My Doomsday Territory - Chapter 572

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A faint golden domain power spread out, filling the entire conference hall.

This place was strange and variegated. Genesis Qi particles could be seen with the naked eye, but outside the conference hall, everything was normal. No golden light could be seen seeping out. It was as if the inside and outside were separated into two completely different spaces.

Domain power only targeted the City Lord of Crimson Flame City. As for the other Transcendents, they were horrified to discover that their entire bodies seemed to be immersed in a viscous liquid. Every move they made was greatly hindered.

When they looked at the City Lord Tree Shade, golden light blossomed from his back, forming a phantom.

He sat there, his figure rising infinitely, as if he was sitting on a supreme throne, overlooking everything.

Involuntarily, most Transcendents lowered their heads, showing their respect, not daring to look directly at him.

A small number of Transcendents with strong willpower, such as the Ancient Spirit Emperor, Great Grandmaster Meng, the number one disciple of the Vatican, looked at the figure behind the head of the City Lord of Red Flame City with surprise in their eyes. It was like a shadow that had been forcefully squeezed out.

“What is it?”

The City Lord of Red Flame City had already been imprisoned. His eyes and face were constantly changing, sometimes ferocious, sometimes calm.

The other Scarlet Flame City Transcendent did not dare to speak too much.

No matter how foolish he was, he could tell that something was wrong.

Target: Red Flame City Lord(Luo Yuncheng)

Qualification: A +

Level: Transcendent Rank 1(Common)

Class: Unparsed

Skill: Unable to be analyzed.

Condition: Soul eroded.

Tang Yu’s eyes were filled with data. What he could see was not only the data analyzed, but also the two entangled souls in the main body of Crimson Flame City.

-This is a deeper use of the’ Eye of Insight ‘, directly seeing the essence of the soul… Tang Yu was very suspicious. The’ Eye of Insight ‘was not only a Super Spell, it might also involve a Divine Ability… However, he was far from being able to use it.

Of the two souls, a part of the weak had already been corroded. The remaining spiritual light was suppressed in the deepest part, and the powerful soul was controlling everything in the body of the City Lord of Red Flame City.

It was like a schizophrenic, or rather, an invading spirit, dominating everything.

Under normal circumstances, even if one’s strength exceeded a thousand times, they would still be unable to detect it.

Tang Yu seemed to have simply forced out the soul, but in reality, he had already made a lot of preparations.

From the beginning of the meeting, he had secretly used the “Eye of Insight”. It took him more than ten minutes to capture the two souls in the main body of Crimson Flame City.

With a precise position, he could use the “Fear” ability of the “King Realm” to directly injure the soul, instead of knocking the City Lord of Crimson Flame City unconscious.

At this time, under the intimidation of the King Realm, the soul of the intruder became weaker and weaker. In contrast, the soul of the City Lord of Crimson Flame City, who had been suppressed before, began to resist and fight for control of the body.

On the outside, it was the facial expression that kept changing.

Tang Yu was also glad that the soul of the City Lord of Red Flame City had not been completely eroded. Once the two souls merged, they would form a new soul with the consciousness of the Heart Demon Clan. At that time, even if the Sage revived, it would still be cold. There was no way to save it. Just kill it.

The soul struggle lasted for more than three minutes. Accompanied by an ear-piercing scream, a faint purple shadow separated from the head of the City Lord of Red Flame City.

The virtual shadow was a ball of dough.

It had no fixed shape and was baring its fangs.

After being squeezed out of his body, the Inner Demon was extraordinary. He looked at Tang Yu with resentment, and his body gradually faded. He shot into the distance at an extremely fast speed. Even the power of the domain could not suppress him.

“Suppress -“

The body of the Inner Demon Transcendent stopped near the wall of the conference hall. Under the effect of an invisible force, it was kneaded into a sphere the size of an egg.

The power of suppression shrouded, locking all perception and power of the Inner Demon Transcendent.

Tang Yu waved his hand. The purple ball flew back and tossed it to Hui Ren.

Hui Ren took out a small box that contained a sealed item and placed the ball inside. The size was just right.

Hu —

The pale gold domain power gathered and the entire conference hall returned to its original state.

However, the entire audience was still silent, filled with a strange and awkward atmosphere.

After a while,

The Ancient Spirit Emperor asked with a trembling voice, “That… Was that the power of the domain just now?”


“That can’t be!”

“Isn’t that a special ability that only a Third Order Transcendent possesses”

Origin Star had many secret realms and ruins. In terms of knowledge, the various Holy Lands were not inferior. Among the 21 super forces, there were also some Transcendents who had heard of the term “domain”.

However, it was only hearsay, let alone knowledge.

A faint golden radiance… Many Transcendents thought that it was some kind of special technique. When the Ancient Spirit Emperor opened his mouth, they immediately exploded.

Tang Yu slowly nodded.

The Ancient Spirit Emperor was shocked!

Could it be that the City Lord Tree Shade had already reached Tier 3? To him, Tier 2 was already very unscientific. Even if the City Lord Tree Shade was the son of the world, he could only quickly advance to Transcendent. Where did the massive amount of energy required to reach Tier 1 to Tier 2 come from?

Not to mention the third rank!

But if he hadn’t reached the third rank, then how could the power of the domain be so fat

He didn’t ask, clearly understanding that Tang Yu couldn’t tell him this kind of secret.

In the conference hall, some people who were completely confused and didn’t understand the “domain” were asking others in a low voice. When they looked up again, they looked at Tang Yu differently.

As if they were looking at faith, gods, demons, freaks…

At the very least, the morale of the human allied army had risen by quite a bit.

In the next hour, the meeting was all discussing how to deal with it.

Now that they had weapons that could harm world-class demonic beasts, the key points were on how to use the Ancient Spirit Sacred Weapon, the “Flying Ship”, and the “trump card” of Tree Shade.

In the end, they still planned the war zone around the floating island and used the home advantage to increase their chances of winning.

However, how can we guarantee that the aliens will attack Tree Shade directly? If the aliens turn to attack the forces we are in, who can stop them?

South America had been destroyed, and the heroes in North America expressed their worry. What if the aliens took the approach principle?

For a moment, they hesitated whether they should stay at the door of Tree Shade and the other aliens or go back to their own forces to set up defenses.

However, on second thought,

Even if they returned to their own forces and defended with all their strength, could they stop the world-class demonic beasts?

Obviously, the leaders of the major forces felt very stifled when they thought of this.

At the beginning, they proposed to place the meeting place in Tree Shade to prevent their own forces from being affected by the battle. Now, looking at it… Tree Shade City had gathered the top human experts. At least it was safer. As for their hometown, whether it was safe or not could only be decided by fate.

The main force of the battle was obviously Tree Shade, and the location of the battle was also near Tree Shade. It would be fine for him to just play around, but… why did it become like this?

After the meeting, all the superpowers stayed in the hotel to recuperate and prepare for the upcoming battle.

On the other side of the ocean.

Moke held a resplendent crystal in his hand. The information he wanted had already been conveyed out.

“There’s actually a broken saint artifact…”

“Tree Shade’s mysterious means can increase one’s combat strength by ten times? And also trigger the heavenly lightning?”

It was somewhat beyond his expectations. He thought about it, but it was also within reason.

After all, he was the descendant of the Origin Star Sage, and he had defeated the previous envoy. Without any special trump cards, Moke felt that it was abnormal.

“Fortunately, with the help of the demons, we can easily find out the final trump card of the human race. Now…”

“Follow me to battle.”

He leaped into the sky, and black clouds spread to the far end.

Behind him, more than a thousand foreign races ‘Transcendents followed, turning into streaks of light.

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