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Chapter 18

Xiao-fei Zhu slowly calmed down, he then banned the opposing blade master .

Ding Kai's Zhao Xin has been stationed in the middle lane, the opponent Catalina killed Xiao-fei Zhu twice at first, but now, no more kills are being prompted .

Chu Yue and Bai Xeiwen suppressed the policewoman and Leona on the bottom lane . The situation was already very clear, and the opponents didn't send any more messages to ridicule .

And Xiao Luo's barbarian king snowballed with terror, killing Nar on the opposite side and pushing down their outer tower . The other side's upper jungle area became his back garden . He entered and left at will . The Red Buff was in his pocket unconditionally .

In 12 minutes, his level reached level 10, equipped with electric knives, endless battle, speed boots, Doran's blade, and Giant storm . The best farmed on the opponents side was the Catalina, which was level 9 .

The barbarian king made a dash E, then headded a critical strike and killed the blade master, who was in opposition . Chu Yue's studio exploded completely .

"Ganking is quite neat!"

"This is that blade master? Is this his grandmother playing? "

"After seeing Queen Chu's live, I decided to buy the barbarian king!"


The whole screen was full of discussions about Xiao Luo, as if this was not Chu Yue's studio, but Xiao Luo's studio .

Bai Xeiwen was stunned speechless, she never thought Xiao Luo, a pretty boy, would be so terrifying .

Chu Yue's face was very ugly . She was the one broadcasting live, but Xiao Luo stole all the limelight . This put her in a very awkward position .

At the same time, she is also quite surprised by Xiao Luo's skill . The oppoment Nar is a good player, who can contend in the higher ranks . This kind of play level is by no means in platinum rank . Even for her, a top tier in this rank .

"One knife cuts down the opponent blade master to death . What kind of damage is this!" Xiao-fei Zhu gasped .

Ding Kai's eyes were full of admiration: "Brother Luo, you and Chu Beauty are the strongest . Am I right?"

"I am really platinum!"

Xiao Luo embarrassed, smiled .

Xiao-fei Zhu and Ding Kai also didn't ask much, Xiao Luo didn't admit anything about his skill level .

When the Life drain sword was bought, Xiao Luo's Barbarian king ran through the map . Except for Nar and Leona who managed to escape with their hp, the other heroes of the opposing team that met him was killed with one strike . It was really one strike and one kill .

Xiao-fei Zhu and Ding Kai's hearts could not say how happy they are feeling, especially when seeing the enemy blade master dying six times in a row in the hands of Xiao Luo .

"Luo Ge, I wrote you a poem . " Xiao-fei Zhu was immersed in his admiration for Xiao Luo .

Xiao Luo said with interest: "You wrote a poem? Read it then . "

"The affairs of the mundane human life, the affairs of this mundane world, are nothing but one strike to me!" Xiao-fei Zhu read aloud .

"Ha ha . . . good poetry, good poetry!"

Ding Kai applauded, at the same time his Zhao Xin with Xiao-fei Zhu's Ruiz's collaboration, killed the opposing Catalina .

Xiao Luo smiled and said nothing .

The match has now turned into a unilateral massacre . The people on the opposing side panicked at the sight of barbarian king, hurrying to activate all their skills and flashes .

After 20 minutes of approaching the divine altar and gaining 22 kills, Xiao Luo's barbarian king directly headed for the Dragon Area and challenged it .

"Let's go, Xiao Luo, just slay the dragon . I'll come to protect you . " Xiao-fei Zhu excitedly controlled Raz and walked over .

At this time, Chu Yue and Bai Xeiwen signaled .

"They didn't come all-together, did they?" Ding Kai frowned and speculated .

His words just fell when, the policewoman's ultimate move "Let the bullet fly" was the first to lock on Xiao Luo, and then, it transformed into a flash down from the wall above the dragon's nest, pounding the barbarian king . Leona cc'd the barbarian king as all the other members came from all sides in an aggressive rush .

All five enemy heroes used their ultimate skill R to fire on Xiao Luo!

Xiao Luo flashed, dodging Leona . He then approached and took Catalina's head . The blade master's Q was just released when his bloodthirsty broadsword fell on the blade masters head . The blade master screamed and died .

Xiao-fei Zhu funally reacted at this time, he cc'd, and put on a strong control on Leona .

In this short period of time, Xiao Luo's two knife closed, the policewoman just ran up to attack, her CD was done on her E skill, a dash, when a knife hacked the policewoman to death, finally only Leona was left, it was of no threat, two strikes are enough to take her down .

Calm, decisive and overbearing!

"Penta Kill!" ! !”

When the female computer synthesized sound, the whole world was quiet, and everyone who saw the announcement held their breath for a few seconds .

And the next second, Chu Yue's studio and English major groups were boiling up like never before, "666" almost occupied the entire screen .

"Great God, this man is the real deal . "

"I'm blind to have not recognize his greatness . Now that he is shining I'm still blind but now it's because of his shine . "

"Penta-Kill! Oh my God!"

At that time, Chu Yue's live broadcast room was full of all kinds of common words, foul language and slangs . Only with these words can they express their shock .

Xiao Luo took a five-man gank and continued to fight the dragon as if nothing had happened . Although the fight ended in a big one, it was now somehow a one-on-one fight with the dragon .

On the enemy side, their morale was at the moment of collapse . . .

"How's it taste?"

Xiao-fei Zhu hurriedly lifted the ban and sent a message to the enemy .

The opponent blade master took the lead in responding: "Take your mother, you dog, you bastard . I slept with your whole family . "

"Rubbish! I killed you twice alone, I really don't know where do you get the face to talk?" The opponent Katrina mocked .

"Shut up, you lying dog . " The policewoman also sent the her fair share of ridicule .

Xiao-fei Zhu was not annoyed, even if the opponent now was more malicious, it shows that they were more angry than expected, he is very happy to see them furious, he immediately sent a line of "ha, ha, ha . . . " This is his expression of his mood at the moment .

"Dogs, don't force things too much, I have the ability to kick your b*tch*ass, this master can take people in minutes to chop you to death!" The opponent blade master growled .

Only playing a game, and there's such things as cutting people down?

Xiao Luo couldn't help but laugh, and couldn't help but replying, "It's still the same as before . We're only playing a game, aren't we?"

"You are a fool and a bully . You have been pretending to be lofty . If you have the courage, you will give your address . If you don't have the courage, you have no right to tell this master to shut up . " The opponent blade master's arrogance is as high as the sky .

"Brother Luo, these people are just primary school students . Don't dispute with them . " Ding Kai comforted .

Xiao Luo smiled and nodded, he is really not angry, he just think these players are very funny, that's all .

"Don't lie, plus this kind of person is afraid, so I'll just give him the address to see if he really dares to come . "

Xiao-fei Zhu did not like the enemy players . He disdained to make a remark: 712 dormitory buildings in the seven buildings in Hua Ye . I will wait for you here, and oh, come as soon as you can .

He then clicked Send .

"Zhu, why did you say that?" Ding Kai shook his head helplessly .

"You can breathe a sigh of relief while the Buddha fights for a cup of incense . You can see how arrogant this bastard is . If you don't send him an address, he will really think we are afraid of him . " Xiao-fei Zhu justified .

Xiao Luo looked helpless and raised his eyebrows . "Let's end this game quickly . "

This good game has now deteriorated to some extent, so there is no need to drag it on .

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