My Doomsday Territory - Chapter 568

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The sky outside was getting dark, and night was about to fall.

No one knew if the city and shelter they were in would become the world-class demonic beast that covered the sky, the next target to attack.

The news had not spread yet, and some of the upper echelons of the various holy lands, as well as some of the unaffiliated experts, were in a state of panic.

In front of them, Transcendents were like ants, not to mention the majority of mortals who had not even reached the level of Transcendents.

Tang Yu was thinking.

The Sacred City was now the territory of the human race. The foreign races had retreated from the Sacred Realm under many attacks, but no one could guarantee that the powerful foreign races would attack the Sacred City again, even if it were foralready in ruins.

“There are several holy lands who wish to place the meeting place in Tree Shade. Should I refuse?”

The host was not so easy to do.

Tang Yu knew that Chen Haiping also knew that the holy land forces wanted to place Tree Shade in the main battlefield, in addition to the meeting.

To use Tree Shade as the battlefield to fight against the world-class demonic beasts – Tree Shade had a powerful array formation on the floating island, which was no longer a secret. Many higher-ups of the holy land intended to use this to increase their chances of winning.

As for the aftermath of the battle, it was not within the consideration of some people.

Only Northern Court and Alliance of Mages, who had a good relationship with Tree Shade, proposed to place the meeting place in the holy city.

“No, I agree.”

“Agree? But…”

Even if the powerhouses of the major forces do not gather at Tree Shade, we will inevitably be attacked by the foreign races. Moreover, it is very likely that we will be the next target. Since that is the case, why don’t we gather the forces of other forces? It will be somewhat useful.

Of course, he could not agree too readily. He could use the opportunity to get some resources from the various holy lands.

As for the aftermath of the battle? He could block it. As long as the city was there, he could not block it. It was only a matter of time before he was destroyed.

Chen Haiping nodded. He was confident in his heart and was ready to argue with the various forces… This matter had been going on for several months. He was already very familiar with it. He was a mature civil servant.

The desire to fight on the battlefield had long been forgotten in the corner of his mind.

As for the appearance of the terrifying apocalyptic beasts and the news of the calamity of the Mountain Sair, the various Sacred Grounds were all trying their best to seal off the news.

However, there was no wall in this world that was impenetrable.

The power of a world-class demonic beast could be seen from tens to hundreds of kilometers away.

The news gradually spread. The powers with the ability all sent Awakened ones to investigate that region of the sea. At the very least, they would try to find ways to obtain information from other major powers.

Tree Shade was also affected, and some negative comments were spreading in private.

Under the bright starry sky, Tree Shade City was brightly lit.

In a somewhat cramped small bar, three to five survivors chatted and drank. Most of them were ordinary people or low-level Awakened ones. Here, one or two units of Origin Crystals could be drunk for an entire night.

“Have you heard? The Sair Mountain has been destroyed!”

“It’s the Sair Empire? Impossible, it’s one of the holy lands! I heard that there are dozens of Transcendents, even more than our Tree Shade!”…

“It’s the alien race. The second brother-in-law of my cousin’s neighbor has the qualifications to enter and exit the holy city. He said that it’s a demonic beast… even bigger than this floating island.”

With a bang, it destroyed the sacred mountain of the Sair Empire, and not a single one of the hundreds of thousands of people around survived!

“This… is so terrifying?”

Some people didn’t really believe it, but the rumors were quite accurate.

The Awakened took a sip of wine and the corners of his mouth curled up. Seeing that the others were waiting for him to continue, he said, “Whether you believe it or not is up to you. It’s just that I don’t know if I should advise you or not.”

“What advice?”

He lowered his voice and said, “The Sair Royal Family has been destroyed. The next target of the foreign race is probably Tree Shade. I heard that a few months ago, it was the City Lord who foiled the foreign race’s scheme. Now, the foreign race’s strength has increased greatly… I’m going to leave here tomorrow morning.”

The people around him did not answer, but his shocked and terrified expression revealed that they were not calm.

What this awakened one said was unreasonable. It was better to leave Tree Shade City first. If Tree Shade was fine in a few days, he would come back. There would be no loss.

“Forget it, forget it. I won’t drink. I will go back and pack my things first.”

“Me too. If not for dark now…”

A few Awakened ones stood up and walked towards the entrance of the bar. Seeing this, the others hesitated to leave as well.

At this moment,

A few Awakened ones dressed in black combat suits with World Trees and Shield Patterns tattooed on them walked into the bar, surrounding three of the survivors who were planning to leave the bar.

“With the crime of disrupting social order, I will arrest you.”

The three survivors of the garrison corps came suddenly. Panic flashed through their eyes. When they saw the other curious survivors around them, the leader shouted, “You are stripping us of our freedom and right to know. I don’t accept this”

Before the word “submit” was finished, the captain of the garrison corps flashed and a knife cut behind the other person’s neck. Immediately, the awakened who spoke fainted.

The captain’s eyes swept over all the survivors in the bar and finally fell on the faces of the two officers who were trembling in fear. “Please don’t treat this as a peaceful era. We have the right to kill any troublemakers on the spot.”

“Take them away!”

Similar things happened in every corner of Tree Shade City. Some people were afraid that the world would not fall into chaos, and some people were just talking too much. However, some of them found out after interrogation that there was an organization spreading rumors… Only the people who were caught were just little minions who had just been bewitched.

Under the calm Tree Shade City, there was a dark tide.

The next day,

It was said that the meeting was held the next day. It was less than five o’clock, and the sky was still dark. There was a stream of light flying over the horizon.

Thirteen rays of light stopped outside the floating island for a short while, and under the guidance of Luo Zhe and the others, they landed outside the floating island.

Because some people were in a state of panic, the municipal department simply spread the news of the meeting to stabilize the hearts of people.

Before dawn, there were many Awakened ones waiting outside the city. Among them were newspaper reporters and large scale adventure groups spies.

They all wanted to know the first news.

The thirteen streaks of light were all Transcendents, and as soon as they entered, many people cried out in alarm.

“It’s Great Grandmaster Meng! Northern Court’s Transcendents are here!”

“Thirteen Transcendents. Apart from one or two who stayed behind to guard Northern Court, I’m afraid everyone else is here!”

“Isn’t there a meeting? Why are there so many Transcendents here”

Chief Instructor Luo, Head Advisor Yan, Zhu Shu Li, Director Shea, and other well-known higher-ups had already appeared.

This time,

In order to welcome the people from the major forces, Tang Yu did not intend to keep a low profile. He did not want to argue. He wanted to directly control the leadership of the alliance!

He had to show his strength!

Not long after Northern Court’s people arrived, streams of light approached one after another from the horizon.

It wasn’t just the people from the other eight Sacred Grounds, there were also twenty-one super forces who had also sent their top experts to participate in this meeting.

There were also several independent experts from the Fourth Epoch who could not be underestimated.

Ancient Spirit Empire, Alliance of Mages, North American Heroes Guild, White Bear Ling Dong Castle… All the Transcendents from the holy lands had rushed over from all over the world.

Back then, when Tree Shade was building the city, only the representatives of the holy lands had come, but now, all the experts had gathered.

The Transcendents that were rarely seen were gathered outside of Tree Shade’s city in less than half a minute!

Powerful auras soared into the sky, stirring up the wind and clouds, their might overflowing into the heavens.

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