Mushoku Tensei (WN) - Volume 9 - Chapter 91

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Mushoku Tensei:Web Chapter 91 - Baka-Tsuki 
I'll protect Sylphy's honor. [1] 

I think that while looking at the red stain remaining on the sheet. 
Sylphy gave something extremely important to me and saved me. 
I want to grant her everything she wishes. 
I thought that while using a knife to cut out the portion of the sheet where the red stain remained. 

However, after remembering it, Sylphy has never given me an opinion of her principles. 
If I'm not being overly self-conscious then, the feeling that she wants to be together with me is being conveyed. 
However, she never put that into words. 

It could be that she's concerned with her job as a guard for princess Ariel. 
After all, it seems like there's a necessity to talk with princess Ariel for once. 

The cut off piece of the sheet was placed in a small box that I made with earth magic and left in the shrine. 
I put my hands together in prayer. 

Finally, I feel like I've returned to being a person. 

I showed my face in the once in a month homeroom. 
Same as always, Nanahoshi's figure was nowhere to be seen. 

"Good morning, shisho." 
"Good morning, Grand Master." 

Zanoba and Julie were lined up as they greeted me. 
I just thought it, but Julie is fairly cute. 
I think she was seven years old this year. 
She's still far from my strike zone, but her long flowing orange colored hair is cute. 
I brush her head. 
Julie looked up at me surprised, then quickly after she casted her eyes downwards, her body started trembling. 
It seems she's still afraid. 
Even though I don't plan to take her and eat her alive. [2] 

"Good morning, Zanoba, Julie." 

After I greeted them, Zanoba tilted his head and said, "oh?" 

"Shisho, did something good happen?" 

So he realized it. 
Zanoba was worried about it normally after all. 
I'd like to report it to him soon, but saying that my ED is completely cured, how I go about saying it is difficult. 
I can't speak of Sylphy's identity. 
If I were to say that Fitts-senpai helped me out with it, they might come to some kind of strange misunderstanding. 

While I was thinking that, I went towards my seat. 

"Oh, boss, good morning nya." 
"Good morning-nano, mogumogu." 

Rinia and Pursena were sitting the same as always. 
Rinia was sitting with those young and lustrous legs on top of the desk, Pursena had that voluptuous flesh packed tightly into her uniform as she stiffly chewed the dried meat. 

Thinking back to it, I've already confirmed the growth of these two's gigantic peaks, pulled down their wet panties, and had a look at the Utopia hidden underneath haven't I. 
After thinking that, somehow these two look a bit more charming... 


When I got near them, the two suddenly held down their noses stood up and moved away from me. 
It's a bit of a shock. 
Is it that, that one scent. 
I've finally revived for the first time in several years. 
It's a refreshing feeling like wearing new underwear for the first in three years. 
Certainly, the scent of sexual excitement must be pretty intense as well. 

"What should we do-nano. The boss has finally reached the end of his patience." 
"Didn't you have an illness nya?" 
"It's because of my charm-nano, I'm a sinful woman-nano." 
"Th..then Pursena become the sacrifice nya. Leave things about our home town to me nya." 
"No..actually he might be craving for Rinia." 
"If..if you become the woman of the boss the world might be in your hands you know nya.. you can eat all the meat you want everyday nya." 
" can't be helped, it's for the sake of protecting Rinia-nano." 

It seems after they finished they conversation, Pursena came before me after gathering her resolve. 
And then, she blinked her eyes all lovely-like and pushed out her chest putting emphasis on it. 

"Uffun-nano, I'd like you to treat me preciously...ah ouch!!" 

I chopped her. 
I felt extremely like I was being made fun of. 
What do you mean Uffun. 

"Well, please take a seat. I won't take you and eat you whole." [3] 

After saying that, Pursena curled up her tail while holding her head and sat next to me. 
Not proceeding to a place where my hands can't reach, how unusual. 
In reverse Rinia slowly walked up and sat in somewhat of a place my hands couldn't reach. 
This side is being unusually cautious. 
The usual distance has been reversed. 

"Rudeus, what's going on? You look different than usual." 

Cliff tilted his head as well. 
I thought I was acting as I normally do, but I wonder if it's that different. 
After all, when a man has something shaved off, he appears different on the outside. 
No-no, it's not like it was my first time after all. 

"How am I different?" 
"'re overflowing with how you look." 

After sending a glance towards Zanoba, he nodded as well. 
After hearing such words, I remembered the words of the Human God. 
You'll recover your self-confidence as a man. 
So it's like this huh. 
I can't really feel the difference, but I guess I look different when looking from outside huh. 

"Everyone, thank you very much until now. I can't say the details, but the other day, that has been cured." 

After declaring that everyone raised their voices with an "Ohhhh." 
Zanoba nodded as if he was convinced of it and Cliff patted my shoulder. 
Rinia and Pursena were exchanging looks, Julie tilted her head with a face like she didn't really get it. 

"In any case, Congratulations, isn't it." 
"Right. Congratulations, shisho." 
"Congratulations-nano." "Congratulations nya." 

For some reason I received an applause. 
It's certainly something happy for me, but it's somehow a bit embarrassing. 
It's almost like the end of the story. 
As a matter of fact these congratulations I'm being told, they better not be just before I'm about to die. 

"But, if boss has been cured then it's a crisis nya. The chastity of all the female students is in danger nya." 

Rinia brought up such an impolite thing. 

"That's rude. I'm a gentleman you know." 

I won't lay my hands on anyone other than Sylphy. 
And then here I once again made my determination as such. 
After homeroom I went to the staff member's room. 
I need to apply for supplementary lessons for the days missed on the journey the other day. 

After I went into the staff member's room, the atmosphere suddenly trembled. 
After all, looking from outside, it seems like people feel something has changed. 
It's a bit embarrassing almost as if everyone already knows I've done it with Sylphy. 

Just as I was thinking that, Vice Principal Jinas called out to me. 

"Rudeus-san, has something happened?" 
"Just a problem I have been troubled over for these past three years has been resolved and I'm feeling refreshed." 
"I see, that is excellent." 

Vice Principal Jinas nodded. 
And then made a bitter smile. 

"Since it comes down to that, could it be, you're thinking of leaving this University?" 

I tilted my head after hearing Vice Principal Jinas's words. 
However, after thinking about it. 
Certainly, I've achieved my original objective for entering this University. 
I did come for that sake. 
Now that I've achieved that, in order to reunite with my family, wouldn't it be better to move to Begaritto... 

However, in this past year, a variety of other things have happened. 
I met Zanoba, purchased Julie, 
Got along together with Rinia and Pursena, 
And made a connection with Cliff as well. 

And then Nanahoshi. 
I have the feeling there was some kind of meaning to my meeting with her. 
To the point where I think that the Human God had me come here for the sake of encountering her. 
In his regards, my reunion with Sylphy might have just been an occasion. 

However, the most important one for me is Sylphy. 
Now that I know she's here, I can't very well leave. 
I want to be here to protect her if the time ever comes to it as well. 
If it comes to being the guard of a princess, then I'm sure there will be dangerous things as well. 
Even with my poor ability I want to be her strength. 

However, if I remember correctly princess Ariel is currently a fifth year student. 
I wonder what she's going to do after graduation. 
Well, I'm sure she'll remain here until graduation. 

For the time being, I do send letters to Paul and the others at a fixed period. 
I have no way of checking if it's reached though... 
However, it's been a year since then. 
If I were to start moving now, the probability of differences in the situation coming up are high. 

It would be amateurish to quickly change my plan when it might not provide any significant result. 
Is what the resourceful salary-man who can get over 30 new contracts in single day once said. 
I should still wait for now. 

"No, I don't know if I'll remain here until I graduate, but I think I'll remain enrolled for another several years." 
"I see, that is excellent." 

The Vice Principal made a bitter smile. 
I wonder if he's happy or unhappy. 
It's a bitter smile I can't really figure out. 

Nanahoshi was the same as always. 
She probably never had any consideration for me in the first place. 
The amount of conversation was most minimal necessary. 

When I talk with her there are times when I can feel the generation gap in our conversation. 
The other day as well, when I brought up the topic of a certain female middle school student who changed with the moon and goes out to punish, she tilted her head and said, "What is that?" 
It seems the recent young ones don't know the legend of the moonlight. [4] 
In our generation even if you've never seen it you should at least know the name. 

However, if they aren't an otaku, I guess that also can't really be helped. 
I thought that, but it seems while it's not a the level of a heavy otaku like me, she still has read some amount of manga and light novels. 
Even though she's such a child, she still doesn't know. 
Since that was the case I thought maybe it could be that she didn't know the story about collecting the seven balls of the dragon and asked, but it seems she knows that one. 

During the time we were in our old world Nanahoshi was 17 years old in comparison to my 34 years old. 
There's a difference of two times. Presently it's even further apart. 
It can't really be helped. 

It's certainly a generation gap. 
If I think about the broadcasting period then I guess it's only natural, but when I tried to talk to her about it in reality, she was confused. 

It's because she's such a Nanahoshi. 
That might be why I let my mouth slide. 

"Nanahoshi-san if you were to go out with someone, what would you wish for from that partner." 

Nanahoshi's hand slipped as she was writing. 
And then she crumpled up the paper she was writing on into a circle and threw it away. 

"Suddenly, what are you bringing up? Love talk?" 
"Something similar." 
"You know, I want to hurry up and return. Won't you please take this seriously? you're always, always talking about nothing but idle talk, if you were to shut up and move your hands, the efficiency would go up that much you know?" 

She was saying something like this, but I know Nanahoshi doesn't particularly hate idle chat. 
Actually, up until now she's always worked while talking about things bit by bit unless it was something very terrible. 
The fact that she's suddenly using this way of talking means. 

"Nanahoshi-san is that. A person with no experience in love?" 

She grandly clicked her tongue at me. 

"Even I have a person I like. We fought, though it was just that.." 

Come to think of it, I believe Nanahoshi was summoned right in the middle of a lover's quarrel wasn't she. 
I guess she liked one of those two, or else, she couldn't pick either of them and it had become a reverse harem situation, though I don't really know. 
Whether it be apologizing or continuing the fight, it is certain that she has to return first. 

Come to think of it, I wonder if the probability is high that those two were summoned as well. 
Since I haven't heard any rumors outside of Nanahoshi, I think the probability that they didn't come is high as well. 
Although, if you were to be thrown into this world without magic power, for a high school student to survive without help from anyone is... 
No, this isn't something I should say to her. 

Possibly, Nanahoshi might have already supposed something like that. 
That the only reason she managed to survive this far was because her luck was good. 
And then, what would have happened if her luck had been bad. 

Nanahoshi bent her mouth into the character ? and responded. [5] 

"A person you like..normally you would be happy just by being together with them." 

It seemed heart-breaking. 
It would have been better if I hadn't asked. 

It became lunch break. 
I didn't go to the dining hall. 
I had things to do in a different place today. 

In the student council room. 

If I'm going to seriously go out with Sylphy, then I can't just continue to remain silent in front of them. 
They moved in order to attach Sylphy and I. 
Therefore, in some meanings, the permission is already in our hands. 
But, this needs a distinction as well. 

The top floor of the school building. 
Furthest room inside. 
That just a bit extravagant door had the letters, "Student Council Room", carved into it. 

After knocking there. 

"Who is it!" 

It was Luke's voice. 

"It's Rudeus Greyrat. I've come to talk about recent matters." 

After responding like so, for an instant it went silent inside; after that I heard the sound of things somehow being hurried about. 
I guess it's because I came without an appointment. 
I might have done something bad. 

"Wa, enter!" 

It was Luke's voice. 
I opened the door and entered the room. 

Princess Ariel was sitting in an expensive looking chair. 
She had her pretty blonde hair in a weave. 
Her good looks were almost transparent. 
However, her figure was average for her age I'd say. 
Her muscle was the same as an average female, her chest wasn't big and wasn't small either. 

Standing fixed and upright on her sides were Luke and Sylphy with her sunglasses on. 

Sylphy is dignified while she's working. 
Crisply dressed, how do I put it she gives of the feeling of a trusted retainer. 

Her usual crybaby like appearance is nowhere to be seen. 
It's also a bit different from the other slightly childish and frank image I hold. 
It's a cold-hearted impression. 
I see now, certainly in order for Sylphy to maintain this image it's better for her not to say anything. [6] 

"I'm very grateful for this meeting with you. I am the one called Rudeus Greyrat." [7] 

While speaking with an expression of gratitude in the noble style I kneel before Ariel and lower my head. 
I haven't properly learned etiquette towards royalty, but probably something along these lines would be good. 

"This isn't the royal palace. You and I are mutually both students. Please raise your face." 

I raised my head at princess Ariel's words. 
However, I remained kneeling. 
I can't afford to shame Sylphy after all. 
In front of my lover's boss, it's better to do it properly. 

"And then, what business does Rudeus-dono whose fame has roared throughout this school, come here for today?" 

When you listen to Ariel's voice it feels like it numbs the area around the top of your brain. 
It's a good sensation. 
I guess this would be a charismatic person. 
Or else, this person might be a miko as well. 
There is magic that works with the voice. 
It wouldn't be strange for there to be a miko who fascinates the other side with their voice. 

"I'm sure you've already heard various things from Sylphy...Sylphiette but...I've come here to talk a bit about things in regards to that matter." 

Ariel was wearing a bit of a serious face. 
From Sylphy I've heard a bit of the princess' expectations. 
Even after she was forced to make her escape to here, it seems she still hasn't given up on the crown. 
For that sake, she continues to attend this school, and she's trying to win over influential allies. 

"I've had Sylphy cure my illness. I've heard of your highness' collaboration with Sylphy in relation to that. Therefore, if there's some kind of opportunity where I can be of assistance to you, please call upon me." 

Ariel slowly listened to those words. 
And then she exchanged looks with Luke. 
Luke deeply nodded and opened his mouth. 

"We thought you wanted to avoid getting involved in the political strife of the Asura nobles though?" 

After being asked I had an immediate reply. 

"Certainly, I don't want to stick my neck in any political strife in Asura Kingdom. Someone like me would just be crushed like an insect after all. Although, if my loved one is going to be inside of that vortex, the story is different." 

While saying that I look at Sylphy. 
Her face is bright red. 

"During a time when Sylphy is on the verge of death, if I were living nonchalantly, is something I would hate after all." 

Ariel made a surprised face. 
Luke as well. 
I wonder if I said something weird. 
Luke opened his mouth. 

"Don't you have any kind of antagonism towards the Greyrat family? Uncle...Paul, the Notos family that he eloped from or the Boreas family that worked you hard.." 
"I did feel it was a bit disappointing that Sauros-sama was executed, but nothing in particular beyond that." 

Somehow right now, our conversation isn't really matching up. 
Well, in regards to that, I've already put it all in order inside of me. 

"After that there's just the degree of being hated by Luke-senpai." 

After saying that, Luke raised his eyebrows and said it. 

"That was because you're a dense bastard who doesn't realize the feelings of a woman." 
"In regards to that, I have no words that I can retort with." 

After all, I didn't even realize Sylphy's gender for a year. 
It can't be helped if I'm called dense. 
The fact that I wasn't specifically trying to seek it out doesn't pass as an excuse. 
Even though she's that cute, I wonder why I never realized it. 

"Luke is a shitty bastard who plays around with the feelings of women after all." 

The one who absent-mindedly whispered that was Sylphy. 
Unexpectedly, she says some extreme things. 
I wonder if she's pretending to be innocent in front of me...that sort of thing is possible I guess. 
However, after thinking about it, Sylphy and Luke have always been allies these past six years. 
He's spent far longer of a period with Sylphy than me. 
Therefore, she has little restraint. 
I'm sure familiar words will come out. 
That makes me a bit jealous. 

"What's this, even though you don't have even a fragment of sex appeal, putting on airs of a complete woman?" 
"I properly have sex appeal, Rudi told me thank you... I have it right?" 

After saying that Sylphy looked at me seeking help. 
It would be fine for me to honestly reply that it's all good and well for me to enter their comic dialogue but... 
However, I feel a bit too withdrawn to say that in front of Ariel. 
While thinking that I send a glance towards the princess, she quietly opened her mouth. 
Suddenly I noticed it but she had bread crumbs on the side of her mouth. 
I guess they were in the middle of their meal. 

"Both of you please be silent for a bit." 

Sylphy and Luke shut their mouths. 
This as well seems to be the feel of their usual exchange. 
I can feel their term of service. 

"Rudeus Greyrat. If I were to borrow your power, it would be extraordinarily reassuring." 
"Thank you very much." 

There Ariel glanced at Sylphy. 
And then declared as if she had decided something. 

"I have no necessity for your power." 
"Wha!! What's th..that! Ariel-sama!" 

The one who raised their voice was Sylphy. 
Ariel continued as if to forestall her. 

"I would be troubled if you were to misunderstand, but Sylphy by no means got close to you aiming at your power." 
"Yes, there's no misunderstanding about that." 

I do feel like I had some kind of thoughts that Sylphy might have such ulterior motives though... 
It's fine, this is where I should honestly listen to Ariel's words. 

"I have only one thing to ask of you. Sylphy, my friend, please make her happy." 

I deeply nodded. 
It's something that doesn't even need to be said. 

"Yes, definitely." 
"You can say whatever you want in words but..first what do you intend to do?" 

What do I intend to do about it, Ariel came out asking with an extremely strong tone. 
I kept my mouth shut. 
What do I intend to do huh, I came here because I don't know. 

No, let's stop with the excuse that I won't know. 

The way a man should take responsibility should be the same in all worlds. 
That's right, didn't Paul say something like that as well. 
In order to take responsibility, in Asura you need to prepare a house and find employment. 

"As I thought it should be marriage." 

After I said that, Sylphy covered her mouth. 
Luke's fixed upright posture was destroyed and he started to stagger with a face like he received a shock. 

"I see. Splendid. As expected of the man I heard about from Sylphy, right, Rudeus-sama." 

Ariel nodded in satisfaction and looked at Sylphy. 

"Sylphiette Greyrat." 
"Ha!!? Eh!? Greyrat, eh!?" 

Sylphiette Greyrat. 
After being called that, Sylphy was all flustered, 

"If you are to be Rudeus' wife, then from now on there's no necessity for you to continue disguising yourself as a man. Become feminine." 
"Eh, but..if I don't disguise myself, Ariel-sama will??" 
"In exchange, Rudeus. I'd like to make use of your "Name". Right now, in this area there are no people who don't know about you. If such a person as you were to accept my trusted friend Sylphy, there might be people who come out with misunderstandings at their own convenience." 

I see now. 
If I remain together with Sylphy, a connection between Ariel and I will be made, there will be guys who think like that is what it means. 
She won't borrow my power, but she'll borrow my reputation. 
Though what she's doing is mostly the same, but she sure uses interesting expressions. 

"That's an easy my regards, it would be fine for me to honestly enter as your follower though." 
"I don't need you. Since your power is too strong. It's beyond what I can handle." 

I wonder if it's that strong. 
Is what I was thinking, but in my regard it's a convenient development. 
It seems like a pain to be stuck close to princess Ariel and forced to move around doing various things after all. 
I'll just take that honestly. 

"Of course, if there's a time when you need it, I permit you to use my name as well. It's such a personal history, but the name of the Second Princess of Asura Kingdom, might prove useful to you somehow or other." 
"That is appreciated." 

Having the backing of important people, no matter how many you have it's a good thing. 

However, this really is quite convenient for me. 
I received Sylphy, but it's fine if I don't do anything. 
On the contrary, if a time comes up where there's a problem, we have Ariel working as our backing. 
For I who often causes problems, having Ariel's backing is extremely appreciated. 

However, I wonder if it's really fine. 
I wonder if she won't demand something else later. 
They say good stories have a reverse side to them though... 
No, if she's going to look after us, I don't really feel reluctant about at least returning that part. 

"And then, Sylphiette. What do you plan to do?" 
"Wa, Yes! I...I, umm, just as I have until now while serving Ariel-sama, Ru...Rudi.. No, as Rudeus' wife is how I feel I want to give it my best!" [8] 
"....I see, please become happy." 

After a slightly silent embrace Ariel pushed on Sylphy's back with a [Pon]. 
Sylphy came over in front of me. 
She was scratching the back of her ear very shyly. 
Cute. I want to lick them. 
No, here I need to endure it. Ariel is in presence after all. 

"Th..that..umm..Ru..Rudi.. that is, please take care of me from here on out." 
"Ah, yes. Please take care of me as well." 

We lowered our heads awkwardly. 
Sylphy was fidgeting for a short while after that, but suddenly she looked behind her. 
Just like that Ariel and Sylphy gazed at each other. 

"That is..Ariel-sama, Luke, thank you for everything until now." 

After taking her sunglasses off, Sylphy said that and lowered her head. 
I followed after that and lowered my head. 

Just like this, I gained a connection to the Ariel party. 

And then it became that I would get married to Sylphy. 

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