Martial God Asura - Chapter 4626

Chapter 4626: A Way To Breach the Formation

“Who else could it be if not you?”

Xia Yan refused to believe what Chu Feng had said.

“To think that you’re a world spiritist! Can’t you sense that it’s the formation inside the cavern that teleported you back out?” Chu Feng remarked.

“But… you’ve grasped the power of the Thousand Transformations Illusory Palace too!” Xia Yan protested.

“Are you dumb? I’ve only grasped a small portion of it. If you don’t believe me, feel free to try it once more, but make sure to sense it clearly this time around. See if the power teleporting you really came from me or not,” Chu Feng said.

“Fine, I’ll try it again then!”

With those words, Xia Yan began breaching the formations once more.

It was the same process as before, but her speed was much faster than before. This time around, after breaching the final formation, instead of attempting to grab the Purplehaze Ghost King Pearl remotely, she reached her hand out and grabbed it physically.


But as soon as her hands came into contact with the pearl, a similar situation happened once more. She suddenly found herself shrouded by a bizarre power, and before she knew it, she was standing right beside Chu Feng once more.

“This… What’s going on?”

Xia Yan stared at Chu Feng in disbelief. She finally understood that Chu Feng was indeed not the one who was pulling the strings here, but she couldn’t comprehend this bizarre situation.

“Don’t you have a deep understanding of the Thousand Transformations Illusory Palace? Have those before you never encountered such a situation?” Chu Feng asked.

“This… To be frank, I did hear rumors of someone else encountering the same problem too. But why would this be the case?” Xia Yan turned to ask Chu Feng curiously.

“Are you finally dropping your act now?” Chu Feng looked at Xia Yan with a meaningful deep stare.

Chu Feng still wasn’t too certain at the start, but it was clear now that Xia Yan did know that she would be teleported back to the starting point, she knew that it wasn’t Chu Feng’s doing too.

She was trying to frame Chu Feng so as to goad him into attempting to breach the formation.

“Aiyo, you shouldn’t expose me so directly,” Xia Yan remarked with a sheepish smile.

She even used her little fists to hammer Chu Feng’s chest lightly, acting like a coy lady in love.

“Uweh— Can’t you act normally?”

However, Chu Feng only retched at her actions.

He did know that Xia Yan was actually a beautiful woman on the inside, but her current form was that of a man. As a normal man, he simply couldn’t stand another man acting so coyly toward him. It was challenging the limits of his tolerance.

“Alright alright. Tell me what’s going on here. I’m sure that you have already seen through it by now!” Xia Yan tugged Chu Feng’s arm as she demanded an answer.

Her attitude seemed to be saying that ‘I’ll haunt you for life if you don’t answer my question’.

“The method you used to breach the formations wasn’t right,” Chu Feng answered.

“What’s the right method then? Do I have to try another way to approach the pearl?” Xia Yan asked.

“You really want to know?” Chu Feng asked with narrowed eyes.

“Of course!” Xia Yan nodded vehemently.

“Open your eyes wide then. I’ll demonstrate it once for you.”

Chu Feng quickly began forming several hand seals while channeling his spirit power around him. His spirit power swiftly began coiling around him like soaring majestic dragons.

“How stingy. I’m asking you to tell me how to breach the formation, but you actually began doing it yourself instead,” Xia Yan said with a pout.

That being said, she was still looking at Chu Feng’s formation intently, wanting to know what he was going to do.

“What’s that fellow doing?”

However, it didn’t take long for confusion to seep into Xia Yan’s eyes.

She was, after all, a rank four Dragon Transformation Sensation world spiritist, but to her shock, she was actually unable to comprehend just what kind of formation Chu Feng was constructing at the moment.

Typically speaking, the process of building a formation was similar to building a house. One would slowly put the parts together before forming a complete structure.

Chu Feng’s formation, on the other hand, felt as if it was being randomly pieced together, leaving Xia Yan completely bewildered as to what he was trying to build up.


With a loud bellow from Chu Feng, the spirit power twirling around him began to shudder intensely. Soon, the spirit power burst forth from Chu Feng’s side to form seven silhouettes by his side.

These silhouettes were just mere outlines, but it was not that hard to tell that they were clones of Chu Feng. Every single one of these clones harnessed a great amount of spirit power in their bodies.

Shoosh shoosh shoosh!

Chu Feng and his seven clones simultaneously leaped straight for the Purplehaze Ghost King Pearl from eight different directions.

With this, Chu Feng’s plan was officially put into action.

“Ah, so we are supposed to breach the formation simultaneously? But isn’t this a little too hard? Even though he has managed to grasp a portion of the Thousand Transformations Illusory Palace’s power, would his spirit power really be enough for him to last till the end?”

It was then that Xia Yan finally understood what Chu Feng was up to.

The trick was to breach the formation from eight directions simultaneously. In other words, by the time Chu Feng approached the Purplehaze Ghost King Pearl, he would have already breached a total of 72 defensive formations.

The method might be right, but Xia Yan thought that it was unlikely for Chu Feng to succeed.

Constructing a formation required spirit power, and the amount of spirit power that each world spiritist had was limited.

In the first place, the defensive formations here were quite laborious to breach. If one had to simultaneously breach the formations from eight different directions, the amount of spirit power that was required was really beyond imagination. Even the most talented of world spiritists wouldn’t be able to pull it off.

However, as time ticked on, Chu Feng and his clones gradually came closer and closer to the Purplehaze Ghost King Pearl.

“Is that fellow a monster?”

Seeing how Chu Feng was already on the verge of success, Xia Yan opened her mouth wide in shock. In her view, Chu Feng was already on the verge of accomplishing something that she had already deemed to be impossible.


Finally, all of the formations surrounding the Purplehaze Ghost King Pearl had been breached. Chu Feng swiped his hand forth, and the pearl really landed in the hands of the real Chu Feng.

“Ah, so you’re that kind of treasure. Looks like it wasn’t a waste for me to go through so much effort to obtain you.”

With the Purplehaze Ghost King Pearl in hand, Chu Feng could already sense what kind of treasure it was.

He had overexerted himself in order to overcome this trial, such that he was gasping for air, and his body felt a little wobbly. However, he felt that the reward was worth the effort he had put in.




It was then that a series of applause sounded.

Chu Feng and Xia Yan immediately turned their gazes over, only for their faces to darken.

It was the prodigies of the Gongsun Clan, and they were currently heading toward the cavern.

The one leading them was no other than Gongsun Yuntian.

“I’m impressed. You actually managed to obtain the Purplehaze Ghost King Pearl. This works fine with me. At least I’m able to save myself from the hassle.”

There was a casual smile sitting on Gongsun Yuntian’s lips, but his cold eyes were reflecting deep murderous intent.