My Doomsday Territory - Chapter 574

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The foreign races carried the black clouds and attacked like a super typhoon. Everywhere they passed, the place was in a mess, spreading far and wide.

No matter if it were forthe other holy land forces or Tree Shade, they could not place spies in the group of foreign races. The entire South America was now divided into level six dangerous places, and there were very few detailed movements of the foreign races.

At this time,

The foreign races attacked without holding back. While they were shocked, they immediately made arrangements.

Within Tiannan Province, the shelters that could be affected quickly moved the survivors with the help of airships and source power vehicles – they had already begun to prepare before the foreign races attacked.

Losses were inevitable.

If it were fora primary life planet, with the terror of a world-class demonic beast, it was entirely possible to destroy the entire planet.

Although the Origin Star was of a high level, it was still in the midst of recovery. Perhaps it could not destroy the earth and sink the continent. It was hard to say.

The plan,

The core point was to use the power of thunder to deal an irreparable damage to a world-class demonic beast.

Tang Yu checked the “Space Belt” again and released a level-three large-scale spell

The misty halo enveloped the entire floating island and soon disappeared.

Before the energy was exhausted, the ‘Holy Light Protection’ could be maintained for a period of time. As long as the floating island was attacked, it would be revealed.

Time passed by.

Other than those who had special missions, most of the Transcendents stood outside the floating island with solemn expressions, looking at the blue sky.

Rumble —

At the end of the distant horizon, traces of black shadows appeared. In a flash, a large expanse of the sky was swallowed up by the pitch-black clouds.

An indescribable sense of oppression came head-on.

In the black clouds, a head as big as a small mountain appeared, and the long snake body behind it could not be seen to the end.

From afar, those scarlet vertical pupils could be clearly seen.

“Gulp —“

The pupils of many Transcendents contracted as they swallowed their saliva with great difficulty.

Even though their bodies had already surpassed that of ordinary people, they still couldn’t help but… tremble slightly under the might of an earth-shattering force.

Every human expert present had seen the scene of a world-class demonic beast. Some people had seen it more than once or twice.

In their hearts, they had already tried their best to raise the estimation of this apocalyptic beast.

However, the difference between the scene and the real scene was too great.

Only when they truly met the Hundred Winged Devil Serpent Emperor did they realize that they… did not have the courage to face this apocalyptic beast at all.

Was this kind of terrifying existence really something humans could contend against?

Before the battle had even begun, the morale of the human Extraordinary allied forces had fallen again and again.

Gu Tianzun, who was the most confident, had a solemn expression. A world-class demonic beast? No one had any experience facing it. It was only when he saw City Lord Tang’s calm expression that his expression relaxed a little.

Unknowingly, many leaders of the major forces, including the Ancient Spirit Emperor, had already regarded Tang Yu as their backbone.

The human alliance did not have the so-called title of alliance leader.

However, right now, Tang Yu almost had the reality of being the “leader” – the premise was that he could really defeat the foreign allied forces.

The black clouds were getting closer and closer.

Apart from the world-class demonic beast that only revealed a small part of its body, there were also countless soaring Transcendents below.

Be it momentum or drive,

It was still psychological pressure.

As the “Alliance Leader”, Tang Yu was the first to bear the brunt.

He was indeed not flustered.

Even the second level Transcendent Ancient Spirit Emperor, who was intimidated by the aura of a world-class demonic beast, was slightly panicked. The others probably did not even have seventy to eighty percent of their strength left.

However, Tang Yu expressed that he had experienced a lot.

In the battle of the old king’s city, the veteran domain realm master of the Heart Demon Clan could cover a distance of over a hundred kilometers.

He had faced it head-on.

The aura of the foreign saint was far away from the stars, covering the entire Eno Continent.

Compared to a true saint, a world-class demonic beast was just a bit bigger.

Nancy, Kong, Hui Ren, and the others were solemn, but they did not show much fear. However, the morale of most Transcendents was still low. Tang Yu saw this.

I have to turn this situation around. Otherwise, when the enemy approaches, there might be signs of fleeing.

The status panel opened in front of him.

Turning to the first page of the defensive spell, he activated the Tier 3 spell, “Lightning of the Nine Heavens”.


The sky suddenly darkened, and the last trace of light also disappeared.

Lightning arcs flashed, and the dark figures of the allied forces in the distance appeared and disappeared.

Moke, who was standing on top of the giant head of the Hundred Winged Devil Emperor, raised his head and keenly sensed the terrifying aura of destruction coming from above.

Tree Shade’s Heavenly Thunder. Was the previous fool killed by this method?

Moke had long known that no matter if it was the information given by the other races or the information sent by the spies of the Heart Demon Clan, they all let him know the power of the Heavenly Thunder that could not be underestimated.


“Crush it!”

he ordered.

The Hundred Winged Demonic Serpent Emperor let out a low roar. Its huge tail behind the black cloud swept towards the thunder clouds in the sky.

The black clouds in the sky were completely scattered by this tail. Its enormous and suffocating body completely appeared before everyone’s eyes.

At this time,

Countless thick bluish-purple lightning bolts fell from the thunderclouds.

Zi –

Bang –

The Hundred Winged Devil Serpent Emperor swept his tail over. Dozens of lightning bolts that were thicker than water buckets were directly dispersed. Bolts of lightning danced on the scales of the snake tail, but they were unable to cause the slightest damage.

Moke revealed a smile.

“Absolute power can crush anything…”

Dozens of lightning bolts were scattered, and the remaining hundreds of lightning bolts circled in an arc, streaking across the two sides of the huge snake tail.


They headed straight for the demonic snake, where the densely packed alien Transcendents were.


Thunder illuminated the sky.

It illuminated the deathly pale faces of the foreign races.

In that instant, dozens of foreign races ‘Transcendents were turned to ashes.

In another instant, more than a hundred bluish-purple lightning bolts descended from the sky, bypassing the Devil Serpent Emperor and accurately striking the bodies of every foreign race’s Transcendents.

The thunderclouds were still rolling.

Rumbling sounds rang out endlessly.

Moke was stunned, angry.

Wasn’t Tree Shade’s trump card to deal with the Hundred Winged Devil Serpent Emperor? It seems like that fellow from the Heart Demon Clan didn’t say that it was prepared for the Devil Serpent Emperor…


The Demon Race Envoy was a little stunned. It was different from what he had thought. No matter how many of those scums died, it wouldn’t affect the outcome of the battle, right?

Even after the world-class demonic beasts managed to stop most of the lightning, they managed to kill hundreds of alien Transcendents in just a few seconds.

This was the greatest battle record humanity had ever achieved since the apocalypse.

On the side of the human allied army, they were all excited. The aura of each expert was released, and pillars of air soared into the sky, tearing apart the clouds.

In contrast,

The envoy was not afraid,

The Devil Snake Emperor was not afraid,

But… they were afraid of death!

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