NPC Town-building Game - Chapter 24.1

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Chapter 24 (1/2): Rescue Operation

Translator: Asada

Editor: Kylerboi (unedited)

The villagers neatly prepared the necessary items for the rescue Operation.

I want to do something to but the oracle can be used only once a day so I should save it for in case of emergency.

About the miracles, there should be no problem because I have Fate points to spare.

However, there is no guarantee that after the number of villagers are increased there will be no trouble. We don’t know the personalities of the survivors whom they will save.

I cannot use the Golem to rampage as a countermeasure because the Fate points will run out even before arriving the destination.

All the previous charges have been paid, so all that remains is the point accumulated thanks to the villagers. It could be possible to operate it for a short time but not for a long term.

I also tried to change the way of my thinking. The golem could be carried on someone’s back to the destination.

I imagined a scene where Gams is carrying the Golem on his back, I came to a conclusion that it would be impossible. I know how heavy that Golem is so I can’t task such measures.

“Only me and Murus will go to the rescue. Everyone else should not leave the cave.”

Gams is right. Among the villagers, only Gams has strength. It will only be a burden if other followed him.

“No, I will go with you. What would you do if there are injured among the kidnapped children?”

“I know but that’s dangerous.”

“I will stay far from the battle.”

Chem offered to accompany Gams but he is at a loss.

If it was just a normal game then it would be necessary to have a healer in the party. [ The party means a group of people going on RPG adventures basically]

“We also have the blessing of God of Fate.”

So that’s why she is holding the bible so carefully. I can’t help but be worried. I guess I will leave it to Gams.

“I don’t want to take your older brother but I guess it’s fine.”

“Uffu. Good.”

Chen is laughing mischievously like a child while looking at sighing Gams.

I can understand how painful it is. I too don’t want to put my sister in any danger. But I guess now it will be easier to treat the children and take care of them as she isn’t a combat personal.

“I could have helped if I was stronger….”

Lodis seems to be sorry, he is a useful person except for his strength. I don’t want him to be depressed.

“You should say the right words at right place. It is a good role to maintain the good home whole he fights. Let’s do our best.”

Laila hits her husband vigorously enough to make a large noise. Lodis struggled to maintained his balance after the hit.

“Gams think of this as Carol and keep this amulet. Mom told me that it wouldn’t get in your way because of its size.”

Carol handed over a very small wooden carved statue.

The statue is something which has been sent many times as a tribute but looking closely this is the highest quality ever. Although jts just as the size of the thumb, it has sharper features than any other dolls.

She might have got used to carving the wood but why is Gams more important than God.

…No…is the person whom you like has been already decided?

I was a little jealous of Gams but I have to support her little love.[ He seems to be really jealous. This is the first time I have seen this emotion.]

“My brother and Mrs. Murus please come back safely.”

Carol is aware of the line of sight on her. Her remarked had ignored one person, upon hearing it the blood vessels are visible on the temple of Chem while her smile deepens but her eyes were not laughing, it was terrifying.

I am really scared. The fight of women has already begun even though they are children but I think they are just joking around and I think I should not take it seriously. [ You should take it seriously brother. They are goddamn serious. If you are terrified with this level women battle then I wonder what will happen to you in the future 😂😂 ]

I think of it as a joke but I have not much contact to the outside world for a long time so it’s difficult to judge whether they are serious or not.

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