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Chapter 16: Temptation of Evil God

Translator: Asada

Editor: Kylerboi

“Oh, shit! ha ha ha ha”

I was sprinting in the night to my house.

It’s been many years since I ran so seriously.

I checked the time on my watch, given to me by my father. The hour hand of the watch was at almost one.

The Temptation of the Evil God should have already begun. I am not sure when will the monsters begin their rampage so I should stay alert.

Thinking about how the monsters might have already rampaged he villagers, my feet are moving automatically.

If today’s work has ended as planned then here should have been no problem s. However the man who seemed to be the chief of the site was carefully doing the inspection and also asked requested cleaning of places for which we were not informed.

The president tried to decline but the other side was persistent and I was reluctant to do the extra cleaning job as I was worried about returning home.

“Is it possible for Yoshio to return home?”

In the end the job was completed by three people in an hour. There was an accident on the road back to home so the road was closed.

There were other ways to go around but it would have been too far so I got down and started running towards my home on my own.

I squeezed out, grabbed the doorknob and rolled inside the entrance.

“What was that sound?”

My mother who seemed to have been sleeping rushed to the entrance and was surprised to see me, who was roughly breathing and was on the verge of falling down.

“Hey..Hey..,uh.ok. It’s okay. I just came back in a hurry.”

“You are sweaty. Take a bath quickly.”

“I am sorry but I have something which I need to do.”

I am sorry for waking up my mother in the middle of night.

I went up to the second floor and without changing my clothes sat down in front of my PC.

On the screen…..the villagers were in the cave while Gams was sitting outside with a weapon.

There was no evidence of damage caused by the monsters but everyone was lying on the bed with open eyes.

I am sure Gams asked them to sleep but everyone except Carol can’t sleep because of anxiety.

If that is the case….I should take a bath…but if there is an enemy attack while taking the bath, then there won’t be anything left to regret.

I want to remove my sweaty clothes but maybe I should endure it for a day. Even the villagers only wipe their bodies and don’t take bath.

“Why is there so much noise at night..”

I looked back to the source of the voice only to find my sister Sayuki standing next to the open door.

Did I forgot to close the door because I was in a hurry?

I adjusted my position so the screen cannot be seen by my younger sister and then turned around.

“I am sorry if I woke you up. There was something which I wanted to do in a hurry.”

“It’s okay.”

Although she had an unsatisfactory face, she was about to leave the room but then stopped.

Why? Is there still some problem? I need to watch the villagers you know.

“There is sweaty smell coming from you.”

“Oh..I will take a bath later on.”

“It’s a lie. Whenever you lie, you looked towards your left.”

Good. From a long time my sister is able to detect whether I am lying or not. Let’s be more careful from now on.

“Recently, you have been playing some game in your PC for long hours. Is there some game event?”

Why does she know about it? Did you come into my room to check?

“Why do you know about it?”

“What is the event? And about the game, mom told me about it.”

Mom seemed to have entered my room without my permission and she saw it and hence it was transmitted to my sister.

What should I do? I was warned that if anyone else knows about this game and it spreads on the net by my sister the I will violate one of its rules and will be forced to stop playing it.

Should I deceive her?

“Well, that’s a secret. I am a beta tester of this game and it’s still under development. I am earning some money from it. As it is in development stage I will get fired if the informations is circulated. So please don’t tell anyone.”

I paid attention to the movements of my eyes as told by my sister.


“Did you say something?”

“I haven’t said anything. I will watch the game as I am curious about it so you take a bath right away.”

Why is Sayuki angry?

“Okay. I will go and take a bath quickly so watch the game until then. There is some event going on so I cant take of my eyes from it as the time is unknown. As soon as the event will start monsters will attack. So tell me when it happens.”

“Yes. I understand. Now hurry up and go.”

I have a bad attitude but my sister has a righteous character and she has never broken her promise.

I trusted my sister. I went down the the stairs to take the bath.

I returned to the room after the bath with some snacks and bottle of tea prepared by my mother.

My sister was sitting in my seat and gazing at the screen.

“Did you wash up properly?”

“It’s okay because I sweated. Was there some change?”

“No, the characters hardly moved from their places. Is the quality of this game amazing?”

Even though I had sweated a while ago yet now there was cold swear on my forehead.

“It’s the art style of the game.”

“You are hiding something.”

Well she knows.

I feel like as if I am being completely seen through.

Why is my sister so observing? I am seeing it for the first time.

“There are somethings which should remain hidden.”

I reopened the game and looked back at my sister only to to say a truth mixed with lies.

“So that’s something which you cannot tell to your family.”


“I understand. I am going to sleep brother.”

Eh, Did she usually call me brother?

I wasn’t able to reply because I was stunned. My sister had already returned to her room.

“It’s been a while since I have been talking so much. It’s nice to return to the old days. Now the village.”

Now I have to spend the day alone watching the villagers.

There was no change as told by my sister.

I checked out the map and scouted all the areas but there were no monsters.

I finally settled down. I moved the snacks and the tea from the floor to the desk and started observing.

“It’s already two o’clock. There are still 22 hrs.”

I started chewing on the rice ball.

The dark screen became bright.

The sun has rose outside.

When I checked the clock, it was past 6:30 in the morning.

“Wow..I was all fine when I was a Beer but now it’s pretty hard after physical work.”

I rubbed my eyes and patted my cheeks as I haven’t slept enough.

“Should I drink coffee?”

After confirming that there were no monsters around the village, I got down to the first floor.”

My mother was in the kitchen and father in the bathroom.

Do both of the wake up at this hour? My family members seems to have been living this regular work life since a decade, that alone was amazing.

“ got up early.”

“You said you had some business with the villagers at the end of the month. Are you gonna interact with them online.”

“Yes..I am working hard on it.”

My father has already shaved his beard and now has a refreshing face.


If I stay here any more I will get rag.

“Do you want breakfast?”

“I don’t need it.”

I returned to my room after replying to my mother voice.

I immediately checked the screen but there was no problem. Gams has returned to the room and was taking a nap while Lodis stands outside in his place.

The monsters are not active in the morning so it should be fine.

Other villagers have decided not to go out of the cave today. Carol is playing with rocks.

Laila is washing and cleaning the cave.

The atmosphere is quiet but everyone is restless.

I am watching the villagers so I can notice it.

If nothing is happening then it should be fine but as it is a game shouldn’t it impossible for the villagers to stay alert all day?

My voice can’t reach the creator so I couldn’t help but say this.

There is mix of expectations and anxiety.

It’s like I want the monsters to come on this peaceful day. This is my first time having such a complicated feeling.

It was already late afternoon but there was no change yet.

I have been sitting on this chair since a long time while looking at the screen which is showing no change. I felt disappointed many times and my sleepiness has reached its peak.

“Should I take a nap?”

I am good at waking up. If I can hear the alarm of the attack of the monsters then I am confident to easily wake up.

This is the first time so the problem is that I cannot take the risk.

“Oh…Should I again drink the coffee…now… something”

The outside of the fence in front of the cave. Was there someone in the forest?

When I turned up the volume up the volume of the PC, there was a sound of something crawling.

The one currently in charge of the lookout was Gams.

He seemed to have noticed it too. He pulled out his sword from the sheath and took a stance.

At this time the screen became full with red alerts. A siren like sound was coming from the speakers.

[Temptation of Evil God has begun]

Oh..So you will inform me about the start of the event? Guess I will be able to sleep next time.

I leaned over the desk and brought my face closer to the screen. I took a deep breath and focused on the sound and video, five black dogs appeared from the between the trees.

—-Temptation of Evil God is about to begin

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