Martial God Asura - Chapter 4065

Chapter 4065: 4065

“Who would’ve expected imbeciles to be blessed with good fortune . ”

“This Chu Heavenly Clan actually managed to encounter such dog shit luck . ”

“However, trash like them are simply unqualified to possess these precious resources . ”

“If they were to retrieve the Purple Star Wisterias, it would only be wasted . ”

After saying those words, Xuan Yihang’s body shifted . He left the golden auspicious clouds, stepped into the air, and began walking toward the Chu Heavenly Clansmen, stopping in the sky above them .

His movement caught the attention of the Chu Heavenly Clansmen and the Purple Star Upper Realm’s resident cultivators .

Facing the crowd’s gazes, Xuan Yihang spoke .

With an arrogant and commanding tone, he said to the Chu Heavenly Clansmen, “The Purple Star Wisterias here belongs to my Xuanming Family . Unrelated people are to leave immediately . ”

“What are you…”

The expressions of the Chu Heavenly Clansmen all changed .

They all understood what Xuan Yihang meant . He wanted to snatch the Purple Star Wisterias that Chu Feng had discovered .


Right when the majority of the Chu Heavenly Clansmen had anxious looks on their faces and did not know what to do, a laugh was heard .

This laugh had come from Chu Feng .

Chu Feng’s gentle laughter was very strange . Everyone could sense the mockery contained within it .

Chu Feng’s laughter incurred Xuan Yihang’s displeasure . He narrowed his brows and asked in a cold voice, “What are you laughing at?!”

“I’m laughing at how nothing is too bizarre in this vast world . ”

“Yet, it’s still my first time encountering someone as shameless as you . ”

Chu Feng raised his head and looked at Xuan Yihang .

Chu Feng’s words shocked not only the Chu Heavenly Clansmen, but also the people from the Xuanming Family .

Who was Xuan Yihang?

He was a renowned malignant star of a man .

Very few people dared speak to him in such a manner, even in the entire Xuanming Family .

Yet, a mere Chu Heavenly Clansman actually dared to insult him? Was this not an act of courting death?

“You lowly little thing, you actually dare to insult this young master?!”

“Watch as this young master rips your mouth apart!”

Sure enough, Chu Feng’s words had enraged Xuan Yihang .

He swept down from the sky and landed before Chu Feng . He formed claws with his palms and moved to grab Chu Feng’s mouth .

He was actually serious, and really planned to rip apart Chu Feng’s mouth .


However, all of a sudden, Xuan Yihang stood stunned .

Then, everyone present was stunned .

Xuan Yihang, a peak Exalted-level existence, actually had his wrists caught by someone before his hands could even reach Chu Feng .

As for the person who had grabbed his wrist, it was none other than Chu Feng .


Xuan Yihang had a look of surprise on his face .

Although he looked youthful, he was actually over two thousand years old .

Even though the only reason he was able to obtain his current cultivation was because the Xuanming Family had exhausted a lot of rare treasures on him, he was still someone with a certain amount of talent .

Thus, although he was a degenerate scum, he was still very confident in his cultivation and ability .

He was confident that he did not need the aid of his clansmen, and could take care of all the Chu Heavenly Clansmen present on his own .

As for taking care of a person of the younger generation, it would be an effortless task .

Yet to his surprise, his attack had actually been stopped by the person of the younger generation before him .


Suddenly, Chu Feng clenched his grasp, and a sharp sound was heard from Xuan Yihang’s wrists .


Xuan Yihang grimaced in pain and began to scream .

Xuan Yihang’s wrists had been crushed by Chu Feng .

However, that was not the reason why Xuan Yihang was screaming . The reason for that was because even his soul had been affected by Chu Feng’s attack .

Otherwise, he would not have had such an ugly expression on his face .

“Audacious commoner! You dare attack my young master?! You’re courting death!”

Seeing Xuan Yihang injured, the old man who'd been standing next to him earlier rushed to attack Chu Feng .

His body shifted, and boundless oppressive might rushed forth .

Rank one Utmost Exalted . The old man was a rank one Utmost Exalted-level expert .

He was actually not the only one who moved .

When the people from the Xuanming Family saw that Xuan Yihang had been injured by Chu Feng, the vast army immediately unleashed their weapons and rushed down from the sky .

They seemed like they were planning to extinguish all of the Chu Heavenly Clansmen present .

Arrogance . How arrogant were they? The degree of their arrogance could be seen merely by how the old man had called Chu Feng an ‘audacious commoner . ’

Even though the Chu Heavenly Clan was also a starfield’s overlord, he viewed the Chu Heavenly Clansmen to be nothing more than commoners, people with a far inferior status to their own .

“Humph . ”

Chu Feng let out a cold snort .

Then, the surrounding space trembled .

At that instant, everyone present, especially the bystanders, felt their hearts tremble .

They were unclear as to what had happened, and were uncertain as to what was amiss . But, they all felt as if something extraordinary had occurred .


Suddenly, screams sounded from the sky .

Looking up, all of the Xuanming Family’s experts began to fall from the sky like shot birds .

It would be one thing if they were people with relatively weaker cultivations . But, even the old man with the cultivation of rank one Utmost Exalted was struggling and falling from the sky .

“Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang~~~”

Soon, dust scattered everywhere . The aloof and remote Xuanming Family’s magnificent army of experts that had stood above golden auspicious clouds like celestial troops, had all been smashed into the ground like sandbags .

Seeing the sorry state of the Xuanming Family’s experts and then recalling their previous arrogant behavior, many of the bystanders present were unable to keep themselves from covering their mouths and laughing up their sleeves .

It wasn’t that they were lacking in sympathy . It was simply that the Xuanming Family had asked for it .

The Xuanming Family had looked down on the Chu Heavenly Clan . Even though they did not have any former conflicts, and had voiced their insults at the Chu Heavenly Clan .

Then, when they learned of the Chu Heavenly Clan’s discovery of the Purple Star Wisterias they'd once again made cutting remarks .

Most excessive of all, when they found out that there were really Purple Star Wisterias there, they actually in broad daylight, wanted to plunder them from the Chu Heavenly Clan .

However, the funny thing was, not only did they fail in their attempt to plunder the Purple Star Wisterias, they instead found themselves in such a sorry state .

Although the crowd were merely bystanders, merely spectators, they still felt very refreshed to see the Xuanming Family in such a state .

That said, although this was a marvelous and enjoyable show, they still couldn’t help but wonder why the experts from the Xuanming Family had suddenly ended up in such a sorry state .

Could it be that the Chu Heavenly Clan was not as weak as they were rumored to be? Could it be that there were experts within their clan?

“You… you did this?”

At the moment when the crowd were wondering, a voice sounded .

It was Xuan Yihang’s voice .

Different from the others, he had been standing right next to Chu Feng .

Thus, he was able to sense that the fluctuations that had engulfed the sky and had sent his Xuanming Family’s army crashing to the ground, leaving them in such a sorry state, had been released from within Chu Feng’s body .

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