Noble Emblem - Chapter 1



Liang Li Dong can only see mist in front of his eyes, he should be dead already but he still has consciousness, just that this consciousness is very strange……
Whatever he “sees” is in black and white, this image is not produced by vision but a kind of perception, range is far, can penetrate most obstacles and is roughly 2km long. That is not it, the most ridiculous thing is everything in the vicinity is moving in a really fast speed. It is like someone is showing him a video at more than 100x speed. Flowers blooming and withering in an instant, sun rising and setting in a few blinks of the eye…… That is if he has eyes in the first place.

Liang Li Dong does not know whether he is considered a ghost or not, he is in the centre of a grand building, trapped in a strange energy matter, there is many humanoid beings in the surroundings, Liang Li Dong cannot see their faces clearly, they are surrounded by halo and cannot be looked into. Similarly, these humanoid beings cannot see Liang Li Dong too. Every time the sun rises. they will appear around Liang Li Dong and praying to a huge mass of light…… Liang Li Dong cannot no longer distinguish colors now, but he feels that the huge mass of light in the center of the hall should be gold in color, it is a baffling instinct.

Additionally, Liang Li Dong can also feel that the mass of light in the very center of the hall is really powerful, more than 10000 times more powerful than himself, but the mass of light holds no malice towards him. Not sure whether is it his illusion, every time the sun or moon rises, there is a stream of energy flowing towards him from the 2 celestial bodies nourishing his spiritual body. He is gradually turning more powerful and his perception is getting further.

Under Liang Li Dong’s “fast forward” observation viewpoint, the humanoid beings’ generation is changing in a very fast speed, the time they take from infant to being able to walk is around what Liang Li Dong’s 1hr is when he is alive. He no long have this thing called “Emotion”, it seems to have disappear along with his body. Without joy, without woes, without sadness, he silently observed these halo-bearing humanoid beings, looking at them growing, strengthening then ageing in a short period of time, finally the halo disappear and turned into black humanoid matter, buried into the ground by other people and finally assimilating with the ground.

This changing of  generation after generation lasted for a long time, just when Liang Li Dong thought this state would last forever, things changed.

Not knowing what happened, the sun and moon fell from the sky and disappeared, new sun and moon replaced the old, at this moment Liang Li Dong finally regain one kind of emotion, heartache! If he had a body, he believed he would have cried, but he in this soul-like, not soul-like state, he can only watch the new sun and moon hang up on the sky. Energy supply is broken, the new sun and moon had no relation with him, not even the slightest sense of familiarity left.

The ball of light in the center of the hall disappeared too, nowhere to be found. At the same time, lesser and lesser people came to pray before finally disappearing completely. And after 10000s of sun rise and moon set, a sudden earthquake buried the old hall below the mountains. Without the energy supply from the sun and moon, Liang Li Dong gradually weakens, perception range shrinks until finally only left with range of 2 / 3 m.

From this point on, Liang Li Dong already cannot see the sun rise and moon set and also cannot see the change of seasons outside. Time is the most torturous and boredom can kill people. The heartache from the fall of the old sun and moon is already getting weaker and weaker, without company, without anyone to communicate with, and now cannot even do any observing. In this almost complete silence, Liang Li Dong’s spirit is getting numb. He understands if this continues on, his consciousness is going to disappear but he cannot find any way to stop it and has no desire to stop it.

And after very long, Liang Li Dong completely loses his perception ability……. His consciousness is completely dark, only 2 dots of light is struggling to support his consciousness.

Another period of time passed, this 2 dots of light merged together and actually give out bright light at the end and illuminated his whole consciousness realm. Liang Li Dong fully awaken from his numb spirit state and a familiar window appeared in his “view”. He is really shocked. He is too familiar with this window, it is the creation window of the virtual reality game <>.

“Please choose character’s race!”

Looking at this familiar prompt, Liang Li Dong’s “view” falls on the human icon and fluently created his character.

Character: Beta Liang

Race: Human

Class: Divine Noble[1]

Physique Growth: 7

Coordination Growth: 7

Intelligence Growth: 7

Will Growth: 7

Charisma Growth: 7

Nobility Bestowed by Heaven: A normal noble require a nation’s official recognition but the nation’s downfall, the waning of the family may cause an noble to lose his noble status. However as a Divine Noble, this title is bestowed upon you by the world’s will, no matter when or where you are, no one can deny your noble status, not even the gods can!

Noble’s Temperament : A noble birth gives you an extraordinary temperament, you look more charming than you really are ( stack-able with Charisma stat ).

Noble’s Knowledge: As a true noble, you have learned all kinds of knowledge from young: Randomly obtain an additional non-combat feat after the character is created successfully.

Noble’s Bias: As an elegant noble, you are not born to be crude, no matter if you are willing or not but the world treat you as such: You can only choose single-handed sword or scepter which symbolize grace as your main weapon and is treated as specialized weapon. Consequently, you can never use weapons which symbolize crude like dual-handed weapons, long range weapon and  weapons from other races. When you have no choice but to use these types of weapons, you will have a massive slashing speed penalty!

Divine Noble[1]: You are a combination of warrior and warlock, not a dual class of warrior and warlock but one of the most special class, you can learn most of warrior’s feats and most of warlock’s feats.

Noble Swordsmanship: When you use single-handed sword in combat, melee slashing speed will be increased based on Charisma stat!

Divine Warlock: You can use magic, although the number of awaken magic is not many, your noble bloodline and status will make these magic very powerful: The effect of your magic will be amplified based on Charisma stat. Additionally, using the same amount of mana, the effect of your magic is increased by 25%. On the downside, other than already awakened magic, you will not be able to learn any other magic.

The rules of this virtual reality game <Flange Continent> is derived from DND system, but it has its own unique innovations within. Until now, Liang Li Dong’s character panel is normal but the following character traits is totally out of his expectation!

T/L note 1: In the raw, Divine Noble originally means God’s Descendant Noble which kind of makes it very long so i changed it to Divine instead. It is the same with Divine Warlock.


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