Noble Emblem - Chapter 12



After eating the ‘Stewed Rabbit with Black Nightshade’ with 8 Taste Value, the accumulated 2 stacks of anorexia status is finally gone, Liang Li Dong slightly heaves a sigh of relief.

After having dinner, the sun had already set too. Behring politely said her farewall to the old Village Head and Liang Li Dong but when it comes to Kyle, she unhappily exhorts him to sleep earlier, do not practice swordplay until too late, remember to wash his face seriously and not just wipe once and runs off to practice swordplay.

Kyle listens with a depressed face while the old Village Head is looking behind with all smiles.

Village Head’s house has several empty rooms. Liang Li Dong chooses that bedroom on the highest level facing the sun, mainly because of its simple set-up, a bed, a study desk and a chair. Old Village Head persuades that this room is too crude, is not worthy of Lord Beta’s status, but was blocked back by Liang Li Dong’s ‘I’m a ascetic believer’.

After laying the bed and blanket, Liang Li Dong asks Kyle for a big wooden tub. He then goes to the well in the backyard and draws a big tub of water. Using fire elements to heat up the water in the wooden tub, slowly raising it to around 40°, he then jumps in and happily has a bath. Although Liang Li Dong’s Warlock identity made him unable to use regular magic like ‘Fireball’, he can use Mind Power to gather the fire elements together and create a heating environment but with his Mind Power now, it is impossible to heat the water above 60°.

In the game, these are all only small life techniques that spellcasters normally used and cannot be used against enemies. Water of 60°, ordinary people are not even afraid of it, not to mention those Class-ers that have certain amount of magic resistance.

After bathing, Liang Li Dong chats for a while with Kyle in the living room and talks about things about the world of mercenaries. Until the dead of night, both bide each other good night and return back to their rooms. Liang Li Dong sits on the bed and begins to check his character stats. After reviving in the hall, he anxiously left there. After digging a way out with much effort, he ends up tired and hungry in the end. After escaping, he also discovered something is not right, he does not know whether he is in the game or in some other inexplicable world.

Because he was in a hurry to gather information, he did not pay attention to his character status. Now that he is free, he pulls out the character system to check and discovers something unusual yet again.

Unable to connect to system, no friends column, he already knew these but he did not expect that in the dimensional backpack, there is actually a piece of paper, a paper written with words……Theoretically, there should only be that stone pick he brought out from the hall in the backpack but this piece of paper is quietly sitting in a corner of the backpack. If he did not checks the dimensional backpack intentionally, he would not have discover it at all.

After being slightly puzzled for a while, he flips his hand and takes the paper out of the backpack.

The paper is made with a strange magic material. It feels soft and comfortable, semi-transparent, there is white golden magic energy faintly flowing in it. The paper is written with very beautiful Holevin words, the first line is written like this:

‘To our common family member Liang Li Dong:’

Written to me? Liang Li Dong’s body shakes and hurriedly reading on.

‘When you see this letter, Lena and I are probably no longer in this world but please do not worry about us. We are merely lurking in another way temporarily. Our enemies are very strong, stronger than you can ever imagine so you should never ever attempt to search for us. Remember, do not search for us, you have to live on, wait for the both of us to gather enough energy. The day we reappear in this world is the day the three of us reunite.

When you wake up, you probably will discover that this world is very similar to your game world. Please do not be too surprised, we are the ones that are really surprised. Lena discovered that a piece of our world’s Source was stolen, although it is only a small piece, it has caused some effect on this world. We used Mind Power to follow it, passed through the barrier between the two worlds and entered your world. We then discovered that part of Source was actually made into a strange projection world which almost perfectly simulated everything of our side.

Because of passing through the barrier between two worlds, we are very tired and can only attach to a local creature with best compatibility to us. This can reduce our consumption. Luckily, we found you. Until now, I can still remember when you saw the two of us appear, that face that looked like it saw a ghost was really cute.

8 years of living together……The happy times were even more than what we had in 800 years before that. No matter how you treated us does not matter, Lena and I have already treated you as lover, family…… We originally wanted to accompany you forever, until the world ends but you met with an accident and your body was destroyed. Your world does not allow souls to exist for long period of time. Without any choice, we had to pull you into our world.

The souls of the two worlds are different. To let you revive in this world, we must go through very complex and long period of soul adjustments. To this end, we had to protect your soul and conduct a slow and painful soul’s nature conversion.

You coming to our world gave us immense joy. We were too happy and a bit carried away. This gave the enemy a chance. We had no choice but to sever our connection with you. The enemy will not find you, they will not be aware of our relation with you so please live without worries, protect yourself well, I believe with your experience in the game world, ordinary creatures poses not much of a threat to you.

Although there is much to say to you, time does not permit it. Oh right, eat this letter after reading it and……Unfaithful-is-not-allowed!’

The letter ends with: Forever loving you, Fina, Lena.

After reading the letter, Liang Li Dong crumples the letter into a ball and stuck it into his mouth right away. Once the letter giving off a fragrance enters his mouth, it turns into a warm energy and flows into his stomach. After that, he receives a system notification, opening it, he discovers it is written:

‘Active energy injected, lifespan increased by 200 years.’

Liang Li Dong stares at the system notification blank. He slightly smiles after a while, jumps out of bed and walks to the balcony. The moon is bright now, he looks at the silver moon in the sky, his mouth grinning bigger and bigger. Just when he is about to laugh out loud, he suddenly gives himself a slap on the face and returns to bed, covers himself with the blanket and goes to sleep.

The 2nd day, Liang Li Dong wakes up very early. He uses the flour in the kitchen to make 3 big bowls of noodles. Although it only has Taste Value of 6, to the old Village Head and Kyle, it is still a rare delicacy.

Kyle wolfs down the food while looking at Liang Li Dong and asks curiously: “Lord Beta, you seemed very happy today, did something good happen?”

“Is it that obvious?” Liang Li Dong asks cheerfully.

Old Village Head ate up the noodles and drank all the soup. It is unexpected that the old him when comes to eating, is actually faster than the young Kyle: “Priest Beta, share with us the good news.”

Liang Li dong considers for a while and says: “It’s indeed something good, I received Goddess’ oracle last night……”

Old Village Head looks at him in surprise.

While Kyle excitedly jumps around: “Goddess is giving Lord money again?”

After what happened yesterday, Kyle has already linked Goddess Waukeen’s oracle with windfall.

Liang Li Dong shakes his hand and says: “How can there be money to give away every day, if there is an oracle to pick up money every day, the world will already be filled with Goddess’ believers……It’s like this, Goddess instructs that a small temple can be built here to spread her ideals and her blessings.”

“For real?” The old Village Head stands up with a swoosh.

It is no surprise that he is so excited. In this world, there are too many disasters that can take away people’s frail lives, beasts, hunger, war and illness. Among all, illness is the thing that ‘kills’ the most easily. Even if it is a Class-er, if afflicted with illness and not treated properly, they will die as easily, not to mention ordinary people with even weaker constitution. Last year, there was 8 newborn babies but only 3 survived, the other 5 all died from fever or other illness.

However, if there is a temple, things will be different. A standard temple with a priest presiding over will produce a weak exorcist barrier. Its effective range is normally 1 or 2 km, although it does not heals illness effectively, it can instead slightly increase ordinary humans’ body coonstitution and make ordinary people less susceptible to illness. Furthermore, if there is priest that knows Cure Illness in the temple, there will be 1 more assurance on lives.

This is what Liang Li Dong decided after thinking about it after he read the letter last night. Divine Noble is classified as Warlock, and indeed cannot learn other magic but divine spell are different. Warlock that agrees with God’s ideals, as long as they are devout enough, they can borrow God’s power to cast divine spell. This is not classified as ‘learnt’, and is just borrowing temporarily. This is a similar situation as using magic scrolls. It is just that magic scrolls are gone after usage while as long as Mind Power is enough, divine spell can be used repeatedly.

Liang Li Dong wants to obtain a divine spell or two from Goddess Waukeen to increase his strength. Most importantly, if he can become a temple’s priest, presiding over the daily matters of the temple can give character EXP. Although the EXP is incomparable to fighting outside, it is safer and is easier to accumulate contacts.

In <Flange Continent>, most daily activities produce EXP, for example, fighting, travelling, teaching students and participating in work. And presiding over temple’s various rituals is a kind of ‘work’.

Liang Li Dong knows the reason for old Village Head’s joy, he nods seriously: “It’s real, I’m not lying to you.”

Old Village Head takes a deep breath: “Requires how big of a temple.”

“The main hall occupying around 200m² will do.” Liang Li Dong thinks for a while and says: “Additionally, the main hall must be built with stone, this is the most important.”

Old Village Head sits down and frowns: “This is a bit difficult, the amount of work is large, if it is a wooden temple, we can help Lord build it for free but this stone temple is a bit difficult.”

Stone buildings are not like wooden buildings. Stone is heavy, uses a lot of stamina and stone has to be shaped. Building a 200m² stone building and a temple at that must have enough strong labourers and all the manpower in the villager added may not be enough to build a qualified temple in a year.

However, Liang Li Dong says: “I know your difficulties. Actually, old Village Head can get people from Seri Village to help out.”

“The temple is built here and not at their village. They probably wouldn’t want to.” Old Village Head shakes his head.

“You can tell them, all that participated with building the temple can choose a child in their family to learn Holevin words from me.” Liang Li Dong says slowly: “You all must finish the construction in 6 months. In this 6 months, I will teach the children 3 Holevin words every day, whether they learnt it or not is their matter. If they managed to learn it all, that is at least 540 words. This amount of words should be enough for them to read common Holevin books.”

Old Village Head stuns for a bit and mumbles: “This condition is way too generous.”

Looking at the sight of Old Village Head, Liang Li Dong knows his suggestion must be accepted by him. He heaves a sigh of relief in his heart. The first step of becoming strong has a good start already. Persian Cat and Xiao-bai want him to live a good life and not search for them and watch them go fight with the enemy, wait until the matter is over before coming out…… If he really listened to them, hiding in safety like a rabbit, watching his women being bullied, is he still a man?

Actually saying this kind of words, if those 2 women is standing in front of him, he will definitely scold them properly.



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