My Doomsday Territory - Chapter 575

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Tang Yu gazed into the distance, and the thunderclouds in the air dissipated.

His mind power, which had been tensed up all this time, finally relaxed a little.

Compared to before, the Tier 2 large-scale spell, ‘Endless Lightning’, could not be fully controlled. Now, the Tier 3 spell, ‘Lightning of the Nine Heavens’, was controlled with ease.

Without his precise control, even a Tier 3 large-scale spell would not be able to kill hundreds of Transcendents in a few seconds.

Rank 2, it is indeed another breakthrough, especially when it comes to spiritual breakthrough. It is not the most suitable, but it is the most suitable.

Tang Yu glanced to his left and right, and the faces of the Transcendents around him turned red. They were very excited.

Compared to before, they were cowering. At this time, they wanted to rush up and kill the enemy!

The foreign races had world-class demonic beasts that could not be defeated. On their side, there was also City Lord Tang who was like an immortal god!

They did not know that this was a large-scale spell that had been prepared a long time ago. They only saw Tang Yu wave his hand lightly, and the lightning he summoned would kill hundreds of Transcendents.

In their eyes, apart from its size, City Lord Tang was no weaker than that apocalyptic beast!

Moke was a little angry.

He did not care much about a few hundred Tier 1 Transcendents, but he could not tolerate such a thing happening in front of his eyes.

“Kill them!”

He lightly stomped his foot.

The Hundred Winged Demonic Serpent Emperor heard his order and let out a roar. The deafening roar caused the clouds and mist to ripple.

The surrounding several dozen li of Genesis Qi flocked together, forming a vortex visible to the naked eye.

Endless black light condensed into a ball in the opened mouth of the giant Serpent. In the next moment, endless black light shot out in the direction of the human Transcendents!

The air that was torn apart,

It pierced through space!

The thick black pillar of light carried a world-destroying aura as it quickly enlarged in the eyes of every extraordinary individual.

It filled the entire world!

It could not be avoided.

It is inevitable!

Countless humans were horrified. They recognized this move!

The treasure divine mountain of the Sair royal family had been destroyed by this attack!

Escape? They could not escape.

With their small bodies, they could not block it at all.

It had just begun, and it was about to end?

An instinctive despair emerged in the hearts of most people.

At this time,

“Dodge to the sides!”

A voice that wasn’t loud rang out in everyone’s ears.

Behind him,

A purple pillar of light shot out, piercing through the heavens and earth, colliding with the black light in the air.

One purple and one black pillar of light split the sky into two. Endless wind pressure swept over, and the earth was cut open, forming a ravine. Trees and gravel flew about.

Moments later,

In less than a second,

The black light crushed the purple light pillar and pierced through the sky and earth dozens of miles away.

The thirty-six Super Magic Prism Towers that had condensed the purple light pillar, and even the floating island base beneath it was destroyed in the endless black light.

However, the human Transcendents who heard the sound took advantage of this one second of obstruction.

Only a few Transcendents who were unable to escape the range of the black light had died.

“According to the plan, other than the team that is dealing with the world-class demonic beasts, the rest of us should split up. At least we have to delay the foreign Transcendents!”


At this moment, no one had any objections.

As soon as he finished speaking, the Human Race Transcendents flew towards the Human Race Transcendents that had already scattered in the distance.

Soldiers against soldiers, generals against generals!

“Authority, support!”

An invisible power descended. Nancy, Kong, Hui Ren… The Ancient Spirit Emperor, Great Master Meng, and the number one disciple of the Vatican. There were a total of more than ten extraordinary experts. With the support of their psychic powers, their battle prowess skyrocketed.

Senior Transcendents like Great Master Meng, at this moment, other than not having any special abilities, also had the strength of a Second Order Transcendent.

The attack failed.

The terrifying body of a world-class demonic beast was already flying close. A few unlucky Transcendents were crushed and died on the spot.

Tang Yu stared at it and suddenly snapped his fingers.

In the distance,

An island that was one square kilometer in size sped over.

On the island, there were three strange buildings that looked like radars. They were arranged in a triangular position. Below the “radar”, dozens of people in white coats sent by Northern Court controlled the latest model of energy gathering cannon under the pressure.

They were already unafraid of death!

In the center of the reflective surface, the three protruding energy gathering rods and the red light that shot out converged at one point.

It rapidly expanded.

From the size of a fist to the size of a basketball.

In the blink of an eye, it was over two meters in diameter and condensed into a red ball of energy.


The red ball of light flew out. The overflowing energy distorted the surrounding space and the red arc of light crackled.

In the blink of an eye,

The huge ball of light was only a few hundred meters away from the world-class demonic beast’s head.


A terrifying energy cloud exploded in the air, causing the entire sky to tremble.

The red energy stream turned into a gorgeous flower, enveloping the enormous body of the Devil Serpent Emperor.

“Did, did it succeed?”

Regardless of whether it was the controller who had collapsed to the ground, or the human Transcendents, they all looked over nervously.

Moments later,

The energy cloud dispersed.

The huge head and scarlet pupils once again appeared in front of everyone.

The few scales closest to the explosive point were slightly damaged, but that was all.

Northern Court’s trump card was just the beginning.

Xiu –

An enormous streamlined airship removed its concealment runes. While the surrounding energy was vibrating, the main cannon began charging.




A pillar of light that was even thicker than the black and purple light from before shot out from the main cannon of the “Star Destroyer”.

The terrifying energy caused the human race Transcendents who were fighting to move far away.

The scorching white light dispersed the black clouds, and the entire sky seemed to be left with nothing.

The white pillar of light broke through the atmosphere and finally disappeared.

After a long time,

And it seemed like it only lasted for a moment.

The white light faded, and half of the world-class demonic beast that appeared in everyone’s eyes had disappeared, like a giant Serpent with its tail cut off.

At the fracture,

There was also white smoke, and one could faintly smell the smell of a roasted Serpent.


Before the human side could show joy, they saw countless black smoke coming out of the fracture, reforming into the shape of a Serpent tail and two wings.

With a whoosh, the black smoke condensed into a solid form, and the terrifying Devil Serpent Emperor returned to his original appearance.


There was no sign of any decline.

Human Transcendents were desperate again.

An ice-cold and suffocating aura enveloped the entire battlefield. The bodies of some Transcendents who were slightly closer, regardless of whether they were humans or foreign races, exploded.

The Hundred-Winged Demon Serpent Emperor dashed forward with a whoosh. Its huge body did not affect its speed at all. In an instant, it appeared in front of the “star destroyer” that was too late to retreat.

The huge Serpent mouth ruthlessly bit down.


A layer of misty blue rain barrier outside the flying ship shattered like an eggshell.

The thick armor was torn apart like paper. In the blink of an eye, the flying ship that had just been viewed as the hope of many Transcendents was broken into two.

Some were swallowed into the body of the Devil Serpent Emperor, while some scattered and fell from the sky.

Tang Yu saw that Warren Duo, who had already turned pale, was even paler than before.

He had expected the failure of the “Star Annihilation Flying Ship”.

However, Tang Yu had not expected that even his injuries would not be able to harm that world-class demonic beast.

The Demon Serpent Emperor possessed the characteristics of a Transcendent Tier 2 – [Reconstruction]. With the other party’s size and origin, it was undoubtedly a hundred to a thousand times that of a normal Transcendent. In terms of consumption, it was impossible to fight. Moreover, it was extremely difficult to injure the Demon Serpent Emperor.

It was the worst case scenario.


Power – Teleportation’!

Tang Yu disappeared from his spot. The next moment, he appeared on the enormous head of the Devil Serpent Emperor.

Not far away was the Devil Race Envoy, Moke.

He unsheathed his long sword, and the sword light was like a rainbow. Taking advantage of the other party’s astonishment, Tang Yu slashed out with his sword.

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