Maou Gakuen no Hangyakusha - Volume 4 - Chapter Aft

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You can do anything if you are full of spirit! It’s Kuji Masamune! 

The new type of Coronavirus is really annoying, but after doing the countermeasures routinely, there is no need to fear it more than necessary. Perhaps we need to avoid the places where indeterminate amount of many people gather and talk a lot without wearing a mask in close range but compared to that, the danger in a bookstore is really low! You can enjoy your time there alone, now is the time where we should reexamine the joy of books! 

I’m writing this afterword at the timing when it’s finally midsummer. My desire to go for a trip is completely leaking out in the trip development of this book. But, I can’t find a tour that I can spend together with four beautiful girls in a resort no matter where I search. I believe this is due to the negligence of the travel agency. They should design a Go To Devil World Campaign right away desu desu! 

And the encounter in that devil world beach is with the Strength Rikimaru and the Justice Seigi (tangled word choice). Their character was faint when I was at the phase of planning the plot, but their characters are rapidly gaining depth as I write further. They have transformed into interesting characters. Perhaps the cover’s illustration should be Rikimaru and Seigi? I even thought like that at the aftermath. This time the new character that made an appearance on the cover is Hayachine Yotaka. An existence that is like Lizel-senpai’s rival. Even though her outfit’s exposure rate is almost zero, her eroticism is amazing. Her turn this time isn’t that much, but please look forward to her activity from here on! 

Also, this time it’s Neith that stands out no matter how you look at it! Could it be......she will join the fight as the long-awaited new Card of Lovers! 

But, Neith is also a devil king’s impossible perhaps? But, could it be! How would it be in the end, please look forward to it during your reading. 

And then if you are interested, please spread the words about this series in SNS and by words of mouth too. Everyone’s cooperation is necessary in order to make this series last for a long-term! 

And then one more book of Maou Gakuen no Hangyakusha will come out this month! It’s the first volume of the comic!! The comic that is being serialized in monthly Dragon Age by Mizoguchi Zerachin-sensei will finally become the long-awaited comic book! Please check it out too!! 

Then to the thanks. This time I asked for something unreasonable even while moving forward. Thank you very much for the truly magnificent design and illustration! kakao-sensei!! This time too the illustrations are excessively the best just like every time from before! It makes me fired up too!! I’ll do my best with full power from here on too so that the story can be worthy for the illustrations!! Editor Nakada-san. All the other people who are involved with the publication. All of you readers who are always giving me passionate support!! Thank you very much! 

Then, let’s beat up the strongest at the fifty volume too!! 

Kuji Masamune 

Translator's Notes 

[1] There is a pattern here. Yotaka can mean low-class prostitute in the Edo period, while the kanji of Iratsume can also be read to mean prostitute. 

[2] Seems to be Rakudai Kishi’s reference here. 

[3] Seigi means justice in Japan. 

[4] Mame Shiba is a breed of small Shiba Inu dog. 

[5] Tenka Fubu = Spread military force under the heavens 


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