NPC Town-building Game - Chapter 22.2

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Chapter 22 (2/2): Life Is Changing

Translator: Asada

Editor: Kylerboi (unedited)

The experts did everything while the amateur was standing.

They were two reptile lovers who unknowingly saved me. I think it is just a coincidence but thanks to the events involving the village of Fate, the bonds with my family are deepening day by day.

It’s not like me to believe in the existence of the real God of Fate.

Thanks to my father and sister, I can now focus completely on the events related to the village of Fate. The state of the village should not change so I should sleep early so I am not late for the starting of the event.

It was already nine o’clock when I woke up. The event will start soon.

Now, I’m worried that I didn’t write anything in Oracle, I should be prepared for any development.

I thought of using movements of the golem to teach them few things but I couldn’t teach them with just gestures. I thought of writing on the grounds to teach them but then the characters in another world are not necessarily the same.

It seems that somehow the characters can be read in the Oracle, but it might be automatically converting it into the local language, if I wrote it in some other language then it would be problematic.

When I got down, my whole family wasn’t there anymore so I took my food and returned to my room.

The villagers aren’t scared. Yesterday they seemed a little wary because I mentioned it in the oracle.

Something will happen in an hour. I am looking forward to it but I am also worried.

I don’t think it will be as difficult as the Temptation of Evil God, but this game is different from any other normal games. My experience of playing games has not been helpful till now.

While I wasting while eating sweets, sound of something moving could be heard.

This subtle sound and sign… that? A cockroach, a black fast moving creature, a natural enemy.

I rolled up a magazine which I had read earlier as a weapons, it seems its natural body is not aware of the upcoming murder.

Now on the floor….

Moving on the wall….

Isn’t it funny?

The moment my paper weapon is lowered and stance is ready, a slight sound is heard again. I focused my ears and picked up the location of the sound.

The eggs in the glass are slightly shaking.

“Well, will it hatch so quickly? Where are my sister’s notes…”

While looking for the notes of the breeding method which my sister wrote in advance, the shell cracked and scattered all over.

Furthermore, as the shell is peeled off, the head, hands, body and tail appeared.

Most of it’s body was bright yellow except for it’s belly and it looked like as if it was shining due to the bright light installed in the glass case.

Big eyes on a stubborn face. The body was rough and it walks on four legs. Is the tail as long as it’s body?

Well, that’s a lizard.

I was relived that it was not a snake.

Although he was not good with reptiles, the small newborn was quite cute. His eyes are crazy and it’s gesture of looking around is adorable..

If it is this, it seems that it can be raised with love.

If you look closely, the color of the body which I thought was yellow seems to be close to Hold. It’s not because of the reflection of light but it seems he was shining from the beginning.

In addition, there are two bump-like protrusions behind it’s head. The rear legs are thicker than the front legs, but that’s cute.

The scales are big and rugged and looks like an armor. It feels like as if it is some old dinosaur.

“Oh, right. The photo.”

I took a photo with my smartphone and sent it to my father and sister.

For the time being, it’s okay to put it in this case, please be patient there.

When I talked, the lizard seemed to have whispered something, I think it’s a coincidence.

Oh, my love. I’ll give you a name later, so wait until the event is over.

Looking at the clock, there are still ten minutes left for the event to start. Okay let’s get this event done.

I didn’t realize that I coudnt control my expectations for the new event and I was really focused on it.

The gaze staring at him from the other side of the glass case was mixed with something extraordinary. My life has begin to change

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