werewolf soldiers.

These soldiers were different than those we met at the border. Every one of them wore matching brown light armor, armed with a long knife and a torch in each hand. The torches must have been what lit up the forest.

An ominous glint flickered through their eyes as the torches snapped and crackled. The brown fur behind their neck stood up, and they stared at us viciously not the slightest bit alarmed. I stiffened my chest, raised my head and put my hands behind my back, shouting “Who are you? Bandits?”

My escorts unsheathed their weapons one by one, arranging themselves in a semi-circle on either side of me. A werewolf soldier pushed his way through the crowd. He was different from the others, his grey head had a single line running down it; adding to his impressive aura. He looked at us somberly before waving his long knife, saying threateningly, “Who are you? How dare you trespass on the forbidden land? Are you tired of living?

I snickered coldly and said, “What do you think you are? All of this land belongs to the Beast Emperor, and all beastmen worship the Beast God, what gives you the right to have your own private land?”

(TL: Chinese people say ‘what are you’ instead of ‘who are you’ when they look down on the person they’re addressing.)

(EN: I changed “what are you” to “What do you think you are?” because it makes more sense :Pfeel free to imagine it the way the original translation was though :P)

The Leader was unable to reply, frustrated he shouted, “Take them down!”

I raised my left hand and shouted, “Wait a moment.”

The leader looked at me with disdain, “Now you’re scared? If you’re that afraid, tie yourselves up and wait for us to capture you. You can explain yourself when we go back.”

“Humph, Scared? Such a word has never existed in my vocabulary. If you would listen to what I was saying, I am the emissary of the Beast God, and I have specially come to meet the Wolf God. There is an important matter that I have to discuss with him. Are any of you guys willing to take the Wolf God’s blame for delaying me?

Hearing that I sought to meet with the Wolf God, the leader’s flames vanished in an instant, and he asked uncertainly, “How do you know that the Wolf God is here, which traitor told you?”

I looked towards the heavens reverently, “It was the mighty Beast God who told me. The almighty god ordered me to come here and find the Wolf God and discuss some secret matters. If you are sensible you would go notify your superiors.

The leader asked, “Beast God? It’s only a legend? When has the Beast God ever cared for us?! The Wolf God is the true savior of Beastmen.”

It wasn’t worth my time arguing with this captain, “I didn’t come here to argue with you, just take me to see your Wolf God, I have some important matters to discuss with him.”

The leader thought for a while before saying, “You guys wait here.” to his underlings. He then turned and rushed off, vanishing into the dark jungle.

His speed wasn’t that bad, but it was still lacking when compared to wolf’s. He was definitely considered an expert among the werewolves. I knew that I could catch his attention by mentioning the Wolf God.

Thus, I successfully completed the first part of my plan.

I sat down and crossed my legs, resting to replenish my depleted chi. My guards surrounded me and observed the soldiers carefully. The 30 mile journey to the mountain used a fair bit of chi, and the Wolf God was bound to be difficult to deal with. I had to be in peak condition when meeting him.

After the time it took for a meal, the leader of the werewolves came back running, drenched in sweat. Looks like he hadn’t even taken a break on his way back; he was just a small leader, but he had already possessed such character. I became slightly concerned.

After a few moments of heavy panting, he said, “You guys come with me.” After that he lead the way with his soldiers. I stood up and closely followed with my escorts.

The way was narrow and winding; if we were to find it on our own, it would be difficult. Only after climbing over two mountain tops could we see their base.

Our location was in a small valley surrounded by a few hills; there were buildings like that of a village, but they were slightly bigger. In the center was a gigantic temple, its scale was unexpectedly comparable to that of the Beast Emperor’s palace hall.

Around the temple was a circular arrangement of large stone pillars; the peak of every pillar had a large vivid, double-headed werewolf motif carved on it, they were detailed and realistic. I thought, that place should be the Wolf God’s residence.

As expected, the leader of the werewolves lead us to the front of the wolf temple, the gate was guarded by 12 guards. Unlike the other werewolves we had seen, these guards had a golden stripe, suggesting that their status was even higher than that of the werewolf company leader.

The company leader quickly walked over and respectfully said to a temple guard, “They are the ones that the Commander ordered me to bring over.” The temple guard nodded with an arrogant expression, “You lot wait here, I will go in and report.”

A mere temple guard and yet, he was so condescending, I hadn’t ever met with this kind of treatment, even in the palace of the Beast Emperor. This guy had balls.

The werewolf company leader stood at the side and didn’t dare to make a sound, the remaining troops encircled us, their hands on their knives in their sheathes.

After a while a temple guard walked out, and said to the werewolf leader, “You can take your men and go back, I will take care of things from here.”

The werewolf leader agreed respectfully; he turned around and left with his underlings. The temple guard sized us up with his eyes, then plainly said, “You people come with me.” After that he turned his head and walked into the temple.  

I gave Wolf an eye signal and followed. Just when we were about to step into the temple, we were stopped by the temple guards at the doorway. I frowned, “What is the meaning of this? Is this how the Wolf God treats his guests?”

The temple guard who was leading the way said, “Only one of you may enter, the rest must wait here.”

I had already anticipated that seeing the Wolf God would not be easy, and said with a smile, “Fine then, I will go. Wolf, you guys wait here, before I come out, you are not allowed to make a ruckus.”

Wolf was worried, “Young Master, we need to protect you.” I patted his shoulder and said in a low voice, “Don’t worry, nothing will happen. If the situation is so bad that I can’t solve it, then you guys would be useless as well. Just wait here for me, and don’t cause trouble. Understand?”

Wolf nodded unwillingly, and retreated with the rest of my guards. I turned around and said to the temple guard who was leading the way, “Can we go now?” He ‘humphed’ and lead me into the temple.

The inside of the building was dark, as candles only appeared every ten meters. But even with the dim lighting, the murals on the walls were clearly visible, they depicted scenes of werewolves slaughtering men, farming, and celebrating victory. There was nothing to obstruct my view of the building besides the dim lighting, as the building wasn’t supported by pillars.

The temple guard lead me to the centre of the temple and stopped, saying, “Wait here for a moment.” Finished speaking, he turned around and left without waiting for my reply.

Although the lights here were very weak, there wasn’t the slightest feeling of eeriness. On the contrary, there was a serene peacefulness lingering within my heart. Since I already came here, I did not hurry; I observed the surrounding murals with keen interest. Each mural seemed to have its own story.

Just as I was gradually fascinated, a gentle voice rang behind my back, “Is it you that wishes to meet Lord Wolf God?” I abruptly turned my head around and saw that a black shadow donned with a cloak had appeared behind me. I was surprised that I did not notice his approach, even with my sharp hearing.

Although my attention was focused on the murals, the opponent was able to approach me from behind without any sound or presence, he/she indeed caught me off guard. However, my instinct and his words told me that this person was not the Wolf God.

I lightly smiled, “That’s right, it is me. Are you the Wolf God?” The black shadow shook his head, he removed his hood after taking a few steps forward.

He was a werewolf, but he was an unusual werewolf. He actually had a silver wolf head. Even though the light was weak, his silver fur remained shiny and glistening under the light, a silver werewolf!

The silver werewolf smiled at me who was still surprised and said, “Are you surprised? I am the commander of the Wolf God Guardians, you can call me Silver Arrow.”

Did I mishear? Holy Shit! There’s even a name like this? This is beyond comprehension. I nodded and said, “Commander Silver Arrow, I have come to request a meeting with the Wolf God, please guide me to him.”

Silver Arrow’s expression was very mild, he said insipidly, “Wolf God does not simply meet withanyone, even if it’s me, I would not dare to disturb him without his summons. I heard that you claimed to be an emissary of Beast God, I wonder what brings you here.”

I had long recovered from the shock I received when I saw him; with his flat tone, I said, “I did claim to be the emissary of the Beast God, at the same time, this is the truth. My purpose in coming here is to meet the Wolf God on behalf of the Beast God. As for what brings me here, I’m afraid you are not worthy of asking.”

After Silver Arrow heard my words, anger flashed across his eyes, the gown on his body moved in the windless air, as he still spoke insipidly, “In this case, you will only say the purpose if you meet the Wolf God?”

I nodded loftily, as I continued to look at the surrounding murals. Silver Arrow said, “At first, you weren’t allowed to come here, but I heard from my subordinates that you claimed to be the emissary of Beast God. I was also astonished that you were able to find this place, that is why I let you in. If you do not state your purpose, do not blame my impertinence later. After all, the secrets here must not be known to outsiders.”

My eyes came back to rest on him and I faintly smiled at him.

I asked, “Why? Do you plan to launch a collective attack on me?”

Silver Arrow finally had an expression other than his flat one: contempt.

“We werewolves are a prideful tribe; since you came to request a meeting with the Wolf God in accordance to etiquette, how could we lower ourselves to that? How about this, if you can defeat me, you can leave with your subordinates, conversely, I hope that you guys can stay on the mountain and do some work for me.”

I coldly said, “Hmph, you want me to stay as a slave? That depends on whether you have the power for it.”

Silver Arrow pulled down his cloak and lightly flung it aside, exposing his sturdy body.

The fur on his body was the same as his head’s: completely silver. A surge of imposing pressure rose from his body. He raised his right hand, and twisted his elbow, hollowly clawing the air. His left hand was below his right palm, rushing upwards, his right foot was not touching the floor, his left foot to the front was half a step away from his left , his left knee slightly bent.

(Ed: google “wing tsun stance”. Thanks to vanagandr for his help with this.)

Looking at his weird stance, I felt a little strange. What method was this? I’ve never seen this before. I unfastened the sheathed Black Sable from my body, and lightly flung it to the side, making no noise.

“Since you don’t use a weapon, let’s fight with bare hands.”

A trace of respect flashed across Silver Arrow’s eyes, and he said, “Very well, since Sire has such etiquette, let’s fight a good match. Men, get the lights!”

The entire temple abruptly brightened, and it turned out that over 500 magical lights were hung above my head. What’s weird was that there was no Wolf God sculpture for worshipping in this huge hall. I didn’t know the reason why.

The lights brightened and the previously glittering fur of Silver Arrow shone even more. I secretly thought, using his coat to make clothes isn’t a bad idea at all.

Since this guy was able to become the whatever commander of the Wolf God Guardians, he was definitely not mediocre. I didn’t dare act recklessly, instead cooling my mind as the mad god chi constantly sped up inside my body.

A layer of yellow mist-like glowing chi seeped out from my body; with the lionman mask on my head, from an observer’s viewpoint, this battle was just like a fight between a lion king and a wolf king.

Silver Arrow said with astonishment, “Such a powerful chi… Take this!” His body suddenly leaped up with flickering silver light, and while making a flip in the air, one leg in front, the other one behind, kicked at me.”

Silver Arrow’s chi was like his fur, a silver glow; I poured Mad God chi into both my arms, forcibly blocking his thirteen kicks in succession.

The strength of this guy’s leg was surprisingly powerful; even with my defense and Mad God chi, my arms felt slightly numb.

I didn’t realized that his surprise was greater than mine; he never thought that other than the Beamon, and giants among the beastmen, there was actually someone that could forcibly block his prideful Thirteen Successive Kicks solely with brute force.

My arms were numb so how could his legs be any better? Clashing with equal force will generate the same amount of rebound; the damage we each took was about the same. Although our chi were about the same, his defense was inferior to mine; thus, I still had a slight advantage in the first confrontation.

After taking this attack, I had formed an impression in my heart. Although Silver Arrow was very tyrannical, right now, he was just a bit stronger than Wolf; it’s still not enough to be a concern for me.

I shouted, “Take this technique of mine too. Hurricane!”

I took a step forward, and my fist landed on the ground heavily. At this moment, a strange development occurred: the Hurricane that should originally pass through the ground and erupt below the opponent’s feet was completely reflected the instant my fist made contact with the ground.

It was like punching myself and the powerful blast immediately sent me flying. Hong!

My body slammed into the wall heavily. What’s going on? I slid down the wall. Although I did not receive internal damage, this was, after all, only the first stage of the Mad God Arts; my bones felt extremely painful from the shock. Silver Arrow did not pursue his attacks, he looked at me with a face full of shock; he also didn’t understand why I sent myself flying either.

I asked angrily, “What’s up with your ground, why can’t my power permeate it?”

Silver Arrow just realized now that I was trying to attack indirectly, and he apologized, “Really sorry, I forgot to tell you that lord Wolf God placed a barrier in this temple, no power can penetrate it, so your indirect attack just now, would naturally……”

I cursed secretly in my heart. @#$%! Why didn’t he say that earlier?! This caused me to hit myself. It is not that the damned barrier will not break, but one’s own power needs to be stronger than the so-called Wolf God.

Silver Arrow said, “For fairness, do you need a rest?”

His sentence made my impression of him grow greatly, this guy is really a modest gentleman, I hadn’t met such a polite beastman before. Not bad, I like him.

I smiled, after exercising my joints a little, I said, “No need, I’m fine, let’s continue.”

Silver Arrow slightly nodded, and made the strange pose again, with an odd roar, he dashed towards me like lightning.

This time he didn’t meet me head on, but was continuously changing his direction so that I couldn’t predict his attacks.

Slowly, his speed grew faster and faster. I could only see a silver figure flashing back and forth in front of me. I could not catch up to him with my current speed. Right now, I could only stupidly believe in luck and wait for an opening.

Covering my whole body with chi, I let him attack at will. No matter where he attacks me, I would immediately counter with my fist, but of course, I couldn’t hit him. I just wasn’t as fast as him!

At the same time, even though I couldn’t hit him, he didn’t dare use the same trick too many times. Since, he could only adopt hit-and-run guerilla tactics, he wasn’t able inflict any significant damage to me.

To tell the truth I hate this sort of fight the most; running here and there, how boring! A head-on fight is my favorite. This guy’s speed was just too high–suddenly, I discovered a secret! In the wake of Silver Arrow there were traces of wind element magic, this means his speed is mostly generated by the wind element magic. A werewolf who could use magic?

I had been surprised to often today. Well since he was using magic, why don’t I?

I chanted in a low voice, and countless level 1 & 2 spells fired towards every direction, covering air and ground. Even if Silver Arrow was faster, it was impossible for him to leave this space. He was suddenly hit by a few spells, and although it didn’t do much damage, it greatly reduced his speed.

With a flash in the air, Silver Arrow landed 10 meters aways, and asked me with a surprised voice, “You, you can use magic?”

I briefly smiled and said, “I am the emissary of the beast god, what, isn’t it possible? Aren’t you supplementing your speed with wind magic too?”

Silver Arrow nodded, “Well, since you already know my secret, and you can equally use magic too, then I shall go all out.”

Both his hands slowly swayed in front of his body, and he muttered something in a low voice. I could feel that the surrounding wind element had started to turn active, gathering in his direction.

Gradually, a cyan colored wind element magic orb unexpectedly appeared before Silver Arrow.

Silver Arrow let out a loud roar, silver glow sharpy rose from his body. His entire body fused with the cyan magic orb and the silver Chi.

Honestly speaking, this magic and martial art technique combines and harmonizes extremely well, at least better than mine, but it has a weak point. That is, when it comes to intensity, his is absolutely no match for mine. I did not fear this full-power attack of his, on the contrary, I rejoiced covertly.

Mad god chi cycled in my body with great speed, the dark magic power permeated within the chi, my entire “lion’s mane” stood up as the chi circulated.

When the harmonization of Silver Arrow’s power reached its peak, he shouted, “Breaking Storm of Magic Wolf.” his whole body turned into a cyan light and charged towards me like lightning.

At the same time he moved, I jumped high into the air, and roared, “Violent Dance of Mad Dragon” my body turned into a yellow flying dragon to greet him.

Just as the two huge energies were about to collide, the yellow dragon, which I turned into, sunk down, and avoided his frontal attack by a hair’s breadth. I turned around abruptly, emitting an even more intense light, and heavily crashed into Silver Arrow’s back.

Silver Arrow never in millions years thought that I who was taking a beating from the beginning, who only knew how to clash head on, would use such a trick in the most crucial moment.

Hong! A loud sound, Silver Arrow’s body was sent flying through my strike like a cannonball, and heavily slammed onto the wall.

The skill just now was the same one that the demon clan princess used against me, but I didn’t know what she had used to change the direction of her attack. What I did was to reserve a bit of my power beforehand, and used it to change my direction in the most crucial moment. Yet, this method that I casually came up with had such a wonderful effect, I easily inflicted serious damage on Silver Arrow.

Silver Arrow’s body landed onto the floor, he spat out a few mouthfuls of blood repeatedly, his face turned abnormally pale as he pointed at me with a shaking hand, “You, you are shameless.”

I smiled and gently asked, “Could you tell me, how was I shameless? I only used a little trick, weren’t you also doing the same during your previous attacks? But I don’t remember calling you shameless.”

Silver Arrow was immediately at a loss for words, his anger made him spew another mouthful of blood.

Right at this moment, a clear and sonorous voice rang throughout the temple hall, “Commander Silver Arrow, what he said is right, there’s a saying that deceit is not to be despised in war. In fact, your skill wasn’t any worse than his, but in terms of cunningness, you are lacking. However, he was already holding back, otherwise, you would have long died, I will take care of things here.”

After hearing this voice, Silver Arrow’s face was filled with reverence, he struggled to kneel on the ground, and did not dare to make any more noise.

Here he comes, the owner of this voice might be the so called Wolf God. Right now I am afraid he is the only one that could make Silver Arrow act like this. From how he could see that I was holding back, I knew, this person was definitely not simple.

That clear and sonorous voice rang again, “This friend who has come from far away to meet me, I wonder what your desire is?”

I asked grimly, “Are you the Wolf God?”

A clear and sonorous voice answered, “That is what they call me.”

I nodded, “Good, since the real master has come, I will tell you my purpose, my purpose is to challenge this so-called Wolf God of yours.”

Silver Arrow almost lost his voice, “What? You are challenging Lord Wolf God? Have you lived long enough? You are seeking death.”

Because we were evenly matched, this guy had an indescribable pity for me, he must have been thinking that there was no way I could be a match for the Wolf God.

I smiled at him, “That’s right, I have lived enough, the Beast God has sent me here to challenge Lord Wolf God.”

A ray of light and shadow flashed past, another person appeared beside Silver Arrow. The body of this person was completely enveloped by a large black cloak, and as I saw his attire, I couldn’t help but think of Silver Arrow when I first saw him. Did he dress like that because he wanted to imitate this guy? A silver large hand like that of Silver Arrow’s reached out from the black clothes and pressed on Silver Arrow’s shoulder, a ray of drizzling silvery light shrouding Silver Arrow. It was a chi similar to his.

Under the radiance of the silver light, Silver Arrow’s injuries clearly got better, his mind also became somewhat clearer.

A gentle voice came from the black clothed person, “Silver Arrow, you may leave, remember, no matter how our duel ends, do not cause this person and his subordinates any trouble.”

“Yes, your holiness. But, is he worthy of being your opponent?”

“This is not your concern. Why aren’t you leaving already? Also, do not let anyone disturb us.”

Silver Arrow gave me a complicated gaze, then respectfully bowed and left. I had one question in my heart: was this the same person who spoke a moment ago? It seems like a completely different voice!

After Silver Arrow left, the voice of the wolf god suddenly become more lively, this time it changed back to the clear and sonorous voice, “Puh! That guy finally left, After so many years I almost died due to loneliness! There is finally someone who will play with me, I accept your challenge.”

I was stupefied by his words and asked, “You are lonely?”

A clear and sonorous voice said, “If you stay at a place for more than ten years, and all the people around are always treating you with respect, wouldn’t you be lonely? Young fellow, show me your real appearance, you can deceive Silver Arrow, but you cannot deceive me.”

At this point there was no need for my disguise anymore; while taking off the lionman mask, I said, “Then won’t your holiness also let me see your face too?”

When he saw my appearance, the gentle voice said with surprise, “You, you’re are actually a human?” At the same, time his black cloak floated up.

I was even more surprised than him, the wolf god standing before me really had 2 wolf heads, but this was not what made me surprised, what surprised me was, that one of his heads was golden while the other one was silver! They look extremely beautiful, furthermore, both of his heads has a childish nature, furry and fluffy, it actually looked somewhat cute.


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