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Chapter 6 (1/2): An Ideal Brother and an Unnecessary Brother

All the villagers except Gamz began to clean the cave.

Fortunately, it seems that some cleaning tools were left behind by the miners.

After finding the new lodging, I sighed with relief. But then I noticed something.

There is a comic balloon above the head of a sleeping Gamz and the word “Dream” is floating in it.

It’s a strange phenomenon, but it seems that i am the only one who can see it as other are unresponsive to it.

“What is this? I understand its meaning, It’s written dream, so it must be a dream …”

Maybe it’s a condition informing that Gamz is dreaming but what happens when you tell me about it?

“No, no, what happens if I click on it?”

I used the mouse to bring the cursor over “Dream” and clicked on it.

Before I could respond the screen turned black and the landscape changed.

Where is this place? Is this his dream?

The screen shows a dark and dreary alley, with no colors in sight. It’s like I am within the bowel of a massive city.

There are ice patches on the cobblestones, and a small amount of white snow is falling from the sky.

There are streetlights that look like hanging lanterns are scattered along the side of the road, so it is visible to some extent, but it cannot be compared to the lighting of modern day Japan.

A young man and a girl are walking together with their hands interlinked on this cold night.

If it was daytime then it must have look liked a beautiful sight but this place and situation only makes it unsettling.

The young man’s face was grim and the girl seemed like she was about to cry.

He has a leather armor on. He is either a swordsman or a hunter because he has swords on his back and waist.

“Gamz, where are we going?”

“It’s not around here Chem”

Ah, if you look closely you will notice that they are the brother-sister pair.

There is a rather tense atmosphere around them. What happened?

It’s not good to bring little Chem out in this cold weather.

“Hey, what happened to you suddenly? Dad and Mom will be worried. “

“It’s alright. It’s not like they are our real parents or anything. “

“But we don’t go back home early, then they will be angry..”

Chem’s hand trembles and I am sure its not because of the cold.

“It’s okay because we won’t be see them again. You don’t need to worry. ”

Gamz gently strokes Chem’s head. He tried to smile to relieve her stress, but his expression is still hard.

According to their conversations … Did they ran away from home?

It is an action that can only be thought of as Gamz, who has reached the limit of patience with his abusive parents.

After that, they started walking silently but soon Chem’s legs gradually slowed down. She finally crouched on the ground.

“I can’t walk anymore.”

Gamz crouched down with her, a glimmer of regret in his eyes.

“I’m sorry Chem, for making you do this.”

That’s when Chem clings to Gamz.

The face that seemed just about to cry now shows a little relief.

This time they walked with slower paces.

“Brother…. Dad and Mom … hate Chem … I wonder if Chem is a bad child. I always make them angry”

“Its not true!”

When Gamz denies with a loud voice and his body tremble with anger, he unknowingly frightened Chem.

“That’s not the case, because they are horrible people.”

“Even if you are a bad child… no parents would sell you as a slave…they are useless…..useless to the end… ”

He is not calm.

It’s not easy to get away from home. Their parents were more despicable than I expected.

“Chem. Don’t think of them as parents but as trash. They didn’t work and borrowed money recklessly and then to clear their debts they tried to sell you. I was going to pick you up after becoming stable hunter. I’m sorry, I should have acted faster. ”

“But I was glad you came for me.”

“Let’s be happy. We can do lots of fun things from now on.”

“Yup. I love you, brother “

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