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Before Su Yu could tell Master Wu to be careful of Zeng Rou…

He felt his vision go dark… and then he entered another scene.

Su Yu looked down at his surroundings. He was surrounded by a thick green fog…

There was only a seemingly winding path under his feet…

In front, there was a dense forest…

"Su Yu… I'm here, hehehe…"

A girl's voice came from the depths of the forest.

At first, Su Yu didn't hear it clearly, but when he pricked up his ears to listen carefully, he realized…

It was Mian's voice…

"Su Yu, come and find me… I'm right here…"

Then, there was another burst of laughter. Su Yu couldn't control his feelings towards Huo Mian.

Just hearing the voice made him feel a sense of familiarity.

Therefore, he didn't have time to think about anything else… He just kept walking forward…

As he was blocked by the fog, he could not see clearly, so he could only grope his way forward.

Su Yu shouted as he walked, "Mian, is that you? Mian, answer me…"

However, Su Yu didn't get any response.

Suddenly, Su Yu saw a fleeting figure standing not far away.

"Mian, is that you?"

He asked again.

However, there was still no answer…

Su Yu tried to move forward, but the closer he got, the more he realized that the figure was holding something.

Something felt off…

"Eh? That's not right. Mian's pregnant. Shouldn't she have a bulging stomach? That person isn't Mian… No."

When Su Yu realized that the slender figure wasn't Huo Mian…

Suddenly, he heard footsteps…

"Su Yu… come here, come over… Why aren't you walking anymore?"

Her voice was still Huo Mian's, but it felt distant and close at times. It was extremely strange.

Su Yu stood there, feeling like he had forgotten something.

What had he forgotten?

As he pondered, he subconsciously reached out to touch his neck.

Sure enough, he touched the amulet.

Then, his mind exploded…

"This isn't reality. He was hypnotized. This is an illusion… That person isn't Huo Mian either… This was all part of Zeng Rou's plan."

Su Yu muttered to himself. Then, he closed his eyes, held the amulet in his hand, and began to chant the familiar Great Compassion Mantra.

Indeed, that scene collapsed before his eyes in an instant.

When Su Yu opened his eyes again, he realized that he was back in the real world.

He immediately went to check on Master Wu's condition, fearing that Master Wu would be like him, falling for Zeng Rou's trick.

However, Master Wu was sitting calmly on the chair with his legs crossed.

Zeng Rou, on the other hand, had her head covered by the white cloth of Master Wu. She looked like a dead person. It was terrifying.

"Master… this is…" Su Yu was dumbfounded.

"Not bad, you even remembered that you were hypnotized… I thought you were trapped by this woman."

"Master, why didn't you save me?"

Su Yu rolled his eyes at Master Wu. It was obvious that Master Wu was more skilled than him and didn't get influenced.

Instead, Su Yu, who was facing Zeng Rou sideways, fell for it

"Save you? How many more times can I save you… This is just an appetizer… This woman is only using hypnosis. If you return to the dream world, you will not be facing such a low-level hypnotist. You will be facing four highly skilled dream creators. At that time, who would save you?"

Master Wu had never spoken to Su Yu in such a serious tone before.

Therefore, Su Yu knew that his master wasn't exaggerating.

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