Mushoku Tensei (WN) - Volume 9 - Chapter 88

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Mushoku Tensei:Web Chapter 88 - Baka-Tsuki 
In the student council room, Ariel was quietly thinking about the strategy. 
Thinking that some amount of drastic measures were necessary and even though she actually went to the point of destroying the dorm as a camouflage, for it to still end in failure. 
Sylphy was waiting for Ariel's words with a meek face. 

"You didn't do the yobai?" [1] 
"There's no way I could do that!!" 

Sylphy yelled in response to Luke's words. 
It's a secret that she hesitated over it considerably and then was too afraid in the end. 
Luke shrugged his shoulders with a sigh after being yelled at. 
It seems he knew that it would end up like this. 

"....Luke, what do you think?" 
"About what?" 
"About Rudeus' actions." 

Ariel was thinking. 
All of the preparations should have been in place. 
However, they failed. 

"I don't think it was by chance." 
"I'm sure." 

Even if it came to light that we were feigning the accident you can feel the intention that it was a necessity to prevent it before it happens. 
We did say it is in part because Sylphy is dense, but that's not all. 
I can feel an intent behind his actions. 
In the first place, for that much of a master to not wake up or make any voice in response to her getting up and laying down on the bed all night long, is something that can't happen. 
I wonder why he didn't say anything. 

(After all, is it my fault?) 

Rudeus declared that he didn't want any hostility between Ariel and himself. 
I don't understand the reason though... 
It could be that in his eyes, Ariel looks powerful. 
Similar to how Ariel is more cautious and afraid than necessary of Rudeus. 

(I have no intention of any hostility with Rudeus Greyrat as well. Mutual love isn't it.) 

After making a joke that can't be laughed at in her heart, Ariel let out a sigh. 

"After all, it seems like the best method we can do is somehow or other get him to remember the person known as Sylphiette." 
"....Now, at this point? I'm sure the other side has already forgotten." 

After hearing Luke's words, Ariel gave it some thought. 
Certainly, the probability that he's forgotten is high. 
The time when Rudeus and Sylphy separated was eight years ago. 
If there's eight years, then people can start to forget about people. 
At the very least, it seems this past year, Sylphy hadn't heard the words "Sylphy" from Rudeus' mouth. 
If that's the case, then the probability that he'd forgotten the very existence of the one known as Sylphiette is high. 

I wonder what can be done to make him remember. 
Ariel used herself as a precedent and tried thinking about it. 
Even I don't think I can remember the names of maids that attended to me eight years ago. 
However, there are several that I can remember. 
For example, Lilia. 
She was already gone by the time I reached the age of matter and mind, but I remember well how she fought before my eyes for my sake. 

"Sylphy, do you have some kind of memories between you and him?" 
"Right, people remember other people through ability and memories. That's why, nobles open parties at every matter and introduce other people there. Piling up words of flattery, dancing for the first time with difficult dance moves. Trying to leave at least a bit of an impression... Since there are a lot of nobles, just having only met them, it's easy to forget them soon after." 

Sylphy's ability is easy to remember. 
Using chantless magic, even across the world there's only a handful of individuals. 
People who can use it at Sylphy's and Rudeus' age are almost none. 

However, even then Rudeus couldn't remember it. 
Why, I wonder. 

This was something that Ariel and the others could never come to a conclusion about; first is that in regards to his previous life, he lived the life of a loser. 
He had the awareness that if it was something he could, therefore, any other people could easily arrive to it as well. 
Another one was because of the existences known as Ruijerd, Kishirika, Orsted, and Badigadi. 
After meeting overwhelmingly strong people like this, he ended up coming to possess a recognition that there are countless people in the world more amazing than himself. 
And that there are a reasonable number of chantless magic users out there. 

And finally there's Ariel's existence. 
Rather than some average person out there using chantless magic. 
The guard of a princess used chantless magic. 
That fact, caused his recognition to come to an incorrect conclusion. 
If it's the guard of a princess, then I'm sure they can do that much. 

"Memories?? Umm, I did tell the story about how I was bullied right." 
"Yeah, I did hear about how you were bullied over the color of your hair." 

Sylphy never informed them that her previous hair color was green. 
She thought if they were to know that it was green, the princess and Luke might look at her with strange eyes. 
It's not as if she doesn't trust them. 
Just, she was afraid. 
Therefore, she said her hair was white from the time she was born. 
She'd continued to say it like that. 
It's difficult to correct a lie once it's been told; blessed as it is, her hair that had turned white, never returned to it's previous color. 

"I met with Rudi at the time when he saved me, it's the number one memory to me." 
"....I guess so." 

Ariel thought about it. 
Having hoodlums attack Sylphy and Rudeus will save her from that. 
Such a strategy. 

For a period of time, it was a hand Luke played out often. 
He knows the know-how. 

Nevertheless, there's a problem. 
Sylphy is strong. 
Right now she's turned into this miserable state, but when it comes to battle her judgement is fast and precise. 
Most likely, if it was any hoodlum around here or there, she might kill them. 
Rudeus as well, in regards to "Fitts"'s strength he should recognize it some extent. 

Such a paid hand that could drive that Sylphy into a corner. 
I wonder if there is one. 
..There is. 
Currently, there's an adventurer group that's strong in fights, clan "Thunderbolt", in this town. 
If you pile up enough money to pay them then hiring them is possible I'm sure. 

However, I've heard rumors of their friendship with Rudeus. 
Such a rumor that, "Rudeus of the Quagmire", and "Electric Precursor Soldat of Stepped Leader" were having tea in a cafe. [2] 
There was a story that, "Elinalise of the Dragonroad" and "Cliff Grimoire" were there as well. 
Therefore, hiring clan "Thunderbolt" is rejected. 

Also for example, even if they were to hire some adventurer completely unrelated as well. 
Most likely, the face of the adventurer "Rudeus of the Quagmire" is vaster than Ariel thinks. 
Even if she intends to pick an unrelated adventurer, there's the possibility that they might have a connection through some unknown channel. 

If it comes down to that, without even thinking about it, the story would become complicated. 
It could be, that a casualty comes out of it. 
Ariel has no intention of causing any casualties. 

Hiring some of the rough guys hanging around there that aren't adventurers to attack is one possible hand as well. 
However, if they're too weak of an opponent, that itself might cause Rudeus to feel disappointed in Sylphy. 
That is fine if it creates a connection with the feeling of "I will protect you", but in regards to the reliable senpai image that Sylphy built up of herself. 
The probability that it would have a reverse effect is high. 

She should avoid things that might lower Sylphy's stock as much as possible. 
Let's go with that kind of policy. 
Then, having her attacked by some hoodlums is rejected. 

"Aren't there any other memories?" 
"Umm...there's one more." 

While remembering Sylphy's face turned red. 

"In the beginning Rudi thought I was a boy, but when we were practicing magic it started raining. It came down to where we were going to enter the bath at Rudi's house, but Rudi...umm, forcefully tried to strip me.." 

After saying it up to there, Sylphy looked towards Luke. 
After receiving that glance, Luke stayed quiet and covered his ears. 
He's a man who can read the mood. 

"Th..that is.. he pulled down my panties as well... th..then, umm, it was seen, at least, that I was a girl, he found out." 

After that Rudeus was down for a short while until Sylphy talked to him. 
Incidentally, the talk after that Ariel had already heard previously. 
Therefore, Ariel nodded with an I see now. 

I'm sure the reason why Rudeus doesn't try to expose "Fitts"'s true identity is because he has such a past. 
Even if he doesn't remember things about Sylphy, I'm sure he unconsciously remembers that nothing good will come from forcefully exposing someone's true identity. 

Simultaneously, I thought that there's nothing else than this. 
We'll create the same situation and have him strip Sylphy by his own hands. 

"I understand. Then, let's go with that." 

The cry of a crane it is. [3] 

"Luke, move your hands from your ears. I'll talk about the strategy from here on out." 

However, there Ariel suddenly remembered. 
The degree to which Sylphy is cowardly. 
If we don't do something about this, I'm sure it'll end with the same result. 

"Before that I want to confirm one thing." 
"Wa, yes?" 
"Sylphy, what do you want to become with Rudeus?" 

After being asked, Sylphy thought about it. 
How does she want to become with Rudeus. 
What does she want to do. 

She feels she wants to be together. 
She possess love for him. 
She always liked him. 

She always had specific delusions. 

Right for example. 
The lifestyle after marrying Rudi. 

The house that comes out in her imagination is the house Rudi lived at in Buena village. 
They're living in a house similar to that. 

They sleep in the same bed. 
When she wakes up in the morning, Rudi is sleeping next to her. 
Rudi says good morning and gives her a kiss. 
Rudi changes soon after and goes to do his morning training. 

She makes food downstairs. 
It's the wife's job to make breakfast. 
It's fine if breakfast isn't all that extravagant. 
However, since Rudi is a person who eats steadily, it's better to make a good quantity. 

Around the time breakfast is done, Rudi returns home. 
And then, they eat breakfast and he says it's delicious again today...or he might not. 
Just, Rudi will become totally absorbed in eating it and Sylphy will watch over that smiling. 
If she hears the voice for seconds, Sylphy will serve it. 

After breakfast ends Rudi will go to work. 
She sees him off after giving him an obento. 
Sylphy as well heads off to the place where princess Ariel is. 
Both working similar to Rudi's parents. 
She doesn't seem to have made any assumptions as to what Rudeus' job would be, but for a delusion that kind of thing is just within the margin of error. 

After Sylphy's job ends and she returns home she plans to ambush Rudi in the entry hall. 
Rudi discovers Sylphy, makes a strained laugh and wipes away the snow piling up on his shoulders then embraces her. 
The two then enter the house and light up the fireplace. 
The bath preparations end soon after. 
After cleansing her body she prepares dinner. 
During preparations, Rudi is in front of the fireplace, maybe creating a doll. 

They eat dinner together. 
Different than breakfast, Rudi is talkative. 
Something happened at work today, such things happen. 
All of it is something amazing beyond what Sylphy can imagine, Sylphy honestly says it's amazing while giggling. 

After dinner ends, they get comfortable together on the sofa in front of the fireplace. 
Sylphy closely snuggles up to Rudi, Rudi's arms are wrapped around Sylphy's shoulders. 
There are some days where they chat and some where they say nothing as well. 
Just, for a short time their gazes meet. 
Their faces gradually get closer. 
And then an easily imagined silhouette. 
Rudi puts out the fire in the fireplace, picks up Sylphy and carries her towards the bedroom. 

(Rudi occasionally says indecent things so he might ask, "how many children would be good?" Then I would become indecent as well and answer, "Oh Rudi~, how many do you want me to have?" Rudi chuckles and answers, "a lot I wonder", while taking my clothes off... then I giggle as well and say, "then, let's do it a lot" if that would happen!) 

"..As if that would happen!" 

After Ariel's cough the delusions were aborted. 
Sylphy was bright red as she played with her ears and hid her face. 
After Ariel saw that look, she quietly said it. 

"That delusion..please try replacing yourself with another woman and think about it." 

In the delusion the one who took her place as the wife becomes Nanahoshi. 
Sylphy has entered into the position of peeking in on their love affair from the window of the house next door. 
Rudi and Nanahoshi realize Sylphy is looking, suddenly laugh then close the curtains. 

"You don't like that right?" 
"I..I don't like it!" 
"Very good." 

Ariel seriously nodded and said it. 

"Sylphy, this strategy depends on the effort you put into it." 
"Wa, yes!" 

Ariel thought, this might still not be enough. 
And then she let out an explosive statement. 

"Cowardly failures like last night won't be forgiven. If you repeat the same thing, we will never help you again. No, that still isn't enough is it. In my name as Asura Kingdom Second Princess, Ariel Anemoi Asura, hereafter I forbid any contact with Rudeus Greyrat." 

Naturally, it's just a means. 
However those words made Sylphy swallow deeply. 
After Ariel confirmed that, she added one more line. 

"Do it seriously." 
"Wah, yes." 
"Very good." 

Ariel nodded seriously again. 
And then she conveyed the outline of the strategy. 

---Sylphy's Point of View--- 

We're carrying out the strategy. 

The time is lunch break. 
It's time for lunch. 
The first floor of the dining hall. 
There all of the rising adventurer students and the magic race students crowded together. 

The noble people look at them like fools. 
Most are prejudiced. 
Ariel-sama said prejudice is worthless. 
And 400 years prior exactly what race was being cornered by that foolish opponent? 
Though for Ariel-sama who looked at Rudi with eyes of prejudice it doesn't really have very much power of persuasion. 

Rudi is at the farthest table on this first floor. 
There a number of others are having a friendly chat. 

Rudi, Zanoba-kun, and Badi-sama. 
Julie-chan is at the end as well, she's holding a cup with her small hands and sipping it as she looks at the other three. 

"In other words what kind of requirements does Badi-sama think are necessary for a doll?" 
"More lovely than the real thing and then above all an eros that fascinates all who see it is essential!" 
"Eros! As expected of Badi-sama's keen insight. Now, now, another cup." 

Badi-sama's skin was dying a dark brown color, he's drinking alcohol quite comfortably. 
Rudi and Zanoba-kun were grinning as they laughed, there's alcohol in their cups as well. 
Strange, even though there's not supposed to be any alcohol in this dining hall. 
Unless they went outside to purchase it, they shouldn't sell it. 

"By the way Badi-sama, if I were to say that I wanted to make a doll of Kishirika-sama, what would you do? And I mean a completely erotic kind." 
"Of my fiancee huh? However, I doubt you know what Kishirika looks like in her perfect body." 
"That's exactly why. After she reaches her perfect form, she won't return to her previous form right? For this reason, we need to leave behind her current charming appearance." 
"You make a good point. However she is thoughtless so she occasionally dies fast after all. Even if you didn't leave behind her current appearance it would probably be fine." 
"If you lined up Kishirika-sama at a variety of different ages, the Demon Lord castle would become gorgeous I'm sure." 
"You are of the human race, it's impossible for you to see Kishirika at a variety of ages." 
"That's right, that's the point. In order to see Kishirika-sama simultaneously at a variety of ages, there's the necessity to bring life to my doll creation techniques, for that sake I need Badi-sama's cooperation, gehehehe." 
"Fuhahahahaha! Even though you have that much power the way you solicit almost like a merchant is amusing! That approach, I'll buy into it! Excellent, excellent, say what you desire, money, or people?" 
"No-no, just, when the time comes to it I'd like you to give me your backing??" 

Rudi was making a mischievous smile as he laughed. 
It was an amzingly bad face. 
Since the past Rudi hasn't laughed all that much, but when he laughs it ends up becoming that sort of face. 
He really hasn't changed since the past. 

In the royal palace as well, there were people who laughed with that kind of face. 
If I remember correctly, it was High Minister Darius. 
The perpetrator who cornered us. 
He's an opponent we can't forgive. 
However, maybe it's because Rudi laughs in that sort manner, but I'm alright with the smile itself. 
I think of it as a characteristic of a clever person. 

I heard that Rudi and Zanoba-kun were asking for permission to create a doll with earth magic. 
I don't really understand very well how good they are, but I know that it's something at an exceedingly advanced level. 
The time when they showed me the Red Dragon statue that was still midway in production, I honestly thought it was amazing. 

They're giving a dwarf gifted education and it seems they're even dragging a Demon Lord-sama in on top of that. 
It seems they're taking it seriously. 
As a fellow user of the same chantless magic, I'd like to be included as an ally as well, but since I have to be Ariel-sama's escort it's an impossible talk. 

"Ah, Fitts-senpai." 

After I called out to him, Rudi made a happy face. 
Recently, even though I've taken nothing but weird actions, it seems he isn't cautious at all. 
After all Rudi is dense. 
However, the fact that he isn't cautious is proof that he trusts me right. 
It makes me happy. 

"What's going on?" 

Zanoba-kun and Demon Lord-sama's gazes were stabbing into me. 

"Here is a bit, let's change locations." 
"I understand. Then Zanoba. Please proceed with our talk." 
"Ha..please leave the trivial parts after this to me." 

Rudi and Zanoba-kun sure get along well. 
I'm jealous. 
In the past I was in that position though. 
I'm jealous... 

While thinking that, I took Rudi outside of the dining hall. 
We moved to an unpopular place and I started with the main point. 

"Then, what is it?" 

Rudi's face became serious. 
It was a sharp face. 
..As I thought he's cool. 

"Umm, to tell you the truth, I have a favor I'd like to ask your help with." 
"I understand. Please leave it to me as if you're riding on a large boat." 

Before I even said anything, Rudi struck his chest and accepted it. 

"Please wait a second, I haven't said the contents yet." 
"Unless it's something huge I won't refuse it." 

How reliable... 
It makes me feel kind of bad deceiving Rudi like this. 
Even though it's already painful being unable to speak of my identity as it is... 

"To tell you the truth, I told you that Ariel-sama, stayed over a noble's place the other day right. It seems that the person has hired an amazingly strong bodyguard." 
"You want me to beat that guy down?" 
"Tha..that's wrong!" 
"I see. That's great. I'm not very good with matters of disputes." 

Not very good with matters of disputes, you say that well... 
Could it be that just now, that was a Rudi-like joke? 
I wonder if it would have been better if I laughed? 
No-no, right now rather than that I need to continue talking. 

"It seems that Ariel-sama was mortified over his bragging about that person. So she returned with our "Fitts" is amazing." 
"Ho, and then." 
"The other noble said, 'my bodyguard can go deep into the Forest of Hail with a four man party and get the flower that only grows there.' but.." 

After that, Rudi put his hand on chin like he suddenly started thinking. 

"Speaking of a flower that only grows deep within the Forest of Hail, it would be [Freeze Fringed] right. The petals work as a strong medicine, but it's famous for only blooming in the middle of winter." [4] 

Oh, as expected of Rudi. 
He knows it well. 
I'm glad I properly investigated something that actually exists. 

"The Forest of Hail is dangerous in the winter, but if there's four adventurers over A rank, it's not really anything to brag about. If you proceed carefully, you can do it without any trouble, pick up the flower and then return I'm sure." 

After saying that much, Rudi started to name the monsters that appear in the Forest of Hail one after another. 
Snow Hornet, White Cougar, Mustard Treant... 
He smoothly says it well. 
I wonder if he has them all memorized. 

"Umm, and then you know, Ariel-sama as well couldn't fall back from there, 'If it's Fitts then he could pick it with fewer numbers' and said that." 
"I see now, it's that sort of thing." 

Rudi nodded as he seemed to understand it. 

"If I ask an adventurer aquaintance of mine, I'm sure I can get him to hand it over for cheap. If you were to say you went and picked it yourself, the other side should believe it as well." 

And said that. 

"Wai!! Rudeus-kun, that's no good! It's a scene where I have no choice but to show my power!?" 
"Even if you say power, it comes in various forms. Connections between people are a power as well. It's Connection Power. My face is well known among the adventurer guys and Fitts-senpai knows my face. Thanks to Fitts-senpai's connection, the connection from person to person becomes a power. Using people to get your hands on something. That as well is a way of showing your power." 

Tha..that's sophistry. 
What is he talking about suddenly. 

"That's no good. If it's exposed then it'll become an embarrassment for Ariel-sama." 
"I see. Well then, shall we go pick it?" 

Rudi said it readily. 
Even though he's talking about entering the forest, it seems he's not enthusiastic at all. 
As expected. 
And just as I was thinking that, I froze at the next words. 

"I'll gather up some of my aquaintances who have openings in their schedule, so please wait about three days. I'm sure about 10 people should be plenty. Right now, the members of "Stepped Leader" are in this town, so I can gather them together quickly." 

No, wait. 
That is strange. 

"No, wait just a second Rudeus-kun! Ariel-sama said, "with even less numbers" though!? What are you going to do by gathering up 10 people!" 
"Please rest assured. Those guys will have 'just coincidentally entered the forest in the same period as us.' Among them there will be members who have accepted monster subjugation jobs and guys who run around gathering materials as well, they might end up hunting every monster on the way though. There will be no guys there to harvest the flower, only Fitts-senpai alone." 

I wonder if this is the wisdom of adventurers. 
No, Rudi has been an adventurer for a number of years, he should know how frightening the forest can be. 
He must be thinking if it's an amateur like me that will be entering, he's a bit worried. 
Yeah, it's that without a doubt. 

"E..even without such people, if it was just Rudeus-kun and I, wouldn't it be easy?" 
"....Could it be, Fitts-senpai it's that. You want to ask me to be your escort?" 

Isn't that what I've been saying since the start...or I didn't say it did I. 

"Yeah! Right, that's it. I can only rely on Rudeus-kun." 

After saying that, Rudi whispered a single word of "Hmm" and put his hand on his chin. 
After a short while of thinking he nodded. 

"I've depended on Fitts-senpai for a variety of things. I won't tell you not to depend on me. That job, I will humbly accept and take it on." 
"Th..thank you Rudeus-kun! I was uneasy about entering the forest alone!" 

There were a variety of dangerous places, but for the time being I've broken through the first barrier. 
However, even after just hearing a bit of the story from me, it's amazing how he keeps coming up with ideas one after another. 
As I thought Rudi is amazing. 
The strategy proceeded to the second stage. 
Rudi and I entered the Forest of Hail. 
The Forest of Hail is a place three days or so North of the Magic City Sharia. 
The end of the forest just like that touches the national border of Basheranto. 

In comparison to I who was just wearing normal travelling clothes, Rudi was in full equipment. 
A large knapsack, it seems that staple food and some other stuff is packed in for the worst case. 
Since it's Rudi, I thought he would go in empty-handed and return like that. 
After saying that, "You shouldn't underestimate the forest. There are monsters that can avoid my Rock Bullet after seeing it." is how he responded. 

After saying there's no way that's the case and hearing the details, it seems in the forests on Magic Continent monsters like that are all over the place. 
I thought it was a joke, but Rudi's eyes were serious. 
In the Forest of Hail among the monsters that appear, at most they're B rank monsters. 
If it's that much, then even I could deal with them. 
Is what I was thinking but... 

"Sorry. It seems like I left all the preparations to you." 
"No-no, if I think about it like an escort job, it's only natural." 

If he's treating as if it sounds like that, then I wonder if he's going to take a job fee. 

"Umm, a job fee or that sort of thing, would it be better if I paid something like that?" 
"No way. This is something I'm doing out of good intention, so please don't mind it." 

Rudi awfully emphasised the part where he said "good intention." 

"It's not like I can't pay Rudeus-kun something like a job fee you know." 

Even though it's low, I do get a salary from Ariel-sama. 
Since I have nothing to use it on, it's saved up. 
I should have enough to employ Rudi myself. 
Ah, but Rudi has true strength over King class, I.. I wonder if I'll have enough? 

"Fu..I'm expensive you know." 
"Ex..expensive you say, that..might be the case, but??" 

After hearing Rudi's words I wasn't thinking about money, but I remembered the slave market. 
In my head a nude Rudi was climbing up onto the show stage. 
Buy...Rudi with money... 
The area around my abdomen tightened up and seemed to call for something. 
I knew that my face was getting hot from embarrassment. 

" any case, let's hurry ahead!" 

We entered the Forest of Hail. 
The Forest of Hail might look the same as a normal forest at a glance. 
A variety of large trees are covered in snow, the same as a forest you can find anywhere. 

In this forest hail falls at fixed periods. 
It's a land where there's a magic power-like abnormality. 
In just this entire region, when you step on the snow, it makes a crunching sound. 

"The flower blooms on a cliff. Since we'll be heading in a straight line to there while melting the snow, please follow along while being vigilant of our surroundings." 

While melting the snow. 
Rudi said it like it was nothing and started to move forward. 
I wanted to try it as well, but it was no good. 
If it's just in my surroundings then it's probably an application of fire magic, but to reach the level of creating a path continuously is difficult. 
It's not like I can't do it, but it uses too much magic power. 
The way Rudi uses magic power is extravagant. 

I continued down the path as even the snow on my shoulders melted. 
I thought that monsters might find us from the steam rising when it melts, but Rudi was dispersing the steam as well. 
After I asked how he was doing it, he said if you adjust the temperature right then you can just melt the snow without releasing any steam. 
I wonder how much you would need to practise in order to figure that out. 

(Rather than that, it's time to start the plan.) 

The time when I took a single deep breath, Rudi pointed out the staff he had in his hand. 

"That staff, the other day I held onto it, but it's amazing. I've only ever seen Magic Stones with a color attached in the royal palace." 
"During my 10 year old birthday, I received it from the ojosama I was working as a home teacher for." 

After saying that Rudi made a bit of a lonely face. 
Come to think of it, I haven't heard him talk very much about the ojosama that he taught. 
It doesn't feel like Rudi has talked about it very much. 
According to the information, I think she was an extremely violent person... 
I wonder if he has some kind of bad memories. 

"That staff, is it fine for me to hold it for a bit? Since I only have a staff aimed at beginners, I've always longed for something like that." 
"Is that so. Since you're an ojosama's escort then I'd think you would be given a better staff to hold onto though." 
"Since I used chantless magic I'm sure they were thinking I didn't need a staff, they're stingy right." 

Of course, I don't think Ariel-sama is stingy. 
This staff is something I received from Rudi so I treat it preciously. 
Since it's the same as a staff you can find anywhere, Rudi doesn't seem to have realized it. 

"By all means, grasp it and try it out. How is it, the thickness?" 

Rudi came out asking that while smiling. 
I wonder what it is. 
Is there something amusing? 

While holding doubts I tightly grasped the staff. 
Since my hands are small, I felt like it was a bit hard to hold. 

"It's thick, I wonder if it was assumed you would hold it with both of your hands." 
"..I'm sure they were making assumptions based on after I grow up." 

While smiling Rudi continued to proceed with melting the snow. 
I followed after while holding the staff. 
Alright, for the time being the plan has succeeded. 
And next is.. 

I took the ring on my little finger and brought it close to my mouth. 
And then in a small voice I declared the keyword. 

"Red Tower." 

After that, the gem in the ring changed colors from blue to red. 
This ring is one of the Magic Tools Ariel-sama always wears. 
If you say the keyword then the color changes. 
Simultaneously, another ring a long distance away will have its color change as well. 
It's a Magic Tool that only does that. 
Though the effect won't work if it's too far. 

This time, the other ring is being held by some people we've left on standby outside of the forest in advance. 

(I wonder if it's alright..) 

I waited a bit of time while flickering looks at the sky. 
Contrary to my uneasiness, suddenly the sky started to become cloudy. 
It went well. 


Rudi quickly realized it. 
After looking up at the sky he whispered it. 

"..Rain clouds huh. How unusual." 

In the winter of the northern lands it almost never rains. 
Because of that reason, the tools used against the cold in this area are weak to rain. 

The furs of the Snow Hedgehog that we're wearing as protection against the cold, don't melt the snow but work to remove it. 
Therefore, tools for protection against the cold are extraordinarily useful, but the fact that they soak water easily is a fault. 
After water soaks into it, just from the blowing of the cold winter wind, it will become frozen solid. 

"Fitts-senpai, it seems like it will rain." 

In the case where rain falls in the middle of winter, you create a roof in that place and endure it, or else taking shelter in a cave is desirable. 
Rather than making a refugee with magic, I've heard that finding a cave is comparatively safe. 
Even though earth magic is a specialty of Rudi, I'm sure he would think of it as a pain to continue casting magic until the rain stops. 
That's why I'll make the suggestion. 

"That's right, according to the map ahead of here is.." 

Since there's a cave we should take shelter from the rain. 
And just as I was about to say that, Rudi shook his head. 

"No, since I can quickly disperse them." 

After saying that he raised his hand. 

(This is bad!) 

In this instant I realized the blunder. 
Rudi is a Water Saint class magician. 
Manipulating the weather is his forte. 
I heard that Ariel-sama hired two Advanced water technique users, but if Rudi is the one doing it, the clouds will scatter in no time at all. 

What to do, what to do. 
If it doesn't rain here then the keikaku is all for nothing. [5] 

I started to pack magic power into the staff in my two hands. 
I could feel amazing power. 
Wi...with this I might be able to do it. 


Rudi tilted his head while raising his hand. 
Most likely, since the clouds weren't scattering like he planned, he might think it's strange. 
Naturally, right now I'm interfering with that after all. 

The reason why Rudi didn't get serious is probably thanks to the staff. 
My ability to control weather should rival Rudi. 
Since that's the case, I have the advantage thanks to the part of the advanced class magicians outside of the forest. 

I continued to pack magic power into the staff with feeling as if I were praying. 
The rain clouds gathering in the sky continued to grow. 
Just as I was taught by Rudi. 
Gathering the moisture, making the cloud, then cooling that down, and drop it! 


Rudi's eyebrows dropped. 
In the next instant, cold rain started to fall. 

"..I'm very sorry Fitts-senpai, it seems today my condition is a bit bad." 

Rudi said it with a face as if he received a bit of a shock. 

"'s fine. It's because I didn't give back your staff, probably." 
"Even without my staff, normally I would have been able to disperse rain clouds like that. Recently, maybe because I haven't used it very often, I've dulled.. or else??" 

Rudi looked at the palms of my hands while grumbling something. 
It seems he realized that rain cloud was something intentionally made. 
However, I'm sure he didn't think furthermore he would be obstructed from dispersing it. 

"Well, we can't help something that's already started to fall. If I remember correctly, there's a cave up ahead, let's take refuge there." 
"Tha..that's right!" 

After largely nodding to Rudi's words, we resumed moving. 
The Snow Hedgehog furs were soaking in the moisture and in no time at all stealing our body heat. 
Just as Keikaku. [6] 

"It's there isn't it." 

Just like this, we arrived at the cave while dripping wet. 
In terms of depth it was only about 10 meters, a small cave. 
The land of purpose. 

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