Martial God Asura - Chapter 4636

Chapter 4636: Enjoying the Glory

“Yuntian has indeed not let me down!”

The Gongsun Clan’s Clan Chief stroked his beard as the folds of his face scrunched together to form a joyful smile. Needless to say, their desire to see Gongsun Yuntian and the others accomplishing a new record here was greater than that of anyone else.

While Gongsun Yuntian had yet to create a new record, he did trigger a phenomenon that had never happened before. Once news got around, it would surely elevate Gongsun Yuntian’s standing in the Nine Souls Galaxy.

On top of that, they weren’t even close to reaching the record time yet. If the phenomenon was already triggered now, it felt like a premonition that Gongsun Yuntian was likely going to come out soon.

This was the thought shared not just by the Gongsun Clan’s Clan Chief but everyone present. They were certain that Gongsun Yuntian would break Dao Hui’s record.

But things didn’t go according to how they expected.

The phenomenon continued on for another four hours, such that it was only half an incense’s time till Dao Hui’s record. However, Gongsun Yuntian still hadn’t appeared yet. If he couldn’t make it out of the Thousand Transformations Illusory Palace within the next half an incense’s time, he wouldn’t be able to break the record anymore.

“Lord Clan Chief.”

Overwhelmed with anxiety, those from the Gongsun Clan unwittingly turned to look at the Gongsun Clan’s Clan Chief.

As one of the prominent world spiritist clans of the Nine Souls Galaxy, they had intelligence not known by the others. For one, they knew from the start that the Wretched Black Demon would activate the Thousand Transformations Illusory Palace. Thus, they made preparations in advance.

Their goal? It was to break Dao Hui’s record.

With the preparations they had put in place, breaking Dao Hui’s record should have been a walk in the park. However, as time continued to tick on, they began to panic a little.


It was then that a spirit formation gate suddenly appeared before the Thousand Transformations Illusory Palace. Following that, a figure walked out.

That person was no other than the long-anticipated Gongsun Yuntian.

“Well done, Yuntian!”

Gongsun Yuntian’s long-awaited arrival induced a huge boost to the morale of those from the Gongsun Clan. Unable to suppress their excitement, many of them began cheering out loud.

Even the clan chief and the elders also heaved a long sigh of relief.

They were really anxious out of their minds. It was fortunate that Gongsun Yuntian didn’t let them down.

Meanwhile, Gongsun Yuntian appeared to be rather nervous too. He first scanned his surroundings warily, as if trying to search for someone. However, after realizing that the person he was looking for was nowhere to be seen, he turned to the Gongsun Clan’s Clan Chief and said, “Lord Clan Chief, am I the first one?”

Gongsun Yuntian’s words didn’t seem to carry too much confidence.

“Yuntian, do you even need to ask that question? Of course you’re the first one! Not only so, but you’re also the fastest junior to have escaped from the Thousand Transformations Illusory Palace in its entire history!” the Gongsun Clan’s Clan Chief replied.

“Yuntian, I told you that you would surely be able to break Dao Hui’s record with your talent!”

Shortly after the Gongsun Clan’s Clan Chief said those words, several other voices suddenly sounded behind Gongsun Yuntian. Following that, six other silhouettes walked out from the spirit formation gate.

As soon as the six of them walked out, the spirit formation gate swiftly closed by itself.

Needless to say, these six were the other prodigies of the Gongsun Clan, which meant that all seven challengers of the Gongsun Clan had successfully escaped from the Thousand Transformations Illusory Palace thus far.

And those who were in the top five were naturally the five who left the spirit formation gate first amongst them.

However, everyone knew that the ranking didn’t matter anymore. The Gongsun Clan had dominated the top five ranks, which meant that they would walk away victoriously with the Wretched Black Demon’s granddaughter regardless of what happened from this point onward.

“Lord Clan Chief, if not for Yuntian insisting on helping the rest of us as well, he would have surely escaped from the palace far faster than this.”

The other prodigies of the Gongsun Clan said.

“I know Yuntian’s personality well. He values brotherly ties far more than his reputation.”

The Gongsun Clan’s Clan Chief nodded with a bright smile on his face.

It was not only Gongsun Yuntian who had broken Dao Hui’s record; the other six prodigies of the Gongsun Clan had managed to do so too. Once word got around, the prestige of the Gongsun Clan would be brought to greater heights.

Given so, there was no way that the Gongsun Clan’s Clan Chief wouldn’t be overjoyed.

It was just that no one noticed that when the Gongsun Clan’s Clan Chief complimented Gongsun Yuntian for valuing brotherly ties over his reputation, two of the six prodigies standing behind Gongsun Yuntian had a bizarre expression on their faces.

They were no other than the two who got captured by Chu Feng, only to be released later on.

“Lord Black Demon, what’s that?”

Gongsun Yuntian pointed to the brilliant golden sphere sitting at the top of the Thousand Transformations Illusory Palace as he asked.

He had long noticed the golden sphere, but he was too worried that Chu Feng managed to get out prior to him to bother with it previously. It was only after affirming that Chu Feng wasn’t out yet that he heaved a relieved sigh and turned his attention to the golden sphere.

“Young friend Yuntian, isn’t that the phenomenon you induced?” the Wretched Black Demon asked back.

“I induced it?” Gongsun Yuntian was surprised.

The reason why he could escape so quickly wasn’t just because he used the Summoned Jadehearts to channel the power of the Thousand Transformations Illusory Palace, but that he had the support of his six brothers too.

Even though those six were standing awe-inspiring on the square right now, they were actually in a severely weakened state at the moment. Their earlier claim that Gongsun Yuntian had helped them to leave the Thousand Transformations Illusory Palace was a lie.

In truth, they had used all of their strength in helping Gongsun Yuntian set up the formation to leave the Thousand Transformations Illusory Palace and ended up overexerting themselves. In fact, this overexertion could very well affect their future growth.

However, they had no other choice. They knew Gongsun Yuntian’s position in the Gongsun Clan. Even if their future accomplishments would be compromised, they could only silently go along with him. Otherwise, their lives would be at risk.

They still remembered clearly how Gongsun Yuntian goaded Chu Feng into killing two of their brothers earlier.

Furthermore, this wasn’t just Gongsun Yuntian’s will but the will of the Gongsun Clan’s Clan Chief too. Prior to coming here, the Gongsun Clan’s Clan Chief had already tasked them with the mission to support Gongsun Yuntian no matter what it took.

And it was precisely because Gongsun Yuntian knew this as well that he was astonished by the phenomenon. He didn’t recall doing anything that would trigger a phenomenon.

“Could it be that young friend Yuntian doesn’t know how the phenomenon came about too?”

Noticing Gongsun Yuntian’s bewilderment, the crowd on the field began discussing fervently amongst themselves.

“Even I am unable to see through the Thousand Transformations Illusory Palace, so it’s only natural for young friend Yuntian to not know much about what’s going on. But if I may ask, if this phenomenon wasn’t triggered by young friend Yuntian, who else could it possibly be?” the Wretched Black Demon asked.

Those words affirmed the view that it was Gongsun Yuntian who induced the phenomenon, so the crowd decided to go along with him.

“Those seven young friends over there, come over to my side.”

The Wretched Black Demon beckoned to Gongsun Yuntian and the others.

Once Gongsun Yuntian and the others got closer, the Wretched Black Demon stood up, took out a ruler, and began measuring the bodies of the prodigies of the Gongsun Clan who escaped from the Thousand Transformations Illusory Palace the earliest.

“Even though the marriage convention hasn’t come to an end yet, I would like to congratulate all of you for having achieved this outstanding record. I have personally prepared a gift for all of you.”

As the Wretched Black Demon said those words, he began to set up a formation.

The world spiritists present were initially still a little confused as to what was going on, but soon, they realized what the Wretched Black Demon was intending to do. He was planning to create a world spiritist robe for each of the seven prodigies of the Gongsun Clan.

One must know that the Wretched Black Demon was one of the strongest world spiritists of the Nine Souls Galaxy, and the materials he had taken out were rare items.

In fact, some of the materials he took out wasn’t something which the Gongsun Clan was capable of acquiring.

Given the Wretched Black Demon’s strength, he could easily create the world spiritist robes within moments, but the speed at which he was constructing the formation was extremely slow. The reason for that was because he wanted to be thorough to ensure that it was perfect.

After successfully creating the world spiritist robes, he imprinted his unique seal on each of them. Just the seal itself was enough to make the robes invaluable treasure.

The prodigies of the Gongsun Clan were overjoyed to receive such a treasure.

It took a whole eight hours before the Wretched Black Demon finally finished creating the seven world spiritist robes.

Of course, there were some differences amongst the seven world spiritist robes too. The best one was prepared specially for Gongsun Yuntian, and just that one took the Wretched Black Demon six whole hours. However, the quality of the robe created was also at a level where even Gongsun Yuntian could hardly curb his excitement.

“Thank you, Lord Black Demon.”

After receiving their world spiritist robes, Gongsun Yuntian quickly bowed deeply to thank the Wretched Black Demon.

“There’s no need to thank me; this is what you deserve. Do not let your accomplishments today get to your head. You have to continue working hard so as to not let your talents down. Your mission isn’t just to make the Gongsun Clan renowned throughout the Nine Souls Galaxy, but to make the Nine Souls Galaxy renowned throughout the massive world of cultivation!”

The Wretched Black Demon’s words reflected his expectations for his juniors.

“Yes, we won’t let Lord Black Demon down.”

The prodigies of the Gongsun Clan, including Gongsun Yuntian, felt their blood pumping through their veins. A compliment coming from the Wretched Black Demon itself was something worthy to be proud of.

This acknowledgment would surely boost their reputation to greater heights.


It was then that the space slightly away from the Thousand Transformations Illusory Palace began to warp, and yet another spirit formation gate appeared.