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Chapter 0009-2 – Disciple and Master Reunion

Translated by: Ryogawa

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

“Hai Long, your cultivation speed sure is fast. You’ve already entered the Crouching Tiger Realm after only 4 years of training.”

“Hai Long, how have you spent your days during those three years? Did master do anything…”

Under the sudden barrage of questions from all eight of them, Hai Long felt overwhelmed and only said, “Dear uncle-masters, don’t ask me all that in one go, my brain’s about to blow up! I myself wasn’t sure how I spent all this time. I only know that I have been training very hard. Master has also let me had some cultivation medicinal treasures. That’s why my cultivation raised so quickly.”

Having wiped of the streak of tears on his face, Ling Tong smiled and said, “Alright. Hai Long has just returned to us. Let’s not ask about this too much. It’s good enough that you’re back.”

Ling Yu narrowed his eyes and stared at the shiny Bluestar Ring around Hai Long’s neck and asked curiously, “Hey, what’s that on your neck? It isn’t some kind of treasure, is it?”

Hai Long replied as he chuckled, “Of course it’s a treasure. This Bluestar Ring is a defensive type treasure that was given to me by master that’s at the Spirit Item Stage (灵器级). It even has a formation diagram inside it and doesn’t need too much internal energy to activate. Cool, right? I bet eleventh uncle-master is envious.”

“Whoa,” said Ling Yu with his eyes opened wide. “A Spirit Item level defensive treasure… Master really is playing favorites.”

“That’s definitely a given! Actually, master is really kind and pleasant, he only doesn’t show it a lot.”

Having reached the top of Cloudstroke Peak, Zhenren Dao Ming deactivated his All-Hearing Ears (天耳通) and said slowly, “At least you still had the decency to say that. It seems like the treasures weren’t wasted after all.”

Hai Long and his eight uncle-masters sat in a circle at the Cloudstroke Peak and chatted as they feasted on fruits. Ling Tong and the rest had never seemed so elated during all these years. Hai Long’s return had resolved the complications they had in their hearts about their master.

Ling Yu said as he laughed, “Hai Long! Now that you’ve entered the Crouching Tiger Realm, I can finally settle it with second apprentice brother.”

Curious, Hai Long asked, “Settle what?”

Ling Yu continued, “Looking back, I was really too selfish at that time. When you first came over, all I had in my mind was to have you do errands for us as a fifth generation disciple. It was second apprentice brother who taught us the error of our ways and rid our hearts of this selfishness. As we had interacted with you as time went on, all of us discovered that we slowly started favoring you despite the fact that you had no special redeeming qualities. Did you know that several of us begged master to return you to us many times during these three years?”

Hai Long was a little moved as he looked towards each one of his uncle-masters. Repressing his volatile emotions, he said, “Eleventh uncle-master, what kind of senior talks about a junior like that? While I may not have any special qualities, don’t you feel that a junior disciple like me is pretty awesome already? Where would you find another person who can compare to me?”

Ling Yu pretended to vomit as he looked at Hai Long with a gaze of contempt, prompting the rest of the group to break out in laughter.

As he struggled to muffle his laughter, Hai Long said, “Uncle-masters, don’t you ever feel bored staying on Cloudstroke Peak all the time? I know that cultivators can live long lives, but it wouldn’t be an interesting one at all if one were to spend one’s whole life over here. If only we can go out for some fun and beat up some bad guys. Not only would that benefit society, we could also use some experience like that.”

Hearing what Hai Long had just said, the rest of them were surprised and let out a complicated expression. Even the youngest of them, Ling Yu, had been living in the mountains for more than forty years. They never did anything apart from cultivating all day. What Hai Long had said piqued their interest in the outside world.

Ling Tong said, “That’s right! We have been here for far too long. However, not anyone can leave the mountains on a whim apart from the most senior masters of the sect. I guess we can only focus on becoming an immortal before thinking of anything else.”

Hai Long humphed and said, “How can that be an easy feat? Even the senior masters of the second generation had trained for more than two thousand years without breaking free from the chains of mortality. Their dedication really is impressive. Aside from the Cloudlink Founder, who else had successfully become an immortal? Sixth uncle-master, why not we tell the senior masters that we plan to leave the place and experience trials and tribulations on a journey that may help us grow?”

Letting out a bitter laugh, Ling Tong said, “To be honest, all of us have thought of doing the same thing. However, we have vowed to stay focused upon entering the sect. Even if the senior masters were to agree to us going on a journey, I doubt the sect leader will. Without the cooperation of both the sect leader and the second generation senior masters, there is no way for one to leave the barrier that surrounds the Cloudlink Mountains.”

Having heard that, Hai Long felt a little dispirited before shaking his head and saying, “I know, we can use the disciple recruitment that comes once in every five years to leave! That’s when the barrier is open, right?”

Ling Tong’s expression instantly changed as he solemnly said, “You better discard that notion entirely. If you leave without permission, you will be considered to have betrayed the sect. By then, not only would you be pursued by the Cloudlink Sect, other figures in the cultivation world will also treat you with hostility.”

Seeing Ling Tong saying that with a serious expression, Hai Long couldn’t help but sigh and said, “Sixth uncle-master, don’t be so angry. I was just saying things without thinking too much about it. Gosh, it really was easy to get in but I never thought it’d be so hard to go out!”

Ling Yun said with a smile, “It’s not like letting certain disciples go on a journey has no precedent. You only have to wait for the right time. Since you’re so eager to see the outside world, us uncle-masters will definitely help you once the opportunity arrives. Besides, with your cultivation level, you would only be stronger than common mortals. I’m afraid that you’ll suffer once you meet certain expert cultivators or even some greater demons. That’s why, you should prioritize raising your cultivation for now. You must at least surpass our current cultivation to have a better chance in the outside world.”

Looking at his uncle-masters, Hai Long could only nod helplessly before he said, “Alright. I guess I will continue living this plain life like this for quite some time! It’s getting a little late. Uncle-masters, you should be starting your training again soon, right? I’ll also meditate for a while.”

Ling Tong stood up and said with a slight smile, “Let’s go. I’ll impart you with the core mantra of the Skyheart Technique.”

Hai Long said gleefully, “Finally, I can learn the true essence of the technique. Sixth uncle-master, you might want to know that I’ve made a bet with our master.”

Ling Tong was shocked. “What bet?”

Hai Long said with a tone of secrecy, “I can’t tell you about it right now, but you’ll know it when the time comes.” As he said that, the two of them went back to Hai Long’s room.

Closing the door, Ling Tong said, “Hai Long, please tell me the truth. What has happened between you and master all these years? Don’t tell me that what you said just now was true. I understand you far too well and could tell that what you said just now was fabricated based on your tone of voice.”


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