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Chapter 7 (1/2): God Whom We Worship Saves Us

Three days have passed since the villagers have moved to the cave.

Gamz condition has improved enough so that he is now in-charge of hard work, scouting and keeping watch of the surroundings. Is the resilience of the residents of this world is so amazing? Or was the medicinal herb so effective? …… Is it appropriate to think of it has a game feature?

The mysterious pharmacist who is responsible for the recovery named “Murus” has been with the villagers ever since meeting them. It seems he does not intend to leave for a while.

Murus is a very talented person. He has a wealth of knowledge about medicinal herbs and plants and is familiar with the geography of this forest. Furthermore, he is a versatile character who is also skilled at hunting and killing monsters.

Gamz and Murus can provide decent protection to the villagers.

As if this was not enough, it seems that his magic of manipulating can be used for drying of logs. …… Isn’t he too talented?

However, not everything went well, because Murus was treated as a guest character, everything except his name was treated as a secret when clicking him.

In such cases, if you meet the conditions of the game, you may join as a villager, but there is no way to do so because the conditions are unknown for now.

“Please settle down here”

I ask from outside the screen, but obviously it is not transmitted to Murus.

In addition, the inside of the cave is more comfortable than I expected, and the villagers finally have a normal life because now they have all the facilities to do housework.

The inside of the cave was originally dark because there were no holes or windows in the cave, but light spilled out from the lantern installed near the wall.

The inside of this lantern contains an ore unique to this world, the name of which is “Koseki”.

…… This settings is too convenient, even though it’s just a game.

Probably, even if I chose something other than a pharmacist, there would have been someone else guiding us to this place.

Plants and nuts that are edible and fish in the nearby river are also abundant. There is also the meat of the animals due to hunting by Gamz and Murus

The food the villagers had was almost finished, but now they have it in abundance, thanks to the nature-rich forest.

“It’s like a classic game to make a field and secure food and to make a field …”

The Lodis family seems to have owned a small field in the village before, so it seems that they have the know about farming.

Talking about the quality of the soil, it is suitable for agriculture, because it is rich in minerals and is fertile.

Because I spent a lot of fate points to call the pharmacist, I’m saving it for the future.

Recently, I didn’t give any special instructions because of peace, but I gave villagers a oracle daily so not to make them upset and think that they are abandoned. So I am going to do it now.

This is unexpectedly troublesome, now I have to think about a story to gain fate points while maintaining the dignity of God. Recently, it has become part of my daily routine to look for stories on the Internet which I can utilize.

It seems todays oracle is unsuccessful, I would think about it later.

For now, lets give priority to the use of the fate points

“Food is self-sufficient for now but I want to replenish the fields and supplies. Laila said that she wanted items for seasoning.”

I scrolled thorough the items which can be bought with the fate points, I noticed a sole item in the familiar section.

It detail is displayed when I hove the mouse cursor over it.

《Golem humanoid doll: It can act and understand on basic commands. It can work all day without any rest. Players can also control with a game pad >>

This was..

Golem is a classic monster in fantasy genre. If you play games, you’ve probably seen them at least once. A huge humanoid made out of rocks.

It is great because it can work all day due to its high physical strength. This will completely eliminate the lack of physical labor.

And the most attractive thing is that “Player can operate it with a game pad.”

Until now, you could only watch by the side, but if you have a Golem, you can intervene in earnest!

I want it! I want to click it and buy it as soon as possible.

Well, there aren’t enough points, so I can’t do anything for now.

“If you think about it, using fate points on the Golem, I won’t have enough points left for any miracle at all.”

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