Martial God Asura - Chapter 4355

Chapter 4355: 4355

Chapter 4355: Soaring Flower Villa

Initially, Wang Yuxian and the others were so tortured by the poison that they didn’t have the spare energy to care about what was going on around them, but despite so, Chu Feng’s current state still caught their attention .

Chu Feng’s condition looked far less optimistic than theirs . Not only was his face pale, but his aura had also become extremely weak . His entire body was trembling uncontrollably .

“Young master, what’s wrong with you? Is it the side effect of that formation?” Wang Yuxian asked .

It didn’t take long for her to guess that Chu Feng’s current state was the result of the rebound from using that powerful offense formation from earlier, and her guess was spot-on .

The offensive formation was indeed extremely strong, such that it almost curbed that black streak, but in order to control such a powerful formation, Chu Feng had to pay a heavy price too .

This was also part of the reason why Chu Feng was unable to stop the black streak from getting away in the end . He had already exerted himself to his limits, and if he were to push on any longer, he might really just lose his life .

“I’m fine,” Chu Feng replied hoarsely as he forced himself to rise to his feet .

He first focused on recuperating some energy first before he used his remaining spirit power to set up a formation to expel the poison within Wang Yuxian and her seniors’ bodies .

The poison was extremely peculiar . Even though Wang Yuxian and the others had already consumed some of the antidotes they had on hand, it was barely suppressing the effects of the poison at all .

Chu Feng knew that if he didn’t help them, it was only a matter of time before they lost their lives .

Under Chu Feng’s help, Wang Yuxian and the others were soon liberated from the torturous poison . Even though their appearances weren’t restored, and their cultivation was crippled temporarily, at the very least, they were finally freed from pain .

However, having exerted himself when he was already in a bad condition, Chu Feng ended up fainting to the ground .

His energy was completely withered up . If not for the faint breathing that one could still hear from him, anyone who saw him would have thought that he was a corpse that had already been dead for many days .

“Seniors, do you still think that he has conspired with the demonic being?” Wang Yuxian turned to her seniors and asked .

Those seniors fell silent .

Given the current state of affair, they were painfully aware of the fact that they had wrongly accused Chu Feng all along . Feeling deeply guilty of their actions, they couldn’t even look at Chu Feng directly anymore .

They knew that if Chu Feng hadn’t made a move earlier, all of them would have died back then . It was the man whom they had looked down and mocked all this while that ended up saving their lives, as well as their treasured little junior Wang Yuxian’s life .

“I took a look earlier, and I found that even though the formation of this young master was controlling earlier was powerful, it was limited by its range of attack . The further the target was from the formation, the weaker it would be .

“Do you remember how he tried to provoke the demonic being earlier? He was intending to lure the demonic being closer before activating the formation . That would have significantly increased the chances of him curbing the demonic being . It was also due to that that he asked us to go over to his side . However, I was too weak to break free from the demonic being’s encirclement, so he was left with no choice but to activate it prematurely in order to save us .

“We are nothing more than strangers to him, and we have even offended him earlier . No one would have blamed him even if he were to turn a blind eye to our plight and walked away after how we treated him . We have really this kind-hearted man injustice this time around . ”

Wang Yuxian’s voice carried some grudge toward her seniors, as well as deep guilt .

Her seniors were guilty of snubbing this young man, but the same went for her too .

Hearing those words, some of the female disciples began taking out pills from their Cosmos Sacks in hopes of helping Chu Feng .

“Little junior, will this pill help to alleviate this young master’s injuries?”

Instead of feeding the pill directly to Chu Feng, the female disciples first approached Wang Yuxian and sought her opinion .

Even though Wang Yuxian was the youngest of their group, she was also the backbone of their group, the one whom they would fall back on in times of crisis .

Be it in terms of strength, capabilities, or knowledge, Wang Yuxian was a class above them .

“It won’t work . This young master has already consumed his own pills earlier, and his pills are of exceptional quality . It’s just that his injuries are too severe that ordinary pills won’t suffice to treat him,” Wang Yuxian replied .

“We have to find a way to save this young master . He only got into this state because of us . ”

“Despite being in a terrible state himself, he still used the final bits of his spirit energy to expel our poison and save us . We have to help him!”

“We can’t let him die just like that!”

Those arrogant female disciples had changed their tone from before . It could be seen from this that they weren’t bad at heart . Maybe, if not for the earlier misunderstanding between them, they wouldn’t have been so rude and domineering to Chu Feng all this while .

“The Soaring Flower Villa is in the vicinity, let’s head there,” Wang Yuxian said .

“Yes, that’s a good idea! The sectmaster of the Soaring Flower Villa is a world spiritist grandmaster who has grasped rank six Dragon Transformation Sensation . He would surely be able to save this young master!”

Having come to a decision, they immediately got up and set off .

However, due to the lingering effects of the poison, they weren’t able to use their cultivation just yet . Other than Wang Yuxian, who still retained some strength to fly in the air, the others were basically no different from ordinary humans at the moment . As such, the speed of their movement was extremely slow .

Furthermore, Wang Yuxian was also in a severely weakened state too . Even though she still retained some of her strength, it was hard to say how long she would be able to sustain it while traveling .

What was really fortunate was that the Soaring Flower Villa really wasn’t too far from where they were . After exerting themselves a little, they finally arrived at their destination .

Relieved smiles finally appeared on the faces of the female disciples .

They had been worrying all this while that they wouldn’t be able to reach this place safely, but now that they were finally here, their hearts were finally at ease .

One thing noteworthy was that none of the female disciples were worried as to whether the Soaring Flower Villa would be willing to help them treat Chu Feng or not . In their view, as long as they were here, even if they didn’t say a thing at all, the Soaring Flower Villa would still go to all lengths to help them .

The reason for that was no other than their master, the Lady of Dao Sea .

The Lady of Dao Sea rarely appeared in public, but there was hardly anyone in the Nine Souls Galaxy who didn’t know of her . This was due to the unfathomably powerful cultivation she possessed .

She was simply that strong that people couldn’t help but speak of her .

While the Lady of Dao Sea had never allied herself with anyone before, there were plenty of people out there who desired to strike up relations with her .

Of the various powers out there, the Soaring Flower Villa was one of those that displayed the greatest interest and effort into bringing the Lady of Dao Sea over to their side .

Due to the relentless hard work of the Soaring Flower Villa, its relationship with the Dao Sea was much better than the cultivators of the other powers . In fact, the Soaring Flower Villa was one of the few powers that were permitted to enter and leave the Dao Sea freely .

That being said, it would be pushing it a little too far to say that the Soaring Flower Villa and the Dao Sea were in an alliance .

If one really had to describe their relationship, the Dao Sea would be a power which the Soaring Flower Villa had been fawning on all this while in hopes of getting its support .

Due to this, from the perspective of the Soaring Flower Villa, the disciples of the Lady of Dao Sea were also people whom they should try to please as well .

In fact, the Soaring Flower Villa had sent invitations to these fairies many times before, only to be rejected time and time again .

Now that there was finally a chance for them to get into the good books of these fairies, it was impossible for the Soaring Flower Villa to turn them down .

“Where did these hideous freaks come from? How dare the likes of you try to enter our Soaring Flower Villa!”

Yet, who could have thought that an incredibly awkward situation would occur instead?

Before Wang Yuxian and the others could even approach the entrance of the Soaring Flower Villa, they were already shouted at by the guards at the entrance .

The female disciples of the Dao Sea were appalled and deeply displeased by the attitude that those from the Soaring Flower Villa was taking toward them .

However, they didn’t say much either .

After all, their disfigured appearances did look a little scary . While they were displeased by how these guards were shunning them, it was not as if they couldn’t see it from their point of view .

“Take a closer look at what is this!”

Wang Yuxian stood quietly on the spot whereas her seniors quickly took out their tokens and flashed it .

These tokens were carved exquisitely, and there was a glimmer of light that flowed through the token when they flashed it . All of this hinted at the extraordinary identity of the wielder of the token .

These were the personal tokens of the disciples of the Lady of Dao Sea, an insignia of their identity .

“You… How did you obtain these tokens?”

Upon seeing the tokens, the guards were horrified .

As disciples of the Soaring Flower Villa, how could they not recognize the personal tokens of the disciples of the Lady of Dao Sea .

One of the guards immediately dashed right into the villa to inform the person-in-charge of the matter .

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