My Doomsday Territory - Chapter 579

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The scene fell into an awkward silence.

The Emperor of the Ancient Spirit Empire was at the bottom of the food chain. Even Guts had died at the hands of the Devil Race. He himself was only half as strong as the head of the Sair Royal Family. He could not use a holy weapon and was still dispirited. He was very confident in his heart.

He never thought that he would be the first target to retreat with a strategic retreat.

It was not his heart.

It was just that the innate talent of the devil race was too terrifying. It was fine if they died, but it was very likely that they would be devoured and become a part of their strength… Guts’ third eye ‘had been devoured. It was a spatial ability that even the Ancient Spirit Emperor coveted.

Now that it was controlled by the devil race envoy, the other party’s strength had increased by a level.

He could not follow in Guts’ footsteps. It was impossible for him to risk his life. As long as he escaped, he would be contributing to humanity.


However, the Ancient Spirit Emperor did not have any extravagant hopes.

It was already “extreme benevolence” for Tree Shade to lure and trap the most terrifying world-class demonic beast.

He felt that this City Lord Tang, who was the strongest in combat power, was definitely fighting with the other top-tier abilities of Tree Shade and the world-class demonic beast. There was no need to think about the other extraordinary humans. Who was not at a disadvantage?

He could only think of a way to retreat on his own.

Moke’s aura rose step by step, and the Ancient Spirit Emperor’s heart gradually turned cold.

The probability of successfully escaping was reduced to 50 to 30, and then to another level


He saw City Lord Tang appear.

Like a ray of sunlight suddenly piercing through the darkness in a rainstorm, the Ancient Spirit Emperor was truly moved.

City Lord Tang, as expected of the leader of the alliance, this old man feels ashamed of himself.

Tang Yu followed the aura and teleported. After he appeared, he found that the Ancient Spirit Emperor was staring at him with a burning gaze… How did it feel to be stared at by a few hundred years old man? He almost abandoned him.

Was the big picture more important or the big chrysanthemum?

Tang Yu did not expect the Ancient Spirit Emperor to have so many thoughts in an instant. The number of people who arranged to deal with the world-class demonic beast was indeed not just Elaine alone, but what did fighting the BOSS have to do with him, the Great Lord Tang?

He could not help at all!

“You go and support the others. I will deal with the demons.”

“Oh, okay.”

The Ancient Spirit Emperor was stunned for a moment before he turned into a streak of light and fled into the distance.

Moke did not even look at it as his eyes stared fixedly at Tang Yu.

It was clearly a great advantage. Humans were clearly gathered together. As long as A went up, he would be able to deal with most of Origin Star’s resistance.

This was a double happiness, but when had it become like this?

Moke also had a faint bad feeling in his heart.

However, at this point, it was impossible to retreat. The Transcendents under him were entangled with humans, and the Hundred Winged Devil Serpent Emperor was trapped. Even if they could withdraw a few people, it would be meaningless.


They were still in an advantageous position, but they were not as big as they were in the beginning!

“Die -“

Moke’s cold voice rang out. His body was lowered, his muscles expanded, and countless strange arms popped out from his back. Without hesitation, he entered the “first stage of transformation” state.

[ – Blazing Sword]!

The sword light swept across.

In an instant, it turned into raging flames, and countless pale white arms turned to ashes under the extremely high temperature.

Hu —

In the flames, there were also several arms that had not been burned out. They grabbed at Tang Yu like snakes.

He retreated hundreds of meters, and those arms were like gangrene on his bones, sticking tightly to him.

The flames contracted and stuck to the blade of the sword. A streak of sword light flashed, and the last few arms were cut off. The broken parts fell into the air and dissipated into smoke.

Xiu –

The tail with a sharp mouthpartinstantly pierced through Tang Yu.

With a forceful swing, the shadow disappeared.

Moke’s expression did not change. The countless arms that emerged from his back overlapped and formed a shield.

The sword light slashed down like a rainbow. The shield formed by the arm was torn apart. At the edge, even more arms wrapped around it. The most fatal tail waited for an opportunity to move. Tang Yu was forced back once again.

Although he did not have the upper hand, Moke was greatly reassured.

The reason he had been suppressed before was because the girl in black armor was the one who truly threatened him.


Moke also admitted that Tang Yu was not weaker than him.

These humans were unexpectedly strong.

However, they were only humans after all. In terms of race, they were far from comparable to their race.

The devil race’s tail could not only devour, but it was also a killing move!

Even if he was torn apart by a human expert, he would only lose a bit of his source energy. Once a human expert was devoured and absorbed by his tail, it would be fatal!

In comparison, his tolerance rate was much higher.

In a protracted battle, the one who would ultimately win would be him!

The two of them fought back and forth. In addition to devouring, the Devil Race also had a very strong innate ability to adapt to battle. As time passed, the threat that Moke displayed became higher and higher.

However, the two of them were still in a stalemate.

To be exact, Tang Yu gradually gained a faint upper hand.

He also used the opportunity of battle to improve himself – in the second step of the Transcendent realm, Great Lord Tang was still a new and adorable person. He had not yet entered the spiritual space to familiarize himself with his power after breaking through.

The evenly matched Moke was the best opponent.

As the battle progressed, the power of the domain gradually increased. From the original five kilometers, it gradually expanded to eight kilometers, ten kilometers.

It suppressed Moke’s domain.

Rip –

Tang Yu’s figure flashed past. Countless arms on Moke’s back were cut off. The orange-yellow demonic flames seemed to be alive as they pulsed. It was only when Moke’s entire back had been scorched to the point of caving in a large area that they disappeared under the erosion of his Origin Energy.

“How can a mere human be so strong”

It was fine if he was strong, but his progress in battle was even faster than his own, making Moke, who was proud of his race’s talent, unable to accept it.

He had never thought that Tang Yu had just recently advanced in strength. If he knew this, he was afraid that… he would be even more unable to accept it. A veteran rank two had just been pushed to the ground by someone who had just broken through. F*ck! F*ck! F*ck! F*ck! The face of the devil race was completely lost!

The burn on Moke’s back quickly recovered. He did not rush up again. His muscles were bulging and contracting non-stop.

The next second,

Strange purple lines appeared. His body was bent even lower. His tail was raised high and his aura soared. A howling wind swept over.


Tang Yu caught a glimpse of a purple shadow flashing from the corner of his eye. His body leaned forward and the tip of his sword drew an arc. Flames, frost, and lightning interweaved into a spinning circle.

Bang –

The circle shattered and Tang Yu flew hundreds of meters away. He stabilized his body in the air and his right hand holding the sword felt a faint pain.

Under the Eye of Insight, his eyes could keep up, but his speed and strength were far inferior to Moke, who was in the second stage of transformation.

The figure of a scorpion flickered, and peng, peng, peng, peng, peng, sounds kept coming from everywhere. Even if he was extraordinary, he could only see the shadows and waves of air that kept exploding.

In just a few seconds, Tang Yu was already in danger.

He could not be reborn from a drop of blood, nor could he transform into essence. If he was killed, he would die – he could only choose to resurrect.

Moke laughed wildly and attacked like a storm.

Bang –

Tang Yu was sent flying again and couldn’t help but spit out a mouthful of blood.

Seeing the purple figure approaching again, he couldn’t help but sigh. “I’d better choose a group fight.”

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