My Doomsday Territory - Chapter 585

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The Ancient Spirit Imperial Capital was located to the west of the Daxia Kingdom.

It was said to be a very magnificent capital city that was built in the Fourth Epoch and sealed in the small world of the Ancient Spirit Imperial Family.

It was worthy of being the real Ancient Capital.

Tang Yu had always been curious about this capital city. In the early days, Tree Shade only had one or two Transcendents. He was cautious and did not plan to go to the Ancient Spirit Imperial Capital. Later, Tang Yu had been busy expressing that he was not free.

This time, the Ancient Spirit Empire asked for help, and Tang Yu decided to lead the team himself.

Hu —hu —

The airship sailed through the clouds, its mouth emitting a misty blue light.

Wearing a dark combat suit and a cloak, Tang Yu stood at the front of the deck, overlooking the misty white clouds.

On the floating airship, there are Kong and Hui Ren, two second-tier combat powers, Zhu Shu Li, Xingling Xingyue, Carmen and other transcendents, as well as a number of awakened people from the intelligence department and the survey corps.

There were also the personal guards that he had to accompany when he went out as a lord.

There were quite a few people, and they were still sparse on the medium-sized airship that could carry three thousand guests.

At this time, the great battle had just ended. Most people did not have the mood to chat. Apart from the airship patrols, most of them were cultivating in the cabins.

Apart from being unable to connect to the spiritual space, the gravity rooms and cultivation rooms were also equipped on medium-sized airships.

The airship advanced at full speed. It did not take long for it to cross the snowy mountain peak. Tang Yu also saw a large bird over a hundred meters long with silvery white abdomen and icy-blue wings flying over the mountain peak.

The large bird also discovered the “behemoth” of the airship. It stared vigilantly for a while and did not approach. In the blink of an eye, it disappeared into the depths of the mountain range.

“The strange beasts on Earth are getting stronger and stronger as well.”

“The growth rate of the strange beasts produced in certain special environments is probably even faster than that of the top human experts.”

Tang Yu shook his head.

If it was in the past, he might have been tempted to hunt down that obviously Transcendent ice-blue bird.

But now, he had seen too many Transcendent beasts and had the ability to travel to other worlds. Facing the native Transcendent beasts of Earth, unless they attacked humans, Tang Yu was not willing to take action.

It was just like… facing the mentality of protecting animals.

Standing straight on the deck, Tang Yu did not cultivate. Instead, he released his domain and maintained a range of one or two meters around him, training his control and usage of his domain.

Not long after, the airship began to descend.

After passing through the clouds and standing on the deck, one could see the scenery of the earth.

Mountains, forests, ruins of buildings…

Even from a distance, one could see it clearly with their Transcendent eyesight.

Speaking of which, although I have crossed the world several times, this is the first time I have gone abroad today, except for the collapse of the Sanctum and the fall of Australia.

For a moment, he was speechless.

For a dignified lord to be able to get to this point, it was definitely not because he was a shut-in, it was just that he was too busy.

Right, too busy!

Tang Yu looked ahead, and a vast capital city appeared at the end of his vision.

The airship did not approach. Instead, it landed a few kilometers away from the imperial capital.

Tang Yu landed lightly on the ground.

The hatch on the side of the airship opened.

A broad, slanted board was set down. The rhinoceros tank, Floating Tank, and other vehicles drove out of the hatch.

Tang Yu’s car was a slightly flashy chariot with all kinds of pictures engraved on it.

The captain of the personal guards, Nancy, stayed in the Frozen Eternity and did not follow them this time.

The one in charge of the personal guards was the vice-captain, Song Yanxi.

Under Tang Yu’s constant hints, the personal guards that had expanded to fifty people were no longer all men.

Men and women were divided into half.

Song Yanxi was an apprentice who had yet to graduate from the Extreme Martial Arts Dojo. After being discovered by Nancy, she joined the personal guards.

Tang Yu guessed that the names all had the word “Xi”. They were of similar age, and Nancy took care of Song Yanxi, who was also a lonely and lonely person. After Song Yanxi had sufficient resources, she displayed a very high talent. She was diligent and hardworking, and her strength increased by leaps and bounds.

She finally broke through six days ago and entered a path beyond the mortal world.

The convoy slowly moved forward.

His carriage is in the middle, and there are war chariots protecting him from left and right, as well as Awakened ones who are wearing swords to open up a path…

It was very ostentatious.

The Ancient Spirit Empire did not build an absolutely safe defensive perimeter, but it was close to the Imperial Capital after all. The demonic beasts had already been slaughtered into protected animals, and the roads had also been cleaned up. There were also no blind people who dared to provoke them. The Awakened ones under his command had no chance to make a move.

The majestic city walls of the Ancient Spirit Capital came into view. The city gates were wide open. Groups of Awakened ones dressed in Ancient Spirit Armor stood on both sides. There was also a member of the Imperial family waiting at the city gates.

Sensing the presence of nearly twenty Transcendents in Tree Shade’s convoy, the Ancient Spirit Imperial family Transcendent smiled until his face turned into a flower.

“Thank you very much for City Lord Tang’s help…”

This was not polite words.

At this time, it was just after the war. Although Tree Shade had only lost two people, there were many other Transcendents who were seriously injured.

Healing spells were based on the foundation of overdrawing one’s potential. One time, two times, three times… The more times one received treatment in a short period of time, the weaker the effect would be.

Not to mention that Tree Shade had a large territory and also needed a large number of people to defend.

When the Emperor learned that Tree Shade had not only sent reinforcements, but City Lord Tang had also personally come, he had put down all his airs and personally received Tree Shade’s diplomatic mission.

He also brought Tree Shade’s diplomatic mission to tour many of the important buildings in the Imperial Capital.

Tang Yu was quite satisfied with this trip when he saw those ancient, fragrant, and charming buildings.

The Emperor’s aura was still dispirited, and he had only recovered a little compared to that day.

The other ancient souls were just an ordinary Transcendent. Tang Yu had only seen the three of them and knew that the situation around the ancient spirit empire should be quite grim.

“How many alien Transcendents attacked here?”

“This… I don’t know either,” Gu Tianzun shook his head.

Tang Yu: “???”.

What’s going on?

You are the leader of the Ancient Spirit Empire. You don’t even know about the enemy’s information. He suddenly had the urge to turn around and leave.

Gu Tianzun seemed to know what Tang Yu was thinking. “Yesterday, hundreds of alien Transcendents attacked our imperial city under the leadership of a rank two Transcendent. Fortunately, we activated the formation in time.”

“However…” He was a little resentful. “The foreign races have not given up. Instead, they harass us from time to time. The Imperial Capital is still relatively safe. As for the four satellite cities located in the north, south, east, and west, they suffered heavy losses under the constant harassment of the foreign races.”

Tang Yu understood a little.

The Imperial Capital had a formation. If the foreign races could not attack for a long time, it was possible that they would be surrounded by the other human Transcendents. However, the other four satellite cities were just new cities after the apocalypse. Even if each city had more than two Transcendents holding down the fort, it would be difficult for them to protect themselves against more than ten foreign Transcendents, let alone protect the city.

Not only were the movements of these foreign races unpredictable, but they also caused great losses.

Apart from Tree Shade, perhaps there is only the Mechanical City of Warren and the secret Alliance of Mages. They are not too afraid of being harassed by the foreign races… Ancient Spirit, unless you give up the four satellite cities and gather them to defend the capital…

The Emperor of Ancient Spirit Empire spat out the bitter water, his expression bitter and desolate. There was a bit of pretending, but there was also a bit of truth.

Tang Yu was also unwilling to let the foreign races destroy the rear of Earth. His fingers tapped the table as he thought of a way to deal with it.


A royal guard hurriedly ran in. “Royal, royal lord, something bad has happened. Another foreign race has come to attack. West Mountain City has been destroyed and suffered heavy casualties!”

The royal lord slammed the table and the entire table broke into pieces.

“Let’s go.” Tang Yu stood up.

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