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Qiao Ruoxi suddenly heard him say something out of the blue, and the doubts buried deep in her heart rose again.

What did he mean?

He shouldn’t have been so kind to her back then. Where did this come from?

Why did she suddenly mention her father, Qiao Rennian?

He said that no one with the surname Qiao was a good person. Why did he hate someone with the surname Qiao so much?

What was wrong with Qin Xuming?

What was he hiding from her?

At this critical moment, there was no time for her to think about the reasons for these questions. Qin Xuming held her tightly in his arms again and said mockingly,

“What do you love about Feng Yunan? You know he doesn’t love you and he doesn’t care about you at all, but you still chose him. Qiao Ruoxi, why do you have to degrade yourself? I love you so much, but you don’t cherish me at all.”

“Qin Xuming, is what you are doing now out of love? If you want to ask me why I chose him over you, your actions are the best reason.”

Using death to force the other party was not called love.

It’s hurting someone in the name of love.

Qin Xuming’s actions would only make Qiao Ruoxi look down on him even more and hate him even more.

“Are you blaming me now? Did you feel bad when you were having sex with him? You’re such a bitch! No wonder you wouldn’t listen to me when I told you not to go to work at Yinzun. It turns out you already had plans. You drugged him and climbed into his bed because you wanted to find a sugar daddy. You succeeded. You hooked up with Feng Yunan.”

‘Qiao Ruoxi was speechless.

How did Qin Xuming know about that? Did he also think of her that way?

His attitude was enough to prove that even if he hadn’t done anything to Feng Yunan at that time, he would still be upset about it when she returns to his side.

“Who do you think Feng Yunan will save if both you and Wen Ke’er are in danger?”

Was there a need to ask such a question?

Qiao Ruoxi told him directly, “Of course he will save Wen Ke’er first. You don’t have to doubt that Wen Ke’er is the most important person to him.”

Qin Xuming snorted. “Really? I’ve already informed him before coming up. Do you think he will come?”

Qiao Ruoxi was shocked. Did he notify Feng Yunan?

Would Feng Yunan come?

She was uncertain.

Qinglian Apartments.

Feng Yunan rushed over after receiving the call.

Wen Ke’er’s assistant, Little Cannon, opened the door for him and said, “Mr. Feng, you’re just in time. Something happened to Sis Ke’er.”

Feng Yunan frowned and asked, “What’s wrong?”

During the meeting, he suddenly received a call from Wen Ke’er. When he heard that she was feeling unwell over the phone, he thought that her old illness had relapsed and rushed over.

Little Cannon looked anxious. “Mr. Feng, Sister Ke Er is not doing well. Please go in and take a look!”

Feng Yunan frowned and followed Little Cannon into the bedroom.

In the bedroom, Feng Yunan saw Wen Ke’er lying on the bed, writhing in pain as she kept calling him “Brother Nan.”


Feng Yunan hurried to the bed and asked worriedly, “What’s wrong? Is your asthma acting up again?”

Wen Ke’er heard Feng Yunan’s voice and opened her eyes. Her eyes were filled with tears. She held Feng Yunan’s hand tightly and murmured, “Brother Nan… I feel so bad…”

She could feel that Wen Ke’er’s body temperature was abnormal. It was very hot.

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