Martial God Asura - Chapter 4555

Chapter 4555: The Overbearing Shengguang Yu

Shengguang Yu’s appearance made the noisy atmosphere calm down a little.

Be it the non-affiliated cultivators, the juniors, or those from the older generation, everyone looked at Shengguang Yu with a hint of fear in their eyes.

Shengguang Yu wasn’t just a prodigy of the Holy Light Clan; he was also the grandson of the Holy Light Clan’s Clan Chief. Given his identity, no one would dare to offend him.

From the moment that Long Xiaoxiao and the others saw Shengguang Yu, they immediately knew that things were going awry.

Shengguang Yu was known to be a domineering and unreasonable person, and he was currently eyeing Chu Feng with eyes filled with hostility. This wasn’t a good omen.

It was known that Shengguang Yu had once participated in the Niantian Gambling Formation too, and he had received chips directly from Daoist Niantian himself too.

But back then, the number of droplets of purple light he received only numbered a thousand.

Yet, Chu Feng had received 10,000 of them, an amount far greater than Shengguang Yu’s.

It went without saying that Shengguang Yu felt extremely displeased about this situation. Everyone amidst the crowd instinctively knew that Shengguang Yu was going to cause trouble for Chu Feng.

“Chu Heavenly Clan? Why haven’t I heard of it before? Which starfield does it come from?” Shengguang Yu asked Chu Feng.

“I’m from Ancestral Martial Starfield,” Chu Feng replied politely.

“Ancestral Martial Starfield? Hahahaha!”

It was just that Shengguang Yu burst into laughter right after hearing that response. His laughter was filled with sarcasm and mockery.

“I do know of Ancestral Martial Starfield, but isn’t it a trashy starfield? Did you really come from that heap of garbage?” Shengguang Yu asked.

Long Xiaoxiao and the others couldn’t help but sweat on Chu Feng’s behalf.

They were right. Shengguang Yu was indeed here to provoke Chu Feng and make things difficult for him.

At this moment, countless voice transmissions sounded in Chu Feng’s ears. Everyone was advising Chu Feng not to refute Shengguang Yu. They didn’t hope for anything unpleasant to happen between Chu Feng and this Shengguang Yu.

However, Chu Feng felt deeply displeased by this Shengguang Yu.

He did know that Shengguang Yu was not a person that could be offended easily given his ties with the Holy Light Clan, but the latter had already gone this far as to insult him. Besides, it wasn’t his character to hold back out of fear of the other party’s identity.

So, he still chose to speak up in the end.

“Garbage? On what basis are you making this claim? I have heard that the Ancestral Martial Starfield is the origin of cultivation. If not for it, we, cultivators, might not have managed to come this far. Don’t you think it’s inappropriate for you to describe such a sacred place as a heap of garbage?”

Even though Chu Feng was refuting Shengguang Yu’s words, he had controlled his tone well so as to spare Shengguang Yu some face.

“Origin of cultivation? You sure think highly of unverified rumors. As expected of someone who came from a trashy starfield, you sure know how to give yourself an ego boost.

“Cultivators have always spoken with their strength, so don’t just talk without showing any actions. If you wish to stand for the Ancestral Martial Starfield, show your own strength. Aren’t you a favored one by Daoist Niantian? Why don’t you show me what you’re capable of then!” Shengguang Yu said.

Those words made everyone, be it those from the Dragon Clan or the other powers, feeling a little tense inside.

Things were swiftly heading down the worst case scenario.

“Young master Shengguang Yu, the tournament is about to begin. Going by the rules, isn’t it inappropriate for you to make a move against Chu Feng?”

Someone amidst the crowd spoke up—Yu Lie.

Shengguang Yu’s eyes narrowed upon seeing Yu Lie. He was initially just assessing Chu Feng with eyes of condescension, but a flicker of rage had now ignited in his eyes.

“I was still wondering who dares to interrupt my words, but it turns out to be you, Yu Lie. It’s great that you’re here. Since you went into closed-door training for so long, shall we have a look and see how far you’ve improved thus far? Come, let’s have a battle!”


Right after saying those words, Shengguang Yu released his oppressive might, revealing his rank eight Utmost Exalted level cultivation.

The crowd wasn’t too surprised by Shengguang Yu’s cultivation level as they had already known about it in advance. In fact, given Shengguang Yu’s talents, he should have at least reached rank nine Utmost Exalted level by now.

After all, Shengguang Nian, the other prodigy who was placed on the same pedestal as Shengguang Yu back then, had already reached rank nine Utmost Exalted level, and there were even rumors that he was currently attempting a breakthrough to Martial Exalted level!

It was bizarre for such a huge gap to appear between two prodigies that boasted equal talent back then. As such, the crowd couldn’t help but harbor some guesses regarding this.

The deduction that was the most common amongst the crowd was that Shengguang Yu had sustained significant damage to both his body and soul after being defeated by Yu Lie back then, resulting in a severe slowdown in his cultivation.

If that was the case, it was understandable why Shengguang Yu would carry such deep hatred for Yu Lie and react in such a manner.

“Young master Shengguang, I’m not a match for you, so please don’t make things difficult for me,” Yu Lie replied with a smile.

He chose to admit defeat readily, and there wasn’t the slightest look of awkwardness on his face when he did so. On the contrary, he looked relieved even. It seemed like he had already resolved himself for such a day to come.

“Hmph! You aren’t a match for me? Yu Lie, what do you mean by those words? Are you looking down on me?”

However, Shengguang Yu wasn’t planning to let matters go so easily.

“Isn’t Yu Lie’s words direct enough for any human to comprehend? Why do you have to insist on cornering him? If a fight is what you want, I’ll accompany you!” Chu Feng spoke up.

Those words made the hearts of Long Xiaoxiao and the others palpitate in anxiety. They didn’t hope to wish to see a conflict occurring between Chu Feng and Shengguang Yu.

However, those who were unrelated with Chu Feng started to feel a little excited about this current turn of events. After all, they wanted to see how much the person who was so highly regarded by Daoist Niantian was.

While Shengguang Yu’s current cultivation was beneath Shengguang Nian, he was still more than worthy of being dubbed as the second strongest junior in the Holy Light Galaxy.

It would surely be an exciting fight between the two of them.