My Doomsday Territory - Chapter 573

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It was already noon, and the sun was shining brightly.

Including Tree Shade, there were more than two hundred Transcendents on the floating island. Adding the Kingdom of Inna in the World Fruit, there were more than four hundred Transcendents.


Tang Yu did not invite the Transcendents from Eno Continent. He did not want to expose the matters of the other world so early… No matter how many ordinary Transcendents there were, they were not the deciding power.

All the Transcendents were on standby, some of them solemn and some nervous.

The pre-war work had already been prepared, but no one knew when the foreign races would launch an attack, and whether their next target was Tree Shade.

The people of the Sacred Land forces were worried about their hometown, so they had specially sent their elites out to take refuge.

On this day, Tree Shade also had some survivors leave on origin power trains or airships.

However, there were not many of them.

Since the apocalypse, Tree Shade had experienced many disasters from a small shelter to a floating island city. Every time, he would defend against the enemy outside the city walls. Even the seemingly despairing enemy would turn the tide time and time again under the leadership of City Lord Tang.

Kill the 5th Tier of the Mana Tide.

Destroys disaster-level demonized beasts,

They surrounded and killed the invaders.

They killed countless Transcendents with a wave of their hands.

The people living in Tree Shade City, from the leaders of large adventurer groups to the ordinary survivors, were very confident in Tree Shade. Even if this time, they heard that they destroyed a holy land, they were fearless.

City Lord Tang is so awesome, why are we afraid of chickens

Some of the guild leaders even said that they would not do any missions today and would live and die with Tree Shade City!

After Tang Yu learned of this matter, he was a little touched.

However, he did not have full confidence. These people were full of confidence, making him not know whether to laugh or cry.

He ignored them and only ordered Chen Haiping and the members of the garrison corps to maintain order.

As for himself, he had come to the “Pure Source Energy Pool”.

Nancy was deepening her grasp of the domain, and Elaine was also familiarizing himself with the holy artifact that he had just obtained… The rest of them either adjusted their states or made their final advancements.

Tang Yu was no exception.

In the eyes of countless leaders, he was Tree Shade’s strongest expert, an absolute second rank existence. However, he himself knew that the strongest person in the fart could not even rank in the top five.

The top ten could barely make it.

He was still just a newbie who had just condensed the ninth Origin Source Core!

That’s right,

The reason why fann.y and the others had taken the lead to break through to the second rank was rather complicated.

On one hand, he had failed once when he was condensing the ninth source core. He had no choice but to delay his breakthrough. On the other hand, he wanted to take the third path of the second step of the Transcendent realm.

If he took the path of the physical body, he could be reborn from a drop of blood.

If he took the path of energy, he could be converted into elemental essence.

As for the last path, he would not be destroyed.

There were three paths. Rebirth through dripping blood was the most common. Tang Yu’s profession was a Spellblade. If he broke through normally, there was a 90% chance that he would walk the path of the physical body. There was also a very small chance that he would walk the path of energy. After all, a Spellblade could be considered a close-combat master.

However, it was almost impossible to walk the path of the mind.

Among the many followers, only Zhu Shu Li had the possibility of obtaining the characteristic of “Spirit Indestructible” after breaking through.

The three,

There was no distinction between good and bad, only that the emphasis was different.

A person who had reincarnated from a drop of blood had the thickest life, and when they reached the end, they would form a golden body, which was extremely powerful.

As for elementiumization, life-saving, and combat strength, they had both aspects.

If one’s spirit was not destroyed, they would be the weakest individual among the three paths… After all, without a drop of blood to be reborn or elementiumized, the fatal weakness of the human body still existed, and if killed, they would die.

However, Tang Yu was very clear about his position.

He was a lord, and he did occasionally fight, but did he have to fight to the death with the enemy?

Or if even the life-saving ability of “Blood Drop Rebirth” was forced out, wouldn’t he, Tree Shade, be a pill?

Whether it was “Blood Drop Rebirth” or “elementiumization”, they were of little significance to him.

As long as he had a part of his spiritual energy, he would be able to create something similar to a life box and place it in his territory. When he was outside, he would be able to do whatever he wanted. Even if he died, he would be able to be reborn in his territory.

Hold on,

This was in line with his position as a Great Lord.

Tang Yu began to activate the Genesis Qi in the “Pure Source Energy Pool”. The Origin Energy sea in his body churned and his energy rose. When he reached the critical point, he teleported and appeared in the “Ward Breaking”.

Whoosh —

Wind and clouds surged.

A mysterious and strange power descended.

Tang Yu was a little nervous, not because he was worried that his breakthrough would fail – after watching several breakthroughs, his foundation was very solid, and there was probably no problem in breaking through.

What he was nervous about was whether he would be able to obtain the characteristics of “Spirit Indestructible” after breaking through.

These days,

Whether it was looking for spiritual attack spells from various channels(this type of spell was very rare), or consuming heavenly treasures to increase his spiritual force, he had done everything he needed to do. He also borrowed the experience and conjectures about breaking through from many documents in the Sacred City.

One of the conjectures, “The self-will impact on the road of breaking through”, was very suitable for Tang Yu’s taste.

The “calamity” of the breakthrough was about to come, and Tang Yu had been muttering to himself that his mind would not be destroyed.



His vision darkened.

In the next moment, it was as if he was in a bizarre world. The world changed. The scenery changed. He died of old age and illness. He flicked his finger at the time

It was unknown how much time had passed. It could be a second, or maybe a hundred or a thousand years.

Tang Yu finally opened his eyes. An ancient expression flashed through his pupils.

“I almost fell into an illusory world.”

He looked down and saw that his clothes were still in good condition.

Every cell in his body was transforming, and the sea of Origin Energy expanded by ten to a hundred times.

The Origin Energy Core had already fused into one and dissipated, transforming into an invisible “Origin”. His mental energy also had a trace of an indestructible characteristic.

His aura rapidly rose, and his aura that had been solidified soared into the sky. Under the obstruction of the

After a long while,

Tang Yu clenched his fists. He felt that compared to his previous self, he could now fight ten… no, twenty!


Normally, it was either a game or a game. It seemed like there was no point in increasing his combat strength.

There was nothing he was not satisfied with. He had already obtained the secret technique to cut the spirit in the Holy City.

Anyone could cut the spirit, but only with the characteristic of “Spirit Indestructible”, would they not become a fool after cutting.

Close your eyes and turn your spirit into a knife…

Cut it down!


For some reason, Tang Yu felt a chill run down his spine.

He looked again and saw that his spirit had been divided into two parts. One of them was sealed in a small box with a secret method and placed in the safest place in the castle.

He still wanted to continue cutting. He wanted to be like the inner demons he met in the old king’s city, placing his spirit in other bodies to form an incarnation.


When he was about to swing his blade, he instinctively felt that if he swung another blade, it might cause an indelible injury to his mind.

Left with no choice,

He could only resentfully stop.

He had just broken through to Tier 2, and his Spirit Indestructible characteristic was still a little too weak.


Tang Yu frowned.

Luo Zhe had just sent him the latest news. On a large island across the straits, a shelter had just been destroyed without warning.

Only scorched earth remained.

The alien race had arrived!

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