My Doomsday Territory - Chapter 571

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“Holy.. Holy artifact?”

Those who knew were extremely shocked.

Those who didn’t understand also opened their mouths slightly, pretending that they could keep up with the rhythm.

Every holy land force had their own extraordinary foundation, and the holy artifact inherited from the Ancient Spirit Royal Family could also be ranked in the top three or top two in the sacred land’s foundation.

Most of the representatives of the super forces did not know what a holy weapon was, nor did they know the power of a holy weapon.

In fact, most of the Transcendents from the super forces did not have a holy weapon.

“How strong is a holy weapon? Can it threaten that world-class demonic beast?”

A senior Transcendent sitting beside the Ancient Spirit Emperor finally found his confidence and pride as a member of the Three Kingdoms of the Fourth Epoch.

He said, “What is a holy weapon? It is a treasure that can activate the laws! It can even unleash a power comparable to a full-strength strike from a saint. According to the literature, that world-class demonic beast is only at the level of a pseudo-saint. It is too far away from a saint.”

Many Transcendents revealed happy expressions when they heard this. Their suppressed emotions were greatly relaxed.

Northern Court, Myriad Buddha Valley, and the Heroes ‘Guild had many Transcendents, all of which were like this.

Only a few of them were still relatively serious.

The one leading Warren shook his head, “Sacred artifacts can indeed display incredible power, but are you sure you can unleash the full power of a Sacred artifact?”

This was naturally impossible.

That was a weapon prepared for the Saints, a group of Transcendents that could not even reach Domain level. The difference was too great.

Moreover, the “Sacred Mountain” is also a sacred artifact.

He did not continue, but the others recalled the scene they had just seen. The divine mountain had half collapsed under the terrifying attack of a world-class demonic beast, and half fled.

Even a holy artifact could not withstand the devastation?

It was hard to say if there were any survivors from the royal clan of Seer.

His mood immediately fell to the bottom like a roller coaster.

“What you said makes sense, but there is no need to be too pessimistic.”

The Ancient Spirit Emperor opened his mouth. “The Sacred Mountain was originally an incomplete holy artifact. Only the upper half was intact. The lower half of the divine mountain was repaired by the Sair Royal Family over thousands of years. They spent countless precious materials to repair it, but…”

How could they possibly repair the holy artifact? It was just a prototype!

“It was clear that the part of the Sair Royal Family that was patched directly collapsed under the powerful attack.”

“Moreover,” The Emperor, Gu Tianzun, spoke of the secret that most people did not know about. ‘The Sacred Mountain’ was a sacred artifact that was shaped like a palace. Its main use was to store, flee, and protect its life. Its offensive ability was naturally ordinary.”

As for the sacred artifact that our Ancient Spirit passed down from generation to generation, it is a

Of course, there wasn’t much hope of killing him. After all, the Ancient Spirit Imperial Clan’s treasure, the ‘Glorious Sun Bow’, was only a damaged holy artifact.

Gu Tianzun would not say this. He looked at Tang Yu.

Right now, only Tree Shade was left. He had yet to take out his trump card.

Floating Island? A mysterious ancient formation? Or

Tang Yu fell into deep thought.

The trump card of Ancient Spirit.

It was a little out of his expectations.

The three great powers of the Fourth Epoch indeed had deep foundations. Although Warren did not have a holy artifact, that City of Machines was even more mysterious and powerful than the “Star Annihilation Flying Ship” they had taken out.

I heard that it was also a legacy from the Second Epoch, the Radiant Era.

Tang Yu even guessed that Warren did not take out the City of Machines because they wanted to leave a way out for themselves. Once the crusade against a world-class demonic beast failed, humans would no longer have the power to resist. Warren would at least be able to control the City of Machines and enter the universe to keep the last spark.

Therefore, Tang Yu could not ask Warren to take out the City of Machines. Just like himself, if things could not be done, he could not sacrifice himself with Earth.

“We, Tree Shade, can allow a portion of people to increase their strength in a short period of time.”

“How much is the increase?”

“More than ten times.”

“Oh, ten times, wait, ten, ten times?!”

A voice breaking cry came from the side. Seeing everyone looking over, he closed his mouth in embarrassment, but the shock in his eyes could not be concealed no matter what.

How strong was a Transcendent who increased his combat strength by ten times?

Without a doubt, a single hand could defeat someone of the same level, and ordinary Transcendents would be able to defeat a veteran Transcendent.

This sort of short increase in strength was not at the cost of exhausting one’s potential.

It could even increase one’s constitution, source energy, spiritual force, and all other aspects.

With the help of the World Tree’s power, along with the “ability value”, the consumption was even lower. It was not difficult to increase ten people and support a battle.

After asking carefully, even Gu Tianzun revealed a look of joy.

Even if his strength was increased by ten times, it would still be impossible for him to face off against a world-class demonic beast.


It could allow him to unleash even greater power when he was controlling a Sacred Artifact!

With so many trump cards, the odds of success might not be high, but there was no doubt that they had the capital to take a gamble.

No one was willing to give up their own family business!

Just as they were about to discuss the specific battle strategy, they heard City Lord Tree Shade continue, “Of course, we, Tree Shade, can still take out other trump cards. However, before that, we need to clear out some unstable factors to prevent news from leaking.”


The atmosphere suddenly became strange.

Could it be that there was a traitor among the people present?

However, every single one of them was a high-level and leader of the major powers. They were also extraordinary, so there was no reason for them to betray humanity!

Many people had strange expressions on their faces.

Following the gaze of the City Lord Tree Shade, his gaze landed on a rugged middle-aged man.

That person was one of the super forces, the City Lord of Crimson Flame City, and one of the two Transcendents that Crimson Flame City was attending this meeting.

The other Scarlet Flame City Transcendent was furious.

How could his boss be a traitor!

It must be that City Lord Tree Shade wants to suppress his dissidents and establish authority!

“You -“

He cursed angrily, but just as he opened his mouth, it was as if his neck had been grabbed.

An invisible wave swept over. The entire conference room was filled with a faint golden radiance. Genesis Qi particles visible to the naked eye swirled, the air distorted, and space changed.

A faint shadow appeared behind the head of the Crimson Flame City’s City Lord, who was locked in place.

South America,

The Hundred Winged Devil Serpent Emperor hovered in the black clouds, his might overflowing.

The earth was barren and black cracks covered the ground, as if it were forscorched earth.

In just two short days, the density of Genesis Qi here had decreased by several folds. The scorched earth was completely devoid of life, a deathly silence.

“Lord Moke, as you expected, the human Transcendents are gathered together to discuss their so-called countermeasures.”


Moke stood at the edge of a crack in the abyss. His needle-shaped tail was coiled around his waist. After devouring Guts, his aura became even more profound. His pupils would occasionally shine.

If one looked closely, they would be able to see the space around him distort imperceptibly.

After he devoured the innate talent of the Sair royal family, he used it even more.

The foreign races behind him became even more respectful.

“But my lord, since we have already destroyed South America and no longer resort to gentle mining methods, why don’t we just go all out and destroy all the human forces?”

The main reason why they devoured planet origin was to borrow the cracks in the Abyss, and the foreign races used all kinds of methods to assist.

Usually, they would use moderate mining and did not kill all the living beings on the planet in one go.

It was for

It was to obtain more planet origin.

Normal primary planets would take a few months. Intermediate planets, one or two years, two or three years, advanced planets would usually take five to ten years… This was the experience obtained by the ‘Devil Race’ after devouring countless life planet origin.

For example, due to the existence of the World Tree, the mining time of the Enoch World had been extended by a lot.

As for the Origin Planet, as the top life planet, it would take at least fifty to sixty years to gently mine.

However, when the previous Demon Tribe Envoy was killed, some of the important figures in the clan were furious. Or perhaps they were afraid of the Sage of Origin Star. Moke had already received a hint that there was no need to delay. Even if they were to destroy the planet and destroy it, losing a portion of its source energy, they had to completely eliminate the threat that might exist on Origin Star.

Moke’s plan was indeed to make a move on the Ten Great Holy Lands.

“Don’t underestimate the Sage of Origin Star’s trump card. Even if there is no one left, those inheritances can not be underestimated. Who knows what trump cards the other holy lands have? If we had some understanding of the saint artifacts of the Seer Royal Family, we would not have let them escape…”

“But…” “In the end, give those humans a little more time to jump around. I have already sent the people of the Heart Demon Clan to the upper echelons of the human race…”

So that was the case!

The foreign race behind him understood.

The Heart Demon Clan was the best hidden contestant. They could directly fuse with the target’s soul, just like seizing a body. They could possess the target’s aura, memories, strength, and so on. Even if they were Saints, unless they used a special holy artifact to spy on the soul, they wouldn’t be able to see any abnormalities.

He knew that Tree Shade’s scanning array was very brilliant, and it was difficult for spies to sneak in, but how could it compare to a Saint?

No wonder Lord Moke didn’t seem to be in a hurry.

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