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Chapter 0011-2 – Heavenly Lightning of the Divine Night

Translated by: Ryogawa

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

Hai Long pondered these words for a moment then asked, “They only had their power raised a realm higher, is that really a big deal?”

Waterstop shook her head and continued, “Don’t look down on it just because it only rises by one realm. It isn’t as simple as you think it is. A power difference of one realm in the cultivation world can be said to be a difference between heaven and earth! The Heavenask School and the Fullmoon School have always went through thick and thin together supporting each other. Even a strong sect like the Pentashine Immortals wouldn’t dare to make enemies out of the two schools casually. That’s why there are lots of daoist couples among the two schools. As you may have guessed, the Heavenask School has a majority of male disciples while the Fullmoon School is the opposite. While becoming dao companions will place certain restrictions on their cultivation, the compatibility between their techniques make up for that deficiency. It might even be possible for a couple with high compatibility to display an elevated difference of two realms when they join hands!”

Hai Long thought for a bit before saying, “Matriarch, I have a question that might sound a bit rude, so I hope you won’t mind me asking.”

Reverend Waterstop smiled and said, “Go ahead. But, don’t be too excessive.”

Hai Long laughed and said, “Since the Heavenask School and Fullmoon School specializes in techniques that involve the cooperation of a couple, why hasn’t our Cloudlink Sect done the same? That would be convenient if you were to become dao companions with another senior master since you would be able to fight at an even higher level of power. The Cloudlink Sect can definitely take advantage of such a boost.”

Waterstop looked Hai Long in the eye and blushed before saying, “It isn’t as easy as you think it is. You think that it’s so easy to come up with a training method like that just because you want to? That can only be achieved by the likes of the two schools who have spent more than a few millennia researching. Additionally, we already have more than 2000 years of cultivation. How would we still need to find a dao companion? Please don’t mention stuff like this to me in the future.”

Reverend Elysian laughed. “Ninth sister, I think that it’s been more than a thousand years since I’ve last seen you blush like this. I often feel young again and more relaxed when I’m with Hai Long. Don’t you think so too?”

Waterstop said in an annoyed tone, “I don’t feel any younger, only agitated. I really don’t understand why those under Dao Ming would take in a disciple like him.”

Hai Long smiled and said, “It’s definitely because of my wits! Now that you’ve mentioned it, it is indeed pretty difficult for you two matriarchs to find a dao companion. Given that the rest of the patriarchs are old and ugly, they definitely wouldn’t be a good match for the two of you. If one of them were to get together with either of you, it would be akin to planting a beautiful flower in cow dung. It’s too bad that I’m so young… If only I was born 2000 years earlier… Then maybe I would…” Just as he was going to continue, he suddenly felt the atmosphere on the Azure Spirit Cloud to be a little off.

Seeing Reverend Waterstop’s cold facial expression, Hai Long could feel a wave of pressure wash down on him that caused him some breathing difficulty. Without warning, a strong burning pain appeared at every corner of his body as he screamed in agony and collapsed on the ground.

Seeing Hai Long’s shivering and sweating body on the ground, Reverend Waterstop coldly said, “Hai Long, this time, you really went too far and even berated the patriarchs. I hope that this time will be both your first and last time making this mistake. If you do it again, I will make you feel a hundred times more pain. In our Cloudlink Sect, nobody is allowed to talk bad about the senior masters. I’ve already put up with you for a long time. Tell you what, those apprentice brothers of mine isn’t like you have said. Unlike third sister and me who maintained our youthful appearance because we want to. Given our abilities as second generation disciples, it would be very easy for us to change into whichever form we want. My apprentice brothers adopt an old look because they want to focus fully on training and nothing else. They could look young if they wanted to. My apprentice brothers are among the people I respect the most and I won’t stand for anyone to insult them. Don’t think that just because you have Senior Six Ears behind you that we would tolerate every insolent act you commit. If I wanted to end your life or cause you endless suffering, nobody can stop me.”

Waves of searing pain caused Hai Long’s body to twitch uncontrollably as if every meridian path in his body was melting. To him, Reverend Waterstop was only bullying him because of the difference in power they had while Reverend Elysian just watched without helping him. Waves of hatred welled up in his heart. He originally thought that he was fancied by Reverend Elysian, but now he felt that no one would treat him as well as his uncle-masters had. At this moment, he thought that if his cultivation was higher than Waterstop’s, he wouldn’t have to experience this pain and humiliation. Biting his lips and holding his screams back, he willed all his internal energy to push back against the pain. But he couldn’t do anything because of the immense difference in power. Unable to relieve the pain one bit, his internal energy was totally dispersed by the invading energy that assailed his body. Hai Long had wanted to shout the phrase ‘thousand hooks’ (the extremely heavy iron bars name or summon phrase) but he understood that the item given to him by that weird senior could only be used once to protect his life and gave up on that notion.

Seeing Hai Long not utter even one moan despite twitching in pain, Reverend Waterstop revealed a surprised expression and said, “How does it feel? Dao Ming really was too soft on you. If you were my brother, I would’ve weeded out all those bad habits early on. You better remember that you should only treat us, your seniors, with reverence and respect. If you dare to pull your antics again when we reach the Brahmaheart Sect, you better be prepared to face the consequences.”

Elysian furrowed her brows and said, “Apprentice sister, that’s enough. His body is frail and he can’t withstand so much pain.” While she had wanted to stop Waterstop at first, she knew that the Cloudlink Sect took seniority very seriously. Given that Hai Long had indeed been very disrespectful, she let Waterstop do her thing to teach him a lesson. However, upon seeing Hai Long’s pained state, she didn’t feel too well in her heart either.

Waterstop merely said, “Apprentice sister, you’re really too soft on him. It’s only natural to teach a monkey like him a lesson. Hmph, I don’t believe that anyone can withstand this kind of pain.”

Hai Long’s inner hatred and loathing grew with his pain as his clothes were covered in his sweat. While his consciousness was fading, the depths of his heart was clear as day as he planted this seed of hatred within it. When he had an opportunity, he would definitely take revenge for this.

Waterstop waved her hand and released the binding on Hai Long. The pain instantly disappeared and Hai Long lay there breathing raggedly, unable to utter a sound.

“That will be it. You better remember my warning, understood?”

Hai Long forced himself to nod as he panted while keeping his head to the ground as he was afraid that Reverend Waterstop would discover the seething hatred on his face. Hai Long knew that he was definitely not a match for these two Reverends and forced himself to endure it until the day when he can fight head to toe with them. He could only surrender for now.

Reverend Elysian flew to Hai Long’s side and waved her hand lightly. A longan-sized white pellet appeared in the middle of her palm, letting out a thick, fragrant smell all over the place. “Hai Long, just now apprentice sister only used her internal energy to stimulate your nerves and didn’t actually harm your body. She did that for your own good. You must understand that for cultivators like us, it is important for us to maintain a tranquil heart and mental state. Alright, take this Azure Heart Pellet and it will make you feel better.” As she said that, she handed the pill in front of Hai Long.

Hai Long only shook his head and said with a dry, rough voice, “It’s not needed, matriarch. I’m but a lowly fifth generation disciple of the sect. You don’t have to waste your precious medicines on me. I think I’ll recover as long as I rest for a bit. I understand that I deserve Reverend Waterstop’s punishment for being too reckless.” Hai Long’s voice seemed like it came from deep within his heart and the two Reverends couldn’t detect the true feelings he had hidden. But Reverend Elysian could clearly notice that Hai Long had stopped acting familiar with her and had enclosed himself in a thick mental wall, not allowing anyone to know his true intentions.


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